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Carrie Prejean, Crowns and Closed Minds

Let’s talk about Ms. Carrie Prejean, shall we?

For those who’ve been living under a rock, she was this year’s Miss USA pageant’s runner up- the current Miss California USA- who has recently found herself embroiled in a whole lot o’ controversy.

During the pageant, celebrity (and openly gay) judge Perez Hilton asked Prejean to explain her views on same-sex marriage.

The contestant was very forthright, explaining that she believes in marriage in the “traditional” sense- as in, between a man and a woman.

Thus, the controversy.

Since that fateful night, Carrie Prejean has seen her name and her character mecilessly dragged through the mud.

Well-known people- especially celebrities- have been quite outspoken in their outrage. Michael Musto (a columnist for the Village Voice) even went as far as to compare Prejean to Klaus Barbie… a notorious Nazi war-criminal who was responsible for the deaths of about 4,000 Jews.

Ouch… Harsh, much?

All this anger is completely misguided, and misdirected- and certainly doesn’t win many points for left-wingers (such as myself) who claim to be all about the preservation of personal freedoms.

Anyone who has read anything I’ve written on the subject of homosexuality knows that I am a supporter of Gay Rights. I believe that same-sex marriage should be legalized in all 50 states.

I am completely unapologetic about my views on the topic.

Obviously, I do not have the same opinion as Ms. Prejean when it comes to this particular subject.

She is, however, being attacked for the wrong reasons.

Just as I have the right to express my opinion in support of gay marriage, Carrie Prejean has the right to express her opinion as well- even when, or maybe especially when- her views are not the same as mine.

This is the U.S., for cryin’ out loud.

She was not wrong for answering Perez’s question honestly.

Perez Hilton, on the other hand, came across as a complete idiot.

I realize he wasn’t going to be happy with Prejean’s response.

But to act shocked?

Give me a break.

His entire home state of California- Carrie Prejean’s home as well- just passed Proposition 8 less than a year ago- banning same-sex marriage- and yet Hilton acted as if he was surprised that this is a controversial issue.

He knew better.

Rather than take issue with someone for expressing their honest opinion- something the Constitution affords all of us the right to do- how about taking issue with the fact that she is now a spokesperson for the National Organization for Marriage?

This is a group that actively lobbies to “protect” marriage, fighting to keep homosexuals from being allowed to wed.

It is an organization that’s sole purpose is to make sure that an entire group of fellow human beings- gay people- never enjoy the same rights that the rest of us take for granted.

Personally, I will never have a problem with someone who has a different opinion than me.

I will always, however, have a problem with a person who works to take fundamental rights away from others.

Ironically, it is Ms. Prejean herself who best described my own views on this issue. When Carrie appeared on the “Today Show” on April 30th, Matt Lauer interviewed her, asking if she thought she should have held “her fire” when asked about gay marriage. Her response:

No. I think this is a huge issue right now. People are very passionate about this issue and I think that regardless of our opinions, Matt, I think that we just need to respect each other, even when we disagree. It’s all about respect. (Emphasis added)

She is absolutely correct.

Where’s the respect for another’s opposing views?

A reader once commented to me-

It seems there is such a hard push from one side over what they see as inequality that they are in effect pushing so hard that they may become and in some cases already are oppressive.

The fact that he’s correct- and that he’s referring to people whose views and visions I always believed I shared is shameful.


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7 thoughts on “Carrie Prejean, Crowns and Closed Minds

  1. Interesting story. A large reason I don’t watch the pageants is because the contestants are usually expected to give the same cheese ball answers they have always given.

    It was different in this case. I believe she was being manipulated and used by Perez Hilton to advance his agenda. She said later that she knew when he asked that question she would loose the event. This shows that she was well aware of what was going on and decided to go with her convictions rather than lie, costing her the chance to win the pageant. We generally surround ourselfs with like minded people. She would have to go home feeling like she sold herself out to win. Not everyone can feel good after doing that. Imagine if he where in a contest that meant a lot to him and he was asked the same question, except the correct answer was what she said. Some have said her response could have been more diplomatic. I would say that it wouldn’t have made a difference.

    Despite how one feels about her or her opinions, this is America. I would chastize my side just the same for doing something like this. We must be very carefull not to fall into the realm of institutionalized systems of oppression. We have been there before, lets not go backwards.

    Thank you for writing that article C-Haze.

    1. Hi SpiritOfTruth,

      I was pretty irritated to hear some of the comments people were making about Prejean.

      Many people were comparing the fact that she told Perez Hilton that she doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage to anti-semitic remarks or racial slurs.

      Give me a break.

      This is how we’re supposed to solve problems in this country- ideas are formulated, and then we, as a society, hash them out- people who are both for and against the ideas get to have their say… and then we try to come up with a solution.

