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Van Jones, Truthers, Birthers, and an Ugly Reality

We need to talk about Van Jones. We need to talk about his past, we need to talk about his resignation as the White House’s environmental advisor- and we really need to talk about whether or not he’s been victimized by the GOP.

Van Jones was made a household name by right-wing Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck. I’m not a regular Glenn Beck watcher- he’s way too emotionally unstable for me to be able to take seriously. Listening to him induces extreme anxiety, and I’m always afraid he’s this close to having a colossal meltdown. The net result is something akin to a child, trying to bravely sneak a horror movie that she has no business watching. She’s sitting in front of the TV, hands covering her face, peaking through her fingers at the screen…

… Should she watch?

But oh!

What if something happens!


That’s me when Beck is on the air. He’s a trainwreck, and I find myself waiting for the whole show with him in tow to derail in front of my very eyes.

Quite stressful.

It’s for this reason I wish I could say Glenn Beck has finally lost his marbles, and is oh-so-wrong about all things Van Jones. Unfortunately, in some ways, the guy (Beck, that is), nutty as he may be, actually made some good points about Mr. Jones.

Van Jones, as no one in their right (err… correct, that is) mind would argue, is a polarizing character. To say he’s controversial would be an understatement. His radical views have been well-documented in the past- he is a bona-fide Truther, among other things (I don’t care what he claims, people- evidence is evidence). He feels that the Bush Administration, along with other high-level government officials either knowingly instigated 9/11, or through purposeful gross negligence allowed it to happen, all to give Bush and cronies an excuse to start an oil war in Iraq.

Now please don’t misunderstand me. I think the current downturn this country is experiencing can be traced back to that cluster-fuck we like to call the Iraq War. Do I blame the Bush Administration? Yes I do. I also, however, blame Bush Sr.’s Administration for not toppling Saddam Hussein during Desert Storm, when he was all but handed to us on a silver platter… I blame the Clinton Administration as well, for not taking down Bin Laden when a similar opportunity presented itself… and above all, I blame each and every member of Congress- both Democrat and Republican- who voted to send our men and women into that country to begin with.

Need I remind any of you that we have lost more soldiers in the War on Terror than we lost on 9/11? For what? The answer, sadly, is that we lost them for nothing, other than the need of some politicians to settle a score that they, themselves, were responsible for creating at the start.

There is plenty of blame to go around. None of it, however, centers on a vast conspiracy, but instead was created by a bunch of short-sighted people who at the end of the day couldn’t tell their asses from a hole in the ground.

It is common knowledge today that Van Jones signed a petition in 2004 that asked for hearings to determine whether politicians had knowingly allowed the events on 9/11 to occur. Personally, I think politicians did allow the terror attacks to occur, but realize that they didn’t knowingly do so. They ignored a whole lot of signs that pointed to a colossal attack, instead preferring to believe that as the Good Ol’ U.S. of A, we were invincible.

Costly mistake, but an honest one nonetheless.

Van Jones has tried to back pedal on this petition he signed… claiming that while he allowed his name to be placed on the form, he does not subscribe to any conspiracy theories regarding 9/11 or our subsequent invasion of Iraq.

It was at this point that Jones became a liar.

You see, he didn’t just sign a Truther petition in 2004. A full two years prior to that,  in 2002 he organized a march for the Truther Movement.

Yet this college educated lawyer wants us to believe he had no idea what the hell he was signing when it came to this particular petition?


With regards to the actual truth, here’s what we really know about Van Jones:

Jones was born in 1968. He is an environmental activist, a civil rights advocate, author and lawyer.

After graduating from Law School, rather than take an offered job in Washington, DC, Jones instead moved to San Fransisco. He joined a controversial organization called STORM (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement). This organization was decidedly Marxist, sympathizing with Mao-ist peasants, and was in part created to combat the issue of police brutality.

He was famously arrested for his role in the Rodney King protests, though charges were later dropped. It was during this same time period, in 1995, that Jones began actively identifying himself as a Communist.

