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Growing… Growing… Gone

Ok People, listen up.

For the purpose of this post, I don’t give a hoot what your personal views on abortion are.

Regardless, the above image, found on a T-shirt offered through the American Life League, is inappropriate for your child to wear to school.

Especially if said child is a mere 7th grader, attending an educational institution that consists of Kindergarten through 8th grade.


The fact that this even needs to be discussed is quite unsettling.

Even worse is the fact that the school, because officials made the kid change her offensive shirt, is now being sued.

Her parents claim the school violated her first amendment right to free speech.


Schools have the right and the responsibility to keep offensive clothing- whether it be a too-tight pair of daisy dukes, a shirt with a gang-sign or the Confederate Flag, and most especially a disgusting, adult themed anti-abortion rag- out of the classroom.

My litmus test is this- if the attire in question causes a disturbance, an uproar, a distraction… it’s inappropriate.

This kid’s mom was smokin’ crack the day she let her daughter wear that thing to school. That she is now taking legal action against them for doing what she should have done to begin with- making the child take the darn thing off- is absolutely ludicrous.


Only in America, I suppose.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

15 thoughts on “Growing… Growing… Gone

    1. Hi xenophilicx-

      Thanks for stoppin by, and yes- I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

      This is really messed up.


    1. one Last Real American-

      Clearly your opinions don’t gel with my own, which is fine, but your comment doesn’t actually have anything to do with my post.

      That’s a little annoying.

      You do, at times, whether on purpose or not, sound a bit like some of the extremist right-wingers the government has tried to warn us about.

      It’s sad that you seem unable to have a disagreement of subject without this strange and quite unsettling you’re-all-communists-if-you-don’t-support-a-hard-right-agenda stuff.

      I mean really- “… you, under this Socialist Medicine will be deemed non-essential and eliminated…”?

      Gimme a break.


  1. Great Shirt, Right Message, Perfect Time…. I hope she gets a $100,000 for the lawsuit ater taxes and attorney fees. Going to by myself 2…….

    About this medical system, it has been tried already and is an utter failure.

    1. @Minister Fred Hatchett-

      At first I wasn’t sure if you were being sarcastic or if you’re just delusional.

      Guess it doesn’t really matter, but after checking out your site, I realize you really were serious.


  2. To say that this is inappropriate for a 7th grader to wear her shirt to school is absurd. The images on the shirt ARE NO DIFFERENT that those that are in the science books that are in the same school. So what, in the books it is okay, but on the shirt it is not? Oh, wait..let me guess – it is not about the images, it is about the message right? Again, no different than what is in the books – the truth – there is NOTHING untruthful or offensive about her shirt. If a person or persons is offended by the truth, that is too bad – it is a reality.

    Oh, and you mentioned if the shirt causes a disturbance the school has a right? Well, even the school has admitted that not ONE single student said anything about the shirt. This was only based on administration opinions, views, and apparent insecurities in their own views. To me, this is not much different than an administration telling a child to remove their Red Sox shirt simply because they are a Yankees fan.

    I could understand the decision (based on the vague dress code) if there had actually been a disturbance caused, but there wasn’t.

    Oh, and how mature to claim the mother was “smoking-crack” the day she let her daughter wear this to school. I guess teaching our children the virtue of standing up for what they believe in is no longer okay. Sorry to say, no matter how pacifist this country gets, that will never happen in our family.

    And finally, I dare someone to say that kids do not really understand the whole concept of abortion. Obviously a 7th grader absolutely understands what life and murder is.

    1. @Mike-

      You’re absolutely right. After carefully reviewing your argument, I have decided to send my 5th grader, when school is back in session, to class in a t-shirt made of condoms.

      I mean, I, like you, dare someone to tell me that kids don’t really understand the concept of sex, since they obviously understand the concept of abortion.

      Promoting safe sex is a wonderful idea, and since there is not such thing as “inappropriate” anymore, I think I’ll do it!