      Some issues, such as gay rights or women’s rights take longer to resolve, and entail a more heated debate than other issues might.

      That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

      Whatever happened to just having a healthy debate?

      I think people like Perez Hilton are scared. They have so little faith in their own ideas that they fear allowing opposing views to be heard. They worry if “the other side” of this particular debate is heard, their own argument will be lost.

      If that’s the case- if the other side’s arguments are so much stronger than Perez’s (and my own, since I support that which he does), that we have to fear people even hearing them- then we need to do better.

      The answer is for people like Perez Hilton and myself to make our arguments stronger- find a better way to articulate our position- figure out how to relate to more people…

      The answer is not censorship.

      We should not be villifying someone for merely expressing their views. Prejean was not disrespectful, she was not hateful… nor did she sound homophobic in her response.

      And you know me… had she been ugly or even the slightest bit ignorant, I would have been the first person to jump all over her ass for it.

      Personally, I disagree with what she said- but I admire the fact that despite the backlash she knew was coming, despite knowing her answer would cost her the crown she worked so hard to win, she still stood her ground.

      In spite of our personal differences, she is someone I could use as a role model for my own daughters, for example.

      At the end of the day, the fact that she stood up for what she believes in spite of the consequences is much more important than what she was actually standing up for.

      She did what was right for her, regardless of the fact that it wasn’t the easy thing to do.

      How many of us could say we’d have done the same thing, if in her shoes?

      A lot of people who would have caved under that kind of pressure are the same people who are shooting daggers at her right now.

      Kinda sucks for her, but I do respect her strength of character, even as I disagree with her stance.

      I know my response is lengthy… but I am really fired up about the treatment Carrie Prejean has received.


  2. Prejean-Miss Hypocrite
    Carrie Prejean, the Miss California contestant, was correct about homosexuality! It is mortal filth
    and condemned by God’s Word…but Prejean poses semi nude and topless EXPOSING HER
    BREASTS and revealing the bottom of her buttocks…then lied about it…and then she parades
    her body around in the Miss California Pageant EXPOSING HER PARTIAL BREASTS and
    buttocks in a sexual immoral swimsuit before the world! She is 100% a HYPOCRITE and
    she does NOT represent Jesus Christ nor a Christian!!
    Jesus said it this way, “Anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery
    with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better
    for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into Hell.” [Mt. 5:28,29]

  3. @ Dane-
    Thanks for the comment.

    You lost me with the verbage you used… you seem a little more rigid than I am.

    That being said, yes, Carrie Prejean is a hypocrite. We all are, really, but it really does make it more difficult for someone like me- who doesn’t even agree with her stand in the first place- to continue to defend her.

    I still say I respect the fact that she stood up for her beliefs at a time when it was difficult to do so.

    Other than that, yeah- she’s on her own.

    I’m not exactly a fan.

    Thanks for stoppin by.


    1. Hi how you doing C-Haze?
      About verbage…all I know is truth sets people free and it must be done in 100% love!
      And not all of us our hypocrites…some of us break our hearts and sell out our souls to someone who set us free.

      I just hate hypocrisy…it damages so many lives and turns people away from the truth. Look at the pic of Prejean on your page…that poisons people.

      Religion sucks but JC sets free IF you SELL OUT EVERYTHING and drop your life at his feet. He is not religion nor theology he is very, very personal.

      Best to you,

  4. Hi Dane,
    I don’t disagree with your points- not at all, actually.

    When I was saying we’re all hypocrites I was referring to the fact that a sin is a sin. The bible doesn’t hold one sin as better or worse than any others. We all have sinned, and yet we all, in our own way, continue to judge the sins of others.

    Really, at the end of the day, we’re all at God’s mercy. Period. Not a single one of us deserves his love and forgiveness… and yet every last one of us can have it, provided we allow ourselves to receive it.

    I remember hearing about Carrie Prejean’s semi-nude photos and thinking to myself that the itty bitty bikini she wore during the pageant probably exposed about as much as these controversial pics do.

    The pageant pays for the woman’s breast enlargements, requires her to subject herself to a bikini competition on national television… and then wants to take the moral high-ground when these non-pageant related pictures come out?

    Now please don’t misunderstand… Carrie Prejean is no victim here. She decided, like the pageant (for different reasons) to try and take the moral high-road too. Only instead of being high and mighty with regards to nudity, she’s doing it over same-sex marriage.

    I support- as I’ve said a thousand times- her willingness to do what must have been tough- and stand up for her beliefs.

    I do, however, agree with you- she’s a damn hypocrite.

    Clearly, she has some moral challenges of her own, it seems. This fact makes her stance on same-sex marriage look disengenuous and quite frankly, hateful. She looks like a bigot, not someone who is standing strong in support of her own beliefs.

    Take care!

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