Jones is also responsible, after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, for starting Color of Change, a non-profit organization dedicated to giving a larger political voice to Black America. That year he also began actively advocating for a Green America, becoming an environmentalist, and starting an organization called “Green for All”. Green for All promotes environmentally-friendly jobs in poor communities.

In 2008 he found moderate success when his book, “The Green Collar Economy” hit the New York Times top 12 list.

In March of 2009, Van Jones joined the Obama Administration as the environmental czar.

I would argue that Mr. Jones has done some wonderful things in his life. He has advocated for a greener world, and has worked tirelessly to help minorities succeed in this country. The problem is that he does not have the gift of words. While doing great things for millions of people worldwide, he simultaneously suffers from a terminal case of foot in mouth disease, which has proven to be his downfall.

Honestly, I don’t even care that the man once identified himself as a communist. I wish my biggest college-era transgession was to pick the wrong political party to align myself with. People change, and with age, we mature. That’s the general idea, anyway. I don’t even have a huge problem with the fact that Jones once famously claimed that white people and white corporations were purposely dumping their waste and polluting communities that predominantly consisted of people of color. Personally, given some of our nation’s history, that isn’t difficult for me to believe.

I applaud the fact that at some point, realizing that his more extreme views were not affecting the change he desired within the U.S., he decided to work within the system as it’s designed… no longer calling for revolution, no longer trying to make waves on the outer fringes of society.

It doesn’t even bother me that he recently referred to Republicans as assholes.

I live in a country where it isn’t supposed to phase me that people are calling my President a terrorist, a communist, a Marxist, a socialist… and are bringing guns to townhall meetings in hopes of shooting our Commander in Cheif like he’s a wild animal, and it’s deer season. I live in a nation where outright calls for our leader’s death, and pastoral prayers hoping he’ll keel over from brain cancer are the norm. Someone calling the GOP a bunch of assholes honestly doesn’t get me too excited.

What I cannot reconcile are the similarities between The Truthers and The Birthers. Van Jones’ affiliation with the Truther movement is exactly why he needed to resign. And every jerk Birther needs to do the same.

These two groups- they are both extreme, they are both radical, they both promote dangerously false claims, and they have no place in our government.

The problem in Van Jones’ case is that he did not convincingly leave radicalism, nor did he wholeheartedly embrace a more follow-the-rules, mainstream approach to getting the job done.

If he was honestly appalled that his name was attached to a petition espousing nonsensical conspiracy theories about our nation’s largest tragedy, he should have made those views known before he got caught by the likes of Glenn Beck.

Unfortunately for us, Jones certainly isn’t the only whacko we have our hands full dealing with.

There are Republicans in Congress (Representative Bill Posey, Florida) today that subscribe to the dangerous vitriol being spewed by the Birthers… and there are (former) Democrats in Congress (Cynthia McKinney) who subscribe to the nastiness being put forth by the Truthers.

For every lame-brained Truther petition out there, an equally ridiculous Birther petition, claiming Barack Obama is really the son of Al Qaeda, in cahoots with every terrorist known to man is in existence as well.

Prominent people are buying into both brands of idiocy.

Every last one of them needs to go.

If they won’t go willingly, we need to boot them- all of them- out the door.

We are living in terrifying times… polarizing times… where political discord is no longer an opportunity for open, honest, intelligent conversation, but is instead giving rise to left-and-right-wing maniacal idiots. It is only a matter of time before real violence erupts, and the regular people of America… you and I… need to be getting pissed off about it.

Van Jones is nobody’s victim… the only regret I have is that we aren’t kicking more radicals just like him- on both sides of the political spectrum- to the curb.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

4 thoughts on “Van Jones, Truthers, Birthers, and an Ugly Reality

  1. Hey C Haze,

    I’ll go easy on you for this one. The first point is that you fell right in line with the typical left justification of his self professed communist beliefs. You said, “Honestly, I don’t even care that the man once identified himself as a communist. I wish my biggest college-era transgession was to pick the wrong political party to align myself with. People change, and with age, we mature.” This was not something he said years ago, it was said only months ago.

