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Pews, Research and The Church

One of my pet peeves is people using their brand of religion as an excuse to do hateful and hurtful things.

My contempt isn’t reserved solely for Christians.

However, because I am more familiar with the teachings of Christianity than I am other religions, it does tend to upset me more when I see self-proclaimed Christians doing evil things in the name of God.

I learned of a new Pew Research survey regarding church goers and their support of torture.

The results were not surprising.

Of the 742 American adults questioned, 54% of regular church attendees (those who go at least once a week) are in support of torture.

Those who do not go to church- or who rarely attend- were least likely to support the torture of other human beings.

I am reminded of my father’s first church, right after he graduated from Seminary. It is because of that church that I refuse to attend services to this day.

I was a junior in high school, have never met so many evil, hypocritical, vicious people in such close proximity to each other.

These church members were quick to judge others- anyone and everyone but themselves, in fact- and showed little, if any, compassion- ever.

I was quickly confused…

Am I really to believe that these “faithful” members- these jerks- that show up at church each and every Sunday have a better chance of going to heaven than someone who truly lives a more Christ-like existence- but rarely (or never) goes to church?

I would happily take my chances with the Ghandis of the world… or an atheist who works tirelessly for world peace… a homosexual that spends his life working so that all people, regardless of color, sex, ethnicity or sexual orientation can enjoy basic human rights… people who never set foot in a church…

… But who are doing more to live as Jesus would want us to than his own supposed followers are.

Surely Jesus would never approve of the horrific, inhumane, torturous treatment of any of his father’s children.

Not the Jesus I know.

Yet it is his so-called followers that most staunchly support the unspeakably horrible treatment of others.

Way to get it wrong, folks.

I guess I’ll see y’all in hell.


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