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Ok Y’all, Let’s Play Nice!

Due to the nature of some recent attempted vitriol on my site, I feel it necessary to post the following reminder:

All reader comments posted on this site must be polite. While there is no expectation that the reader will agree with the content of this site, respectful dialogue is a must. 

Opposing views are encouraged, however, any user attempting to post hateful comments or personal attacks against this site’s author(s) will be immediately (and permanently) marked as spam.

Let’s all learn to play nice so that everyone can can continue to enjoy themselves.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

3 thoughts on “Ok Y’all, Let’s Play Nice!

    1. I had a particular reader that was straight up harrassing me- 8-10 times a day in some cases- attacking myself and my brother (he’s been a guest author on my site, and also runs the Peace Economy Project, an non-profit organization that I feature as well). The attacks were personal- they weren’t about my opinions and beliefs- but rather personal insults. The started getting uglier in nature… and I ultimately had to mark the person as spam, so that I don’t have to continue manually deleting their shitty comments. The really unfortunate thing is that I have reason to believe this person isn’t simply a disagreeable reader… I believe the person is a relative of ming. Just sort of makes it even worse, you know?

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