    He did not simply profess to support the peasants, he professed his support for the very dictators who are responsible for the murder of thousands and some cases millions. I could go on and on about the people he has stated he holds in high esteem. The fact, they are all murderers. Don’t forget that communist regimes always profess to have the little man’s best interest at heart while historically killing about 20% of the population to retain power.

    Van Jones is a radical and should never have come close to the white house. The fact that he did freaked a lot of people out. What bothers me is they focused more on his insult to the Republicans than his out right crazy views. I watched plenty of very recent videos of Van Jones and he is so full of hate and anger that it is scary. What was the Obama administration thinking here?

    Another quick point is your attempt to misrepresent the birth certificate people. I’ve followed this for quite a while now and have yet to see any of them saying he is a “son of Al Qaeda.” This statement doesn’t even make since considering one can’t be a son of an organization. Point being, the mainstream media i.e., CNN and some of the other Democrat talking machines are stifling legitimate debate by slandering people. You mention the guy that brought a gun to a protest. You said his intentions would be to shoot the President given the chance. Let’s look into this a little deeper and see what really happen versus how you have portrayed the events. The reality is that in the Arizona protest, people on both sides carried fire arms. That is legal in Arizona. They also where not even close to the President. On top of that, CNN and MSNBC intentionally avoided showing that one of the guys was black. They cut the film and only showed the rifle on his back. There words during the broadcast made it obvious their intentions. They wanted to paint him as some racist which he was not. Did you even know that the guy with the rifle was black? I’m sure you saw the weird white guy with a fake ear piece in.

    There was also the black guy who was pretending to be a white racist on face book. He was not caught until he made threats against the President and the Secret Service got involved. He was getting pretty well known for a while.

    How about the swastika painted on a Democrat’s office which was later found to be done by a Democrat.

    How about the windows of a Democratic office smashed by you guessed it, a few Democrats this time.

    Obama has appointed various people to work for him which have advocated extreme things that everyone including liberals should be worried about. If you remember, we talked about forced sterilizations and eugenics before. Well he has someone working for him now who advocates such measures. John Holdren Science Czar, “There exists ample authority under which population growth could be regulated,” wrote Obama appointee John Holdren, as reported by FrontPage Magazine. “It has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society.”
    I reason that Van Jones was so quickly ejected because the American people are now watching. All of these issues are interrelated so this is why I’m hitting a few different points. I have held off on responding to your blog about the health care debate. It didn’t seem like a real invitation for debate but, rather a drive by post. The reason people are hysterical is because they are being lied to. Everybody knows the rehearsed talking points which have already been refuted. So when they ask their representative about said point and he/she immediately goes into said rehearsed lie, people get upset. The general mood is of massive distrust at the moment. It is not going to get any better with the arrogance of the current party in charge. This is Obama’s weakness and many of the Democrats in power. Americans hate the elitist type of pompous arrogance and that is just how the Democrats look right now. I read the bill my self and could see for my own eyes the very lies being told right to our faces. It is not going to go well for the Democrats in the near future. I have to honestly say the Republicans screwed up bad but now the Democrats are going to screw themselves for the next 12 years with this clown show of an attempt at Marxism. The first big sign of massive arrogance was immediately after the first large scale tea parties, Obama acted like he did not know what was going on. Then the media went on to portray them all as radicals. Big mistake considering they are the majority in this country. They lost the election due to apathy and lack of concern. They simply did not vote. The left media’s attempt to portray all opposition to Obama’s health care plan as racist in nature is another big mistake. Expect massive losses in the future. People like McCain will be toast as well as any other center of the road politician.
    Van Jones is just another nail in the coffin. One thing you never do is turn you back to your opponent. Especially when your opponent is twice your size and all you did was sucker punch him. He is going to get back up and thump you for celebrating to soon.
    On 27 February 1933, the Reichstag building was set on fire. This Reichstag fire was blamed on a communist conspiracy and the KPD’s offices were closed, its press banned and leaders were arrested. Hitler convinced President von Hindenburg to sign the “Reichstag Fire Decree”, suspending most of the human rights provided for by the 1919 constitution of the Weimar Republic. A further decree enabled preventive detention of all communist leaders, amongst many thousands of others.
    Things are getting radical and Obama is appointing radicals to office. False flag attacks have been perpetrated many times throughout history by various groups to gain power. The concept of a false flag attack does not seem very hard for many on the left to understand. It is happening on a small scale already perpetrated by zealots. Many of those in power at the moment do not seem like they even care what the American people want. This is pretty obvious when a cancer survivor was trying to talk to her representative who in the middle of her telling her story decided to have a phone conversation. This is what Americans are witnessing and they don’t like it.
    So to sum it up why Obama and the Democrats will fail in a few short points:
    1.) Socialism
    2.) The failing economy
    3.) Future violations of the First Amendment
    4.) Future violations of the Second Amendment
    5.) Perceived or actual indoctrination of our youth
    6.) Arrogance
    7.) Perceived and actual elitism
    8.) Radicalism and radical within the administration
    9.) Lying
    10.) Hypocrisy
    11.) Not releasing the long form birth certificate or college records to settle this issue. It is going to become irresolvable eventually.

