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Another Black Life Stolen

I’m wondering…

How the hell do you shoot someone 12 times in the back and consider it justified?

Apparently, this is exactly what happened on New Years Eve in New Orleans…

… A man, a Katrina refugee who’d relocated to Texas, was back in the Big Easy to visit family for the holidays.

A few short hours after the New Year rang in, he was lying on the ground, dying from 14 gunshot wounds.

12 of the shots were fired into his back.

The perpetrators of the crime were plain-clothed police officers.

At least nine of them, and they surrounded the victim while he sat in his car, waiting on his cousin…

… After the crime, police recovered a weapon… a weapon the victim had a legal right to carry, and it was registered.

The victim attempted to defend himself, and ultimately ran from people who looked, acted and dressed like he did…

People who obviously represented a very real threat to him.

He didn’t know they were police.

He attempted to excercise his legal right to protect himself from God only knows what…

He paid for doing so with his life.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

3 thoughts on “Another Black Life Stolen

  1. Business as usual for the New Orleans police – kinda like a large segment of law enforcement in Louisiana. – still sorry to read that.

    Welcome back C-Haze – I missed ya!

  2. Hi Cmac-
    Seems like it’s a large segment in law enforcement all over the place these days… not just Louisiana… but definitely, your point is well taken!

    Thanks for the ‘welcome back’… I’m slowly gettin’ my feet wet again…

    Stay tuned!

  3. This is the same law enforcement group that was extorting and robbing people during Hurricane Katrina. I am going to wait until the FBI investigates. We shall see how politics gets involved in this also.

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