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Darwin, Evolution and the Battle of the Bible

Charles Darwin- the evolution guy- has a birthday comin’ up.

He’ll be 200.

In light of this fact, Gallup has done a survey of American adults, trying to determine just how many of us buy into Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

The results were depressing.

Currently, only 4 out of 10 Americans believe in evolution.

Forget depressing.

This shit is downright scary.

Gallup polled just over a thousand adults, and the strongest correlation between answers is education level.

Those with a high school education or less are much less likely to believe in evolution…

… while a whopping 74 percent of those with graduate and post-graduate degrees strongly believe in it.

That’s pretty telling.

I don’t know if I have any readers that do not believe in evolution, but if I do, I would love to hear their thoughts on this topic.

We see things evolve- in some cases, drastically- in our own lifetime… what makes people think even bigger changes haven’t occured over thousands, or millions of years?

Eggs evolve into full-fledged babies… babies evolve into grown men and women… tiny seeds evolve into huge trees… itty bitty buds evolve into beautiful flowers…

These changes occur quickly, sometimes in a matter of days, weeks, or a few short years.

We can see all this… some forms of evolution occur almost in front of our very eyes… leaves seem to change to their fall colors over night…

… And yet something this simple is still the subject of major controversy.

Beyond what we can physically see, the evidence for evolution grows stronger and stronger as we advance scientifically.

Is it a coincidence that we, as humans, share more than 96% of our DNA with chimps?

Is it a coincidence that alligators and crocodiles can be traced back millions of years… giving credence to Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory?

Those nasty creatures are ferocious!

I guess the question on the minds of many is whether science trumps religion.

I personally don’t understand why we have to choose one over the other.

The Bible, if not taken literally, if instead read for its interpretive value, can certainly be used in conjunction with Science.

Certainly one can be a devout Christian and still believe in Evolution, survival of the fittest, and even the Big Bang Theory.

The understanding that my species, as well as all others, evolved over time, culminating in the universe as we now know it, does not make me the slightest bit uncomfortable, nor does it counter my personal spiritual beliefs in any way.

God has a plan…

… an ever-changing, ever evolving, absolutely magnificent plan.

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin.


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9 thoughts on “Darwin, Evolution and the Battle of the Bible

  1. I don’t know if Chuck believed in creationism with his evolutionary theories… The way it was described to me is is that the big bang etc just happened… that i cannot subscribe to. I just look at too many things in nature like you described and I cant figure there not to be intelligence behind it. So my views are not so religious as they are just logical to me. The earth in itself is just way too sophisticated not to mention the species – the ecological systems, the human body – i think chimps are chimps – man is man – we may have similaritieis in DNA – but so what? Does that mean i came from an ape? We still have apes!

    But all and all i do believe the earth evolves and there is substance to evolution in terms of the strictest sense of the word – but i will not be able to subscribe to the something from nothing theory that some would have me believe.

    Life always comes from life – so i can’t figure life – all of this life to begin with something that is non existent with no intelligence factors and no life factors – not saying you believe that at all – just saying the way darwimism was taught to me in school.. no intelligence – no life – no order – just boom

  2. Hi BBGCmac-

    I respectfully disagree.

    Darwin was not the father of the Big Bang Theory- that came about after Darwin, and is attributed to a man by the name of Georges Lemaître… and not until 1927.

    Lemaître, by the way, was a priest.

    Darwin simply fathered the theory of Evolution… that humans- and all other forms of life- started out completely differently, and throughout history and nature evolved into what we have become today.

    How can this be disputed? Why is it, despite all the many examples of life evolving that people can see with their own two eyes, they are so hard-pressed to believe that process has been ongoing for millions of years?

    I am not saying God had no role in creating us, in fact, I believe the opposite, so in that sense, I agree, life comes from life…

    … What I am saying, however, is that it all started somewhere, and scientific evidence disputes that the creation of the human species, at least,all begin with two humans- Adam and Eve.

    With all the evidence of dinosaurs, and other prehistoric life-forms, not to mention all the indisputable data of how these species evolved into the very animals we see today, are we really to believe that one day, out of the blue- BOOM- God just beamed two perfectly created, fully grown humans down from the heavens, and that is how we got here?

    I just can’t buy it.

    God knew what he was doing when he created the universe, but I do not believe- not for a single second- that it all went down the way the book of Genesis describes it. At least not in any literal sense.

    What irks the hell out of me with regards to Creationism is that there is this huge push to teach it- in SCIENCE class- as the Bible explains it- as it is written in Genesis- but there is no scientific data to back that theory up.


    Without concrete scientific evidence, it all amounts to a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

    The DATA- the scientific, irrefutable proof- while not definitively proving each and every aspect of Darwin’s theory- certainly backs up the general idea of Evolution.

    Show me some evidence- not an ancient book- some legitimate evidence to the contrary.

    In reading your comment, it seems to me that you do not subscribe to the Big Bang Theory, not that we see things so differently where the theory of Evolution is concerned.