      If we went by your argument, any topic or subject is fair game in the school system, just by virtue of the fact that a 7th grader has some elementary, barely conscious grasp of what it is.

      Nevermind the fact that this individual’s school has kindergarteners in it.

      No problem.

      I made sure my own kids understood the entire pro-life/pro-choice debate the second they came out of the womb.

      The one glaring error in your argument? Abortion is not murder, it is legal, and you will not find a current statute in this country that states otherwise.

      So now we have an even bigger problem- our kids are kinda’ sorta’ aware of what abortion is… they’re just getting misinformation about it from people like you.


      Seriously- you honestly think that a biased t-shirt that doesn’t comprehensively discuss- and therefore educate- on the full issue is the equivalent of reading about it in one of the text books these kids have?

      I don’t know what school district you live in, but if what you claim is true, they really need to raise the school tax in your ‘hood… as the crap you have your kids reading is just that.


      They need some real text books. You know, the kind that actually educate.

      How about this- keep the shit out of our school districts, unless you don’t have a problem with other people, with opposing views, using their own children as walking billboards sporting the opposite view- that of a woman’s right to choose.

      Further, if you feel abortion equates to murder, feel free not to have one.

      It’s hysterical to me how some conservatives claim to be the party of Freedom and personal liberty… and yet…

      … They really only feel that way when it’s their own views that they are trying to preserve.

      Have an opposing belief?


      Interesting that it’s actually the other folks- the pro-choice people- that are fighting to preserve rights for everyone.

      Even those helpless li’l women who can’t keep their legs closed… or better yet, victims of sexual assault and incest.

      Oh, who am I kidding?

      They don’t deserve the right to use their own brains to analyze their own situations and make their own choices.


      1. Exactly how am I misinforming anyone? I never said that it was illegal…and just because it is “legal” means it is okay, or is not killing? Beating your kids with a belt (and other objects) in many places is legal, so I assume that is okay with you as well?

        And are you saying that in order for kids to understand abortion, they understand sex? Quite a fallacy as I see it – that is like saying that if a kid knows that a car rolls on wheels when you press the pedal, they they must certainly understand internal combustion and the mechanics associated. It does not follow. Yes, kindergartners understand that babies are in mommy’s belly – but that is it – so stating that a fifth-grader wearing a condom shirt to school is the same thing is not the same thing.

        Furthermore, the shirt is ambiguous enough that only those who have a depth of critical thinking would understand it. It just shows a baby in the womb at different stages and then it is gone. It does not say gone, cuz mommy killed it.

        I beleive the reason that abortion is such a hot topic is because that people such as yourself who obviously support abortion rights have a crisis of conscious and are simply using the laws enacted by agendas mainly, regarless if you want to admit it or not. If it was absolutely 100% okay without any guilt, then why defend it sho wholeheartedly? Why am I so wrong for having my own opinion – why does it make the pro-choice movement so mad?

        The point of the matter is that the only reason this is okay with pro-choicers because some science has justified this by stating that “life” does not start until the first breath is taken. If that be true, then why is it when someone kills a prenant woman, in many cases, the murderer gets charged with two counts of murder, one for mom and one for baby. But wait..the baby never actually took a breath, so then based on the same principles this is wrong too, for the baby was never deemed as “life”.

        But alas, those of you who are on the other side of the argument as me will, for the most part, never be swayed, so long are there are “laws” to soothe your consciousness. So, out of respect as this is your blog, I will let you have the last word….

  3. Sorry, I know I said last word last time, but there was more added since I last looked (got distracted by my kids)..I just wanted to add that I have no problem whatsoever with people wearing shirts or whatever opposing my views, more power to them, but that doesn’t mean that I will simply demand they take them off because I am offended. And you claim you are protecting the rights of people? Um, who is protecting the rights of the unborn child – the ones who truely have no voice in the situation? It is easy to protect the stronger party in situations like this – it doesn’t take much effort at all really. Oh, that’s right they have no rights because they are not really “life” least not yet. The fact of the matter is that they could be and just because the potential life is ended before it reached that point does not dilenate any moral responsibility in this matter.

