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Guantanamo Bay, Torture, Blowback and Barack Obama

I won’t even lie.

I was very happy- ecstatic, really- to read in today’s news that Obama not only plans to make good on his campaign promise to close down Guantanamo Bay, but will likely implement said plans as early as…

… his first week in office.

This is why Obama is my boy.

Gitmo has been nothing but a horrific, tragic… not mention polarizing… chapter in this country’s history, and it’s about flippin’ time we had a guy in office who possesses the balls to shut the damn thing down.

For good.

The presence of Guantanamo Bay, along with the Bush Administration’s blatant violation of the Geneva Conventions not only represent terrible black marks on a country that prides itself on being the melting pot of the world- a nation that “stands for freedom”, but more importantly, places our troops in even more danger than they’re already in.

I know, I know.

War is ugly.

People die.

I get it.

However, when the enemy captures our brave men and women on the battle-field… which as we all know has happened more than once… how likely are they to treat our troops with any kind of dignity and respect… or, let’s say, not torture them… if we’re not doing the same for their own people?

Not to mention, torture apparently isn’t terribly effective either…

… Don’t take my word for it- ask top military/intelligence officials.

They’ll tell you the same damn thing.

Even the U.S. Army Field Manual says so.

In fact, the CIA has an interesting view on this type of thing, known as “blowback“. Blowback, simply put, describes “unintended consequences of covert operations”. In short, it’s payback.

Blowback often seems random, and it seems to be without cause to the general public, but that’s usually because the general public was unaware of the “covert operations” that caused the blowback to begin with.

Just something to ponder…

I believe it’s a complicated way of saying, “what goes around comes around…”

Ending torture and closing Gitmo are two great ways that the U.S. can begin the process of ceasing to tempt fate.

People are dying.

They have been dying- for nothing, at this point- for way too long.

Thank you, President Obama, for having the courage to take the first step of many to begin saving lives.


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2 thoughts on “Guantanamo Bay, Torture, Blowback and Barack Obama

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  2. To do this within the first WEEK of the administration makes a serious statement to our nation, and the world. Not to mention to our military, the CIA, FBI and other services who have the ability to circumvent the law. It all starts from the top and obviously before torture and the likes were encouraged from the top – not any longer!

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