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Air-Tran, Discrimination and a Big Ol’ Misunderstanding

This is the kind of shit that pisses me off… Legalized Discrimination.

So there’s this flight getting ready to take off from Washington, DC to Florida, and a passenger- he is Muslim and appeared to be Middle Eastern- made a comment- one which, had it come from a person with blonde hair and blue eyes, would have been considered totally benign- 

‘Wow, the jets are right next to my window.’

He was immediately (along with the 8 other Muslim men, women and children he was traveling with),  removed from the plane.

All because the man had the audacity to comment on the fact that the jets were very close to his window.


The airline spokesperson defended the actions of Air-Tran, admitting that the whole ordeal was a “misunderstanding”, but insisted the issue was handled appropriately.


The victims of this “misunderstanding”, in case you’re curious, despite being cleared by the FBI after an extenstive search and questioning, were not allowed to book another flight on Air-Tran,.

Racism and prejudice is bad enough… it is a shameful part of our present, our past, and if we don’t make some drastic changes, our future as well…

… What I cannot even begin to understand is why we, as a nation, are not only allowing it to exist, but…

We’re sanctioning it.

Shame on us.



Air-Tran has officially apologized to the Muslim passengers who were kicked off the D.C. to Florida flight and subsequently refused the right to book another flight on the airline- despite FBI’s requests that they be allowed to do so.

Too little too late.


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