    Abortion is NOT the only option.

    1. Hello again, Mike-

      First of all, let’s just understand right off the bat here that we are never going to agree on this subject. This is evident in your final comment, when you ask about who is protecting the rights of the unborn child.

      You see, in my mind, a fetus is not a life until it is viable, and therefore is not a child, and has no rights. I am of the feminist belief- I, as a living, breathing, contributing member of society have more rights than a cluster of cells the size of a pin-needle inside of my body.

      You will never sway me otherwise, nor will I convince you of my beliefs on the matter.

      That being said, let’s just dive right in:

      You state, “I never said that it (meaning abortion) was illegal…”, but you YOU DID, in a previous comment, call it murder, specifically saying, “a 7th grader absolutely understands what life and murder is”.

      Murder, as I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, is illegal, it is a capital crime, and it is a class A felony.

      Therefore, by calling abortion, a completely legal practice, MURDER, you are saying it is illegal, because again, murder is illegal in every state in the nation.

      Next, YES, I am saying that in order for kids to understand abortion- as well as all the complexities that make it anything BUT a black or white “to kill or not to kill” type of quesion- they need to understand sex.

      It is, after all, through sex, be it consensual or not, that women find themselves in the difficult situation in which they must make the choice to begin with.

      Were it not for sex- and all its complexities, regarding the health of a woman, access to birth control, emotional responsibilities- abortion itself would be moot, as it wouldn’t be necessary.

      Yes a little 5 year old can understand that there is a baby in Mommy’s tummy, but that same child is not capable of grasping all the complex issues that can come into play when one becomes pregnant- abortion, all too often, is one of those complexities. Because a kindergartner cannot understand all the pieces that ultimately solve the puzzle, making up one’s mind as to whether or not to have an abortion, it is not appropriate to even discuss it. Not with a child that young.

      Now, if you would like to teach YOUR 5 year old that abortion is a sin, that is your business- but to allow that nonsense to be shoved down MY child’s throat, in the forum of a public school by a fellow student who is just is ill-informed as the 5 year old is… well, that’s just irresponsible.

      Moving on, I would like to THANK YOU, for your ridiculous statement claiming that the t-shirt in question is ambiguous actually made me laugh out loud.

      What, exactly, leads you to believe the shirt is ambiguous? Is it the big huge block letters that say ABORTION on it? Or the adorable babies that are unexplainably, inexplicably… simply…


      In addtion, the shirt is completely misleading. This “growing” baby is not what a fetus, when aborted in the first tri-mester (which is when almost all abortions occure) even looks like.

      The picture (the 2nd frame- the one showing what the fetus last looks like, prior to being aborted) is a more accurate depiction of Late Term Abortions. Certainly not the type you can legally obtain at Planned Parenthood.

      In fact, I am opposed to Partial Birth Abortions, except for the sole exception of when the woman’s life is in danger.

      I can assure you, I have no crisis of conscience on the matter of abortion. I believe in a woman’s right to choose her own reproductive path.

      Most importantly, I do not suffer from a God Complex, like many pro-lifers do. I do not sit in judgment of another woman’s very difficult decision when it comes to what she will or will not do with her body.

      I have not walked a mile in her shoes, and I do not have to suffer the consequences of her actions. She has to live with herself, and her decisions, and I refuse to make an already heartbreaking situation even moreso.

      In general, I have no problem with people who are pro-life. I just think it is ignorant to act as if a woman who finds herself in a difficult situation is committing a capital crime.

      I also believe that people- both pro-life people or pro-choice people, we are missing the entire point.

      I believe, it is at this point that both of us can come together and agree one one crucial thing:

      The problem, in and of itself, is not abortion. Abortion is merely a symptom (and as such has become a separate problem) of an absolute epidemic in this country- teen pregnancy, sexual assault, incest. What are people- regardless of their stance on abortion- doing to STOP THIS EPIDEMIC?

      Precious little, if you ask me.