    I know that’s a lot of issues I hit there. There is a lot going on as you know. Have fun with this post. I’ll check it later. I’ll validate anything that you’re unsure of if need be. I just didn’t have time to go back and source everything. I assume you have been following the news so you’ll know which stories I’m talking about. If not I’ll go back and dig them up again. Look forward to your response. 

    1. Hey SpiritOfTruth-

      As always, some very thought-provoking comments!

      First I want to apologize, because after reading your comments I re-read my post. I realized that I didn’t do quite as good a job in representing some points as I meant to do.

      One of the most important things I wanted to make clear (and failed miserably in doing) has to do with my views on extremism in general. I did not mean to sound in any way more sympathetic to extremists on the left vs. extremists on the right. My views on extremism are actually just the opposite. I think the radical anti-Bush folks were just as dangerous as the radical anti-Obama folks… and radicalism in all its forms needs to stop being tolerated, regardless of party line.

      I hate this self-justification we as Americans seem to buy into. For so many people, as long as the extremist in question is a member of our own party, we tend to overlook the very real danger they pose to our society. Many on the left are outraged at the death wishes/threats that Obama and his administration keep receiving, but expressed none of that very same outrage when the threats were being delivered to Bush. These are the people who laughed heartily when the reporter in Iraq threw the shoe at our President… the same people who snickered when, at the G8 summit, very few world leaders were willing to shake Bush’s hand.

      I was disgusted by this behavior, just as I am now disgusted at some of the things I see aimed at Obama.

      Speaking of Van Jones specifically, I don’t think the Obama Administration should have allowed him to resign- they should have fired him and done so publicly.

      As you state, it is of great concern to many Americans that such a radical was ever invited to become part of the Obama Administration to begin with, and as we are now learning, Jones is not the only radical in Obama’s employ. I am obviously quite left-leaning in my political views, but I do not support radicals as part of the administration. I, like you, want to know what Obama was thinking when he decided it was a good idea to include a radical among his top employees. I don’t necessarily believe that Obama himself subscribes to the views that Jones so strongly believes- but I do wonder about the type of advisors he must have, had they really thought Jones was the best guy for this job.

      With regards to what I wrote about Jones and his Communist ties, I stand by what I said. Everything I have read points to the fact that while Jones was asked a few months ago about whether or not he is a Communist, he did not claim to currently be one. What he did say recently was that years ago, during the Rodney King fiasco (which occured in 1995), because of his involvement in the protesting of police brutality, he considered himself a Communist “by August of that year”.

