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Police Officers, Murderers and a Terrible Epidemic

Former Transit officer Johannes Mehserle is in custody, accused of killing an unarmed black man on New Years Eve in San Francisco, CA.

The victim’s name was Oscar Grant, and he was 22 years old.

Grant, along with several friends, were removed from the train and detained by officers just after midnight, amid allegations of fighting.

Johannes Mehserle was caught on video forcing Oscar Grant onto the ground, kneeling on him, and firing a shot into his back as New Years revellers looked on in horror.

The incident caused large protests throughout the area, one of which turned violent.

Finally, 12 full days after the tragedy began, Mehserle has been arrested.

May Oscar Grant rest in piece…

… And may the murdering bastard that killed him never again see the light of day.

I have posted a video of the incident below- it is pretty disturbing, and contains quite a bit of language.


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