      Let’s stop encouraging teenagers to participate in adult acts, let’s stop allowing rapists to get off scott free for their crimes, and let’s stop allowing predators in the vicinity of our children.

      If we attack those things FIRST, make them our top priority, the need for abortions will all but disappear.

      You say abortion is not the only option.

      For whom?

      Perhaps not for you or me…

      But how dare you sit on high, and act as if you know one way or another, for every woman, regardless of their personal situations, what their options are?

      Too often pro-lifers take a stance that amounts to “Life begins at conception- but ends at birth”.

      I’ve heard all the rhetoric about adoption as an alternative to abortion. I also know that there are WAY too many kids and not enough parents to take them in.

      Let’s just continue to ignore the real epidemic here, put a band-aid on the problem, and throw a bunch of unwanted babies into a foster-care system where they are continued to be, well, unwanted.

      I hear pro-life people spouting and spewing all day long about the “options” women have, as well as preaching about giving a child the same chance you and I had- to live.

      My question to you is this- what are YOU doing to give these unwanted children, whose parents you have bullied into making a decision for their lives that they are not comfortable with, that “chance”?

      Adopted any unwanted, would-have-been-aborted babies lately?

      People are not doing enough to address what has become a very real set of crises in this country- from promiscuity to teenage pregnancy to sexual assault to single motherhood.

      What I want is comprehensive education. I am not “pro-abortion”, I am merely pro-choice.

      It may surprise you, my own daughter is a staunch pro-life person. Her views are closely in line with yours. I would never dream of trying to change her mind. I respect her opinion, even as I disagree with it.

      What I did require from her is that she do her research on the issue. I demanded she make up her own mind through- again- comprehensive education.

      As long as both sides of an issue are presented, I do not have a problem with anyone whose views do not align with mine.

      I’m just sick of one-sided, closed-minded opinions being masked as “education”- most especially where our children are concerned.

      Oh- and P.S.- My condom t-shirt idea is brilliant. Condoms, like that pro-life t-shirt in question, actually help prevent the need to have an abortion.


  4. It is as inappropriate as a T-shirt depicting Slaves in chains in the old South. Who do these people think they are putting these moral messages in our faces like this ?

  5. It seems that if free speech does not align with your particular opinion that you think it should be against the law.

    The fact that folks who condone abortion cling so tightly to the rape/incest cases is evidence of a lack of undestanding. This DOES happen, but less often than being struck by lighting. That means that you are changing laws based on the needs of less than 1%. If only we were so noble. Not a workable argument.

    Saying that a child is not viable becaue it has not drawn its first breath is…ignorant. Any child left on its own without adult’s help/supervision is going to die. Exposure/starvation/injury you pick. Just a fact. Deciding that since it has not been born that it is not a child is just denial.

    This brings us to what abortion really is. An act of convenience. So why should we stop at 3rd trimester. Can we just abort (murder since theyre breathing) a child when they become inconvenient or do we have to get the jump on it and kill it before we can see it?

    Im not too great at debating these things but this seem pretty clear to me. If you dont want a baby, you can kill it. Thats abortion. Dont hide behind a very special circumstance like being impregnated during rape or incest. Just face the facts, you are killing an innocent child, if you’re okay with it, carry on.

    It should not be legal to kill a child because it has yet to be born or because it is deemed incovenient.

    What makes America great is the freedoms we have but we should never feel that our convenience overrides anothers right to live.

  6. It seems the California school didn’t feel it had as good a case for throwing the kid out as you do. They settled for $50,000. Good for the kid for standing up for her right to wear a shirt with the political message of her choosing. Can we PLEASE get school uniforms now?

  7. I personally think that is CRAZY i am a college student and I am wearing that very shirt today. By law the college can not say anything to me about it but the point of the matter is that it is her right to wear what she wants. this shirt does not say an offensive word. It is possibly offensive to someone but hey people offend me all the time what is the difference. I would like you to remember my favorite quote by a very well known man…A person is a person no matter how small….

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