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Shame, Child Rape, Phoenix and Liberia

You know, I really do try to respect other cultures.

I swear I do.

But this shit right here is disgusting.

The story takes place in Phoenix, AZ.

A little eight year old Liberian girl was lured into an alley by four boys- aged 9, 10, 13 and 14- who promised her some chewing gum if she went with them.

Once in the alley the boys restrained the little girl and took turns sexually assaulting her.

The poor child was severely injured and was hospitalized.

The boys were charged with sexual assault and kidnapping, with the 14 year old being charged as an adult.

When the little girl was released from the hospital, authorities had no choice but to place her with child protective services, rather than send her home to her family.


The family, part of a community of Liberian immigrants in Phoenix, does not want her.

She has shamed them.

They have disowned her.

We learn that this is not uncommon in Liberia, and in fact, this sort of b.s. occurs all over the world.

It is especially distressing when one realizes that rape was not a crime in Liberia until 2006.

Read that shit again- I said rape was not a crime in Liberia until 2006.


I don’t understand how anyone, regardless of cultural background, can justify turning their backs on a tiny child- under any circumstances- let alone in a situation like this one.

She was kidnapped and raped repeatedly by other children… fellow refugees…

… And she’s the one who has brought shame onto the community.

Talk about ass backwards.

I wonder what the family of those little child-deviants think about their sons…

Are they disgusted?

Worried about the fact that they have managed to raise child-predators?

Concerned about the type of men they will become?

Have these boys shamed their families?

I think especially of the 14 year old- the teen who is to be charged as an adult- he isn’t going to survive in a man’s prison system… as a non-American… not once his fellow inmates learn that he kidnapped and raped a little girl.

May God have mercy.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

5 thoughts on “Shame, Child Rape, Phoenix and Liberia

  1. This reasoning is also common in the Middle East in general. Lebanon and a few more progressive countries have made rape illegal. The problem is that the culture will not bend to the law. So when someone says a certain country has outlawed rape, it doesn’t mean the families won’t react in a similar way. Their sense of honor is difference than ours. In order to preserve the family honor they will kill the daughter. It is such a cowardly way to handle things. Welcome to the world America.

    1. Hi SpiritOfTruth-
      I just cannot wrap my brain around the mentality. On some level I do realize that this is common in so many places throughout the world.

      I simply cannot understand it.

      Usually, when I hear about certain “horrors” in other countries that are part of their culture- like, say, public executions- while I wholeheartedly disagree with the practice, I can at least wrap my brain around the fact that in some countries, certain things are done differently than they are here. Obviously I don’t have to agree, but I do get it, on some fundamental level.

      Situations like this one, though, I can’t even do that much. I understand that this type of thing happens with women and children in other countries… but truly, that’s all I can understand.

      I just can’t get a better grasp of it than that. I’ve tried to.

      My brain just will not compute, I guess.


  2. I don’t understand it myself. How someone could not build a bond with their own child strong enough to overcome such social pressures is beyond me. I have theorized that the ability to do such acts such as honor killings, stems from a lack of human empathy. My theory is that when individuals are exposed to painful human suffering during developmental stages, it causes the person to shut off the feeling of empathy. How else can a mother and family hold down their daughter while the father stabs them to death? A complete lack of empathy is a common trait among serial killers. I always said, the third world has a large number of serial killers walking around. I have observed their ability to turn off human empathy. Whaling over the lose of a child due to violence from another tribe and then later killing a daughter for being raped. I believe a lack of empathy for the suffering of the victim is the key ingredient to many violent crimes. Or in the case of violent crimes motivated by desperation, my suffering is to hard so I’ll pass it onto another.

  3. “…How someone could not build a bond with their own child…”

    This culture does not place the same value on human life that many others would do. The west makes the mistake, far too often, that such standards of a modern society exist in many of those in the mid-east. Life does not hold the same value, women are chattel and you cannot offer anything to deter that culture’s behavior.

    Their normal is different enough to really worry about.

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