      With that being said, I am not defending whether or not the man is a radical- he obviously is one- and therefore no friend of mine. BUT he did not say, at any recent point in time, that he is currently a Communist. He has acknowledged that at some point in the past- as far back as 14 years ago- he was one.

      You are correct in saying he supported the (Mao-ist) peasants and their dictators. Again, however, this was many years ago, during his active membership in STORM. I don’t agree with the man’s views, and never claimed to. I just think it’s important to look at everything in context. For many people, Van Jones’ past has only recently come to light… that makes it easier for the media to pretend much of this stuff is more current than it actually is.

      I do hope you know that you don’t have to explain the dangers of Communism to me. I am not a Communist, nor am I Communist sympathizer. I do not support organizations such as STORM, which I view to be the “anti” to much of what I hold dear- and love about my country.

      Another point we agree on- Van Jones is definitely full of hate and anger. It is sad and quite scary to listen to him speak. He is an arrogant man, he is an ugly man, and I fear that the fact that he was allowed to get so close to the white house has done nothing but increase the size of his own ego. Whether on purpose or not, regardless of the Administration’s actual views, when Obama hired that man, he ultimately gave credence to Jones’ vitriolic nonsense.

      Moving on to the Birthers (the birth certificate people)- while I agree that the more “mainstream” Birthers, such as Rep. Bill Posey, do not buy into the concept that “Obama is not a citizen so therefore he must be a terrorist”, there are MANY on the fringes that do feel that way. There are entire droves of people that believe that Obama is a terrorist and got himself elected under false pretenses (as a non-American, no less) just so that he can turn our country over to his terrorist cronies. They believe that if they can somehow prove that he is not a citizen, that will be the first step in proving that he is (and I quote) “in cahoots” with terror organizations.

      While Rep. Posey and friends will never vocally admit it, they are nonetheless knowingly empowering these radicals. Posey is trying to make this Birther nonsense a mainstream Constitution of the United States issue… but he is well aware that others, again, those on the fringe, are using his support of their non-citizen claims to bolster their own extreme views.

      Remember- the premise of my post was radicals. I believe there are some mainstream people (on both sides) that are empowering extremists- which is why I mentioned both Representative Posey on the right and former Representative McKinney on the left. They both realize that their actions are having a direct effect on some really nutty folks out there- and yet they keep at it.

      I was aware that one of the men who brought a gun to the Arizona protest was a black man. I did not mention anyone’s race because I wasn’t merely speaking about the Arizona meeting. Again, I apologize for not making my point as well as I could have, but I was speaking more in general.

      People should not be bringing weapons to townhall meetings, and yet at least one Republican Congressman is encouraging folks to do just that. Georgia representative Phil Gingrey went on the air with MSNBC in support of people arming themselves when attending these meetings. His comments were completely irresponsible. No one should be taking guns anywhere unless they have a reasonable expectation that their lives are in mortal danger. Clearly being in attendance at a townhall meeting to discuss the merits/lack thereof of pending healthcare legislation does not present a clear and present danger.

      I realize that these gun-toting people were not allowed to get near the President himself, but for me, that is beside the point. They happily would have been packing heat in his presence, had they been able to. THAT is what’s scary to me.

      Many of these people would have shot the President if given the chance. All you need to see in order to know that is some of the protests- the “Death to Obama!” signs people are carrying. Next, listen to the public prayers certain members of the clergy are making, asking God to kill Obama.

      The simple fact is that there are many radical extremists, posing as mainstream 2nd Amendment supporters, who want our President to die.

      I remember hearing about the black guy who posed as a White Supremacist on Facebook. What a loony. I also remember reading about the other incidents you described, in which Democrats/minorities have done harm to other Democrats/minorities. That is a perfect example of the reason why I think extremists in general are dangerous. If you let them loose, they leave a path of destruction, and everyone gets hurt. It isn’t possible to be a friend to radicals, as we in the Democratic party have seen firsthand. If, in their twisted little minds, they decide that hurting their “friends” can further their agendas, that’s exactly what they will do.

