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Tea Party and Racism- It Walks Like a Duck

I’ll just go ahead and acknowledge the elephant in the room right upfront.

The Tea Party is a “party” built on racism and hate.


If you simply oppose Obama’s policies, you are a Republican or an Independent… perhaps you belong to the Green Party…

… But if you are a member of the Tea Party, you have joined a party full of people who are simply fighting for the right to be openly racist and homophobic.

One Saturday in late March, a group of teabaggers Tea Party members gathered on Capitol Hill to protest Obama’s Healthcare Reform package.

Nothing wrong with that, right?


Georgia congressman and old school civil rights veteran John Lewis found himself taunted with chants of “Nigger! Nigger!” as he came to work that day. He said the entire scene was reminiscent of some of the darkest days of the 1960s.

 Massachusetts Senator Barny Frank, who is openly gay, was blessed with screams of “Faggot!” as he walked past.

Remember, folks…

… This was a protest of Healthcare Reform legislation.

It wasn’t meant to be a gay-and-black-hating lynch mob…

Or was it?

The scene certainly looked as if it was becoming a mob, as opposed to a peaceful protest, with one person being injured and another arrested.

If I am wrong, and the Tea Party movement is not simply a group of racist pricks, where then is the outrage? Why hasn’t a party member emerged, shaking his/her fist in anger over the gross misrepresentation of this organization?

There isn’t any outrage, at least among the teabaggers there isn’t.

Our black President is making good on the promises that got him elected to the highest office of the land… promises to minorities and homosexuals… promises that some people will go to desperate lengths to make sure he never has the opportunity to keep.

I agree with the premise that being against healthcare reform does not automatically make one a racist…

… But more and more, it appears that’s exactly what belonging to the Tea Party means.

Clearly the Tea Partiers cannot stand on the merits of their anti-healthcare arguments. They have to resort to hate-filled rhetoric and scare tactics in order to make their voices heard.

It’s simply another branch of the KKK.

Wear it proud, Teabaggers.

We’re watching you.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

4 thoughts on “Tea Party and Racism- It Walks Like a Duck

  1. “… But if you are a member of the Tea Party, you have joined a party full of people who are simply fighting for the right to be openly racist and homophobic.”


  2. I wanted to believe that the tea party is a group of people who just have different views on the government. Because I know what it is like to feel disenfranchised. Those eight years of GWB policies were awful. When I saw the pictures from the Holocaust as examples of healthcare reform, I thought: maybe they are just uneducated. When I heard about the corporate money, I thought: well everyone needs funding. When I heard about racial and homophobic slurs, I was even willing to believe it was a lone person. UNTIL no one spoke out against it. How else can I see the tea party? How many times can I try to understand. I refuse to understand racism and homophobia. I refuse.
    PS> I go to your dad’s church and he bragged on your blog so I asked for the link. It’s great!

    1. @Alex-
      Thanks for stoppin’ by! I agree with everything you said… and checked out your blog too… it’s great. I added ya to the ol’ blogroll!

  3. Funny – how come you haven’t issued a retraction here when even the Congressman in question says the whole incident never happened? How come, if it was so prevalent, there is not a single video of your allegations. Surely you can produce such a thing of these despicable actions. Or do you simply take at face value the word of a politician who has nothing to lose and everything to gain by making such a statement?

    Yes, there are loons in every group, and they should be denounced, but I wouldn’t disparage the entire democrat party by pointing out its opposition to civil rights or how it interned the Japanese in 1942

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