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Haiti: Homeless, Dying, Receiving None of U.S.-Pledged Aid

In January of 2010, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake. Half a million lives were lost, hundreds of thousands became instantly homeless.

One more disturbing statistic:

Of the $1.15 billion in aid promised by the U.S., exactly none of it has reached Haiti.



Not one single penny.

A billion dollars and some change could go really far in helping a lot of people who are homeless, desperate, in need of immediate medical condition.

Does this not go without saying?

The fiscal year in Washington ends in about a week. Politicians don’t seem to grasp the urgency of this situation.

Had this disaster occured in England, France or Germany… had those impacted been our fellow peach-hued friends and not the brown-colored ones…

… We wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Shame on us for not keeping our word, and for killing people as a result.


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