      Just as the right would be better served to distance itself from right-wing lunatics, the left needs to do the same thing. Extremism is not left or right- it’s just crazy and dangerous.

      Also, I in no way am giving the Obama Administration a free pass with regards to its own extremist members. They all need to go. I guess Obama doesn’t realize that even though these people are merely “czars”, their political views are important to us. I don’t want a Van Jones advising my President, nor do I want a Holdren doing so.

      The Obama Administration is quick to act like victims… scratching their heads and saying, “Why in the world do people think we’re so radical?” Obviously, people think the Administration is radical because it keeps employing radicals. I don’t care what the position is- Environmental Czar, for example- Obama never would have hired a White Supremacist for that job… so how does he justify hiring someone just as extreme who just happens to be wearing a different color pair of pants?

      If he continues to insist on surrounding himself with these sorts of people, the Democrats deserve to lose the next election. While radicals may be the most vocal speakers in both parties, they do not represent the majority of us. If he can’t figure out a better way to get the job done, he should be booted, right alongside Holdren, Jones and anyone else that seeks to further polarize this country.

      Obama’s arrogance- will be his downfall. The Birther issue is a prime example. I know he is a U.S. Citizen and so do you (I hope you do, anyway). Regardless, there are many out there who are not convinced. Why not simply produce the records so we can move on? I believe his ego prevents him from doing so. He knows he is a lawful citizen of this country. That others dare question it is, in his mind, of little consequence to him.

      I predict he’ll learn the hard way on this one…

      I believe that the biggest flaw within the Democratic Party is our own elitism. We believe we know what’s right for everyone else, and dammit, we will do whatever we have to- including the employment of complete and total lunatics- to shove “what we know” down everyone’s throats. I mean, clearly, no one else can possibly know better than we do what’s best for them, right (sarcasm)?

      I am disappointed in my party. I do not believe we are Communists or Socialists, nor do I buy into any weird conspiracy theories where Obama is concerned. I simply think our country is in crisis right now, and we need to be reaching out to all the people who reside within it to bridge the divide. Instead we are polarizing everyone. Democrats are fighting with Democrats, Democrats are fighting with Republicans, extremists on both sides have been granted much too large a voice… and in the meantime, nothing of any real value is being accomplished.

      The net result, from my small vantage point, is that the left is getting pushed farther to the left while the right is being pushed farther to the right… and no one is really trying to meet in the middle.

      I have not always been passionate about politics. It did not become a hobby of mine until several years after 9/11. I believed in my party, and I believed in the good we could do for our country. While my views on such things as social issues remain quite left of center, I am changing my voter registration to reflect Independent.

      I am horribly disappointed in my President- a man I supported wholeheartedly with everything I had inside of me- and I am just as disappointed in the Democratic Party as a whole.

      What I have learned is this- there is no difference between the two parties. We have different ideologies, but the depths we are willing to sink to are the same.

      With Bush, I hated the outright criminal behavior he was willing to display in order to justify his War on Terror. I now realize that Obama is no different. He won’t sink to those lows when it comes to such things as torture, but I know in my heart he will utilize those very same tactics to further his own agenda.

      Truly, the only difference between Obama and Bush (and other politicians) is their actual agendas. With Bush it was the Global War on Terror. With Obama it is Health Care.

      Neither cared what the American people wanted or deserved. Both thought they knew what was best in spite of our own wishes… and both have shown a disgusting willingness to sink to new lows in order further their own selfish causes.

      It’s become a sort of identity crisis for me. For so long I believed it to be Republicans vs. Democrats… and for many, that is exactly what is at play…

      For me, however, it truly has become a case of “THEM” (meaning politicians as a whole) vs. ME.

