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Alaska, Predators and the Lottery

Alec Ahsoak in an undated photograph.Talk about ironic…

There’s this lottery in Alaska that benefits victims of sexual assault.

Recently they had a big winner- a man by the name of Alec Ahsoak won $500,000, which he plans to use to purchase a house, donate to God, and give to charity.

Fabulous, right?

Not so much.

The kicker here is that Mr. Ahsoak is a registered sex offender, having been convicted of Sexual Abuse of a Minor in both 1993 and 2000.


So he isn’t merely a rapist… but a multi-offending kiddie rapist.


Personally, I think he should be required to divvy that half a million bucks up- $250,000 to victim #1, $250,000 to victim #2, never seeing a red cent of it for his own personal use.

Realistically, however, being no stranger of the justice system- especially where victims of sexual assault are concerned- I realize that as a convicted rapist, this jackass has more rights than the poor kids he violated do.

What a shitty reality that the very organization that likely served as a resource for the victims whose lives this man probably ruined, is also directly responsible for his new-found financial security.



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One thought on “Alaska, Predators and the Lottery

  1. Yea that is a shame – its like they didn’t think of that when the put the laws into place that a sexual offender could not benefit from state run lottery winnings… kind of like the Nebraska thing with the dropping off of the kids.

    Equally true the state probably wanted that money that sexual abusers spend on the lottery too.. I imagine they may want to fix and amend that.

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