    The two are completely seperate theories, crafted by 2 completely different men, and are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

  3. We have no disagreement here – I was speaking of how Darwinism was taught to me at school – you know how that is we can google and get better info now. (thanks for that by the way)

    thats why i said my views aren’t so religious – I don’t disagree about genesis either – my beliefs are not based on genesis but by life coming from life and things reproducing after its kind… don’t have to be adam and eve – but that doesn’t make it Chim Chim either … (Chim Chim was the chimp on Speed Racer – but I am digressing by dating myself)

    I ain’t mad at you for your disagreements on how creationist want to teach it from genesis – i am just saying that you have to be careful as well when it comes to scientific research and theories – cause we were not there and we only can gather so much.

    I am not even saying that humans have not evolved some – but i am not going to get with the ape theory though – there is no proof in that – all guess or hypothesis the so called educated guess – all guesses.

  4. Cmac-

    First, I think it’s sad- not to mention completely unacceptable- that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution was taught to you, in school, in such a convoluted way.

    Anyway, I think it’s one thing for people to say, “I can’t get with the ape theory- I haven’t seen enough evidence to support it”.

    I can understand and fully respect that view.

    I get very confused, however, when people talk about Creationism as if it were based in fact, when there is zero evidence to support that theory. On the one hand, people claim they can’t get behind Evolution because of the lack of scientific evidence to prove it… but on the other hand are willing to blindly jump on the Creationism bandwagon- a theory based on the book of Genesis, and not Science- and one that contains much less physical evidence to support it than Darwin’s!

    The “ape theory”, as you call it, cannot currently be 100% proven, but what little scientific data that does exist, points more in the direction of that theory than towards Creationism.

    Why is the theory that we, as humans, evolved into the species that we are today, so offensive?

    Are you any less intelligent, any less human if you evolved from apes (or some species closely related to apes)? Of course not.

    Our reality, as it relates to the here and now, doesn’t change whether we’re cousins of Chim Chim’s or not.

    So what’s with all the controversy?

    True, there is no definitive data that proves we came from apes… but we are absolutely unequivocally related to them in some form or fashion- and that is fact. Why is it, for so many people, it is easier to believe we were beamed onto this earth at the beginning of time, Star Trek style by God, than it is to follow a very logical line of thinking that Science cannot currently dispute?

    I guess I’m just an anomoly.

    I don’t give a hoot whether or not I came from a long line of chimps or anything else.

  5. The diety factor – we talked about that before. Throw religion into it and there you have it – doesn’t have to make sense. See the thing for me Chaze is this… YOUR RIGHT about the data – but the argument on both sides is political – creationism is used to throw god in the faces of folk – and often times evolution is thrown against those who believe in god… to say, “see our science beats your genesis – your primitive belief.” they just go back at it… and both are guilty.

    it’s like you said – perhaps we evolved in a sense but god was behind the plan – you give credence to both not one or the other.

    both science and religion are guilty of standing on one side of the isle and pointing fingers – my way or the highway.

  6. … i happen to believe too however – no proof just guts that chim chim is chim chim, and man is man. we may have similarities and thats cool – but as many species of apes as there are – i don’t seem them continuing to evolve.. i see ape reproduce ape – humans the same, cats the same, dogs the same, etc.

    that is what my gut tells me – again i think science as religion has an agenda – and if we say we came from apes then that throws a dagger at creationist – but throwing daggers at believers does nothing for me when it comes to answering the criticial questions you and i are pondering.. which is rich to say the least

  7. Let’s ignore, momentarily, the question of Evolution vs. Creationism/ID and address a much simpler one, viz:

    Can just one man and one woman populate the Earth?

    Answer: No. There simply isn’t enough genetic diversity. Within even two generations, congential defects become so severe that the species pretty much falls apart.

    Which means, for me, that there is no way Adam and Eve were the sole progenitors of humanity – or, for that matter, Noah and his wife. And I’m pretty sure, reading between the lines, that the Bible agrees with me, because there’s a massive jump in narrative that occurs between Adam and Eve being the only people and whoops, hello, there’s several nations and a boatload of cities nearby. Or that bit about men marrying the daughters of the Elohim, or whatever. The point being, two people didn’t just parent our species. End of discussion.

    However, nature does contain other, much simpler organisms who can reproduce asexually, or by dividing themselves in half. Assume the creation (by whatever agency) of just one of those little guys in the primordial ooze, and it’s extremely plausible that they can form a sustainable population.

    Now: as for evolving, it’s not like a Pokemon transformation. It’s not like all amoebas have to cease to exist in order for a new kind of amoeba to replace them. No – all it requires is that the environment *some* of them are dwelling in changes, and that they adapt to that change. Repeat ad nauseum. And that’s why, to fast-wind time, you could still have megafauna in Australia thousands of years after it died out elsewhere: because the continent had no major predators, and so the creatures didn’t have to evolve to survive them.

    Anyway: evolution to me is not automatically incompatable with the Bible. But it is incompatable with a totally literal reading.

  8. Thanks Fozmeadows-

    You always were the very best at reiterating my point. In fact, you seem able to present my views better than I can.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly.

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