      It’s quite sad, really. I honestly wanted to believe in Obama. I bought into his message of hope and change. I don’t regret voting for him, but I am disgusted by him.

  2. You are correct on the Van Jones timeline. His history has always been radical. He tends to replace one thing with another. Even though he made the statements about communism a while ago, his tone and racial comments haven’t changed, which leads most people to assume his views on communism haven’t either. He is the type that should never rise to power in a free and rational society. He got close and I was worried. I’m still worried but it heartens me to see people took notice so quickly. The media’s attempt to portray this as Glen Becks fault is a complement to Glen Beck but, not the reality of today’s world.

    With the instant information flow available to Americans today, something as controversial as this latest thing does not need the help of a TV and radio personality. Things are going to start happening at a faster rate than ever before.

    This brings a certain amount of volatility into the equation. Collectively thousands of people are able to dive into a bill and within a couple days have picked it completely apart. This means that politics as usual is not going to be possible without a lot of deception. This deception will also be nearly impossible. Gone are the days when a politician could say the sky is purple and people would believe through trust. Confidence in our political leaders is eroded to the point of no return for most. The only ones who will make it through are the few clean. Not many there.

    Back onto the topic of radicals. Both sides have turned a blind eye to their own. I personally have a concealed carry permit. I am an avid supporter of our Second Amendment. I’m an avid supporter of every Amendment. If I new that someone was going to show up at a public event where everyone knows things can get heated, with a rifle on his back or a gun on his hip, I would have to intervene with some common sense. Why would you think that this would help preserve our rights? You should be showing people you exercise good judgment by not bringing your gun to the event. At the very least get a concealed carry permit so you are not making a bad impression. In my state you have to go through a lot of checks to get a permit to carry concealed. There are a lot of stipulations that I don’t agree with. I do agree with the back ground checks and responsibility factors. It is just common sense. I am not going to wear my pistol exposed in a place wear I know people are going to feel uncomfortable. Reason being, those very same people are going to want to pass laws so that they don’t feel uncomfortable anymore. Where I live you can legally walk down the street with a rifle in your hand. The reason is because it is our right as Americans. With freedom comes responsibility. There is a lot that we can do in this country, those rights are God given and spelled out as rights that the government shall not infringe.

    Personally I have conservative view points. This does not mean that I will wish to force my views on others. But I do not want others views forced on me. I have no problem listening and sometimes even ignoring views I don’t agree with. I don’t mean ignoring through ignorance, just not devoting time to people who don’t know what they are talking about. So long as my freedom isn’t infringed upon.

    Radicals have a way of wanting to control others through fear, force and manipulation. Power hungry people who only wish to retain power will also do the same by manipulating radical elements to cause fear. They also use them as a weapon to force things to happen in their favor. Often those radical elements or individuals end up taking the fall while those who manipulated them accomplish their goal. When those very same powerful people are caught red handed trying to manipulate radicals to commit crimes, they get away with next to no punishment.

    This is something that I don’t know will ever be solved. It may be one day if some conditions change. If there is a country that can pull it off, it will be America.

    Everybody ditching party affiliation and voting for the person they truly feel is going to do the right thing in their interest and the person according to the Constitution is the best place to start. I know your wish was for hope and change.

    There are a lot of people that voted because they thought they would personally get something out of it. That is the wrong attitude. Following anyone blindly because of cult personality is also dangerous. I don’t know if I would trust any mere man with such adoration. I can honestly say that I don’t think things would be much better with McCain. We would only be prolonging the inevitable pain we are feeling now. This is a turning point for America. The Romans didn’t make it through this phase. We have tried to cast a die that would allow us to make it though the eventual pains we are beginning to feel today. Predicting the future is not easy. We can make our best judgment on what will happen based on what has happen. Making it through this or not, depends solely on the people and what they decide. Nobody is going to ride in and save us from ourselves. The world is watching to see if the great experiment called freedom will succeed. It is up to us and only us.

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