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O’Donnell, Whitman and Paladino- Oh My!

Now that Teabaggers Tea Party Members are contenders in recent elections, politics is becoming ever-more exciting.

Comical, too.

We have Christine O’Donnell, running for Senate in the state of Delaware, who “dabbled” in witchcraft, had a first date on a satanic alter, and lied about her educational background (her resume says she went to Oxford… really, she just studied at the Oxford campus of the Phoenix Institute).

Next we learn that California’s Republican gubernatorial candidate, Meg Whitman, knowingly employed an illegal immigrant as her housekeeper for nine years. Some people say she’s a hero for employing a poor migrant worker- illegal or not- for so many years at $23/hr. I would say that was very nice of her…

… if I wasn’t painfully aware of her public anti-immigration stance.

How arrogant of her, watching politicians much bigger, better and more powerful than she’s ever been, fall one by one, as they get caught in various scandals, and somehow believe that this time, things will be different. She thinks she’s the one that will get away with it?


My favorite, by far, however, would have to be the glorious (and sinfully delicious) battle for Governor in New York.

For the Democrats, we have Andrew Cuomo, and on the Republican ticket, Tea Party supported (and surprise candidate) Carl Paladino.

I’ve come to expect this sort of excitement on the Maury Povich show, but generally speaking, I don’t see it too often in the political arena.

Leave it to the New Yawkers to show us all how a dirty fight is really supposed to look!

Andrew Cuomo, it seems, is having a field day (actually this has been ongoing for several days now… but I digress) airing Carl Paladino’s dirty laundry for all to see.

Paladino had an extramarital affair several years ago that resulted in a daughter. His wife has forgiven him and accepted the child after their own son was killed in a car accident.

Mr. Paladino, who obviously doesn’t deny the affair, has hit back with some accusations of his own, claiming Cuomo has had plenty of his own “paramours” throughout the years.

Cuomo was married for 13 years to Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Robert F. Kennedy.

Paladino goes further, wondering aloud why no one has inquired as to why Mrs. Kennedy ultimately threw Cuomo out of their home, and why they eventually divorced.

Cuomo’s divorce from Kennedy was quite the scandal in 2003 when it occured, but the only thing we know for sure is that then-Mrs. Cuomo had a well-publicized affair with Bruce Colley, who I guess is some social muckety-muck in New York.  At the time there were whispers, but no public allegations, involving Mr. Cuomo and any other women.

Unfortunately for Paladino, we know he cheated on his wifey, as he has both admitted to the affair and to fathering another woman’s baby. Doubly unfortunate, Mr. Paladino has yet to offer any evidence of his claims against Cuomo, though he says he will, eventually.

I’m going to raise a doubtful eyebrow here. If his wife couldn’t find such evidence with an entire army of high priced attorneys (and therefore the entire arsenal those attorneys had at their disposal), I’m thinking Paladino is just talkin’ more sh*t, and has nothing to back any of it up with.

Seems to me Mr. Cuomo may have gently reminded the state of New York about Paladino’s past indiscretion(s), and then sat back quietly to watch it all unfold…

… And unfold it did!

The press is going wild over the whole ordeal, and Paladino is adding fuel to fire.

The problem, it seems, is that he’s fanning the flames onto himself, and not his opponent.

He is beginning to be better known for his crazed outbursts in the media and his wacko campaign ads than he is for his policy.

Here’s an example, straight from Paladino’s camp:

Andrew Cuomo claims he’ll clean up Albany – his hometown where he has played the Albany insiders game for decades… First, as the brutal campaign manager for Mario Sr.’s governors election where he denigrated the Gay community. Later, as an advisor to his father in the Capitol where he bullied opponents daily with threats and hollow promises. Now, as Attorney General, he takes campaign contributions from those he regulates and gives Democrat fat-cats a pass when they violate the law. Clean up Albany? Start with Cuomo

The press release was accompanied by the following image:

I don’t know that this ad makes me question Cuomo’s ethics…

… But I sure do miss my Nintendo 64 and Super Mario Brothers! 


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

10 thoughts on “O’Donnell, Whitman and Paladino- Oh My!

  1. Sounds like the Liberals are concerned that they can’t use the failed policies of the past line as much anymore when a revitalized Republican Party takes shape after the November 2010 elections. The Tea Party movement is about hard working Americans taking back their country from bunch of drunken sailors who are spending America’s future away and giving it to foreign creditors. It is the hard working Americans who are gonna make this country great again.

    1. Hi Capitalism2012,

      When I think of the Tea Party, I don’t think of hard working Americans taking their country back. I think of racism and scare tactics, fear mongering and hate. As a Progressive, as I watch these shenanigans unfold, I become less and less worried about fellow Progressives in Congress. As these Tea Party politicians continue to make it look more like we’re preparing for a reality TV show and not 2010 elections, I become more and more confident. These Yahoos are not going to get any further than they already have.

      1. I believe the media outlet that most people have access to basically almost all the media outlet have misled the public. It is up to us to understand as Americans where are natural rights come from which is mentioned in our Declaration of Independence. It is up to us to compare what the media is telling us about those who are fighting for what made our country great versus those who are changing us into Europe. To suggest that there are racist elements in the tea party and failure to mention any sort of racism does not exist on the progressive parties is ridiculous. Racism exists on all sides. We the people of America need to come together of all race and work to promote the success of our great nation one individual at a time. People are the solution not government.

  2. I wonder why Cap2012 does not account for any of the aformentioned items in your post. Is this just a willing embrace an put on type of ignorance.

    I can tell you that if I were a Tea Party member, (as they advertise themselve to be) I would be ticked off by folk disguising themselves to represent me all the while indulging in their own discretions, lies and the such. Otherwise we are just trading one set of scumbag political characters for another.

    However, if I were to hold to the ignorant racist, democrat hating rhetoric, I too would ignore it, turn a blind eye, act as if what i am seeing i am not seeing when my leaders lie, cheat, steal and misrepresent what it is I CLAIM to hold dear as an American.

    It is what it is Chaze!

  3. It’s funny that you don’t see anything evil about those who are spending our children’s future away but you see evil in those who are trying to stop the spending. It does not matter who is doing the spending it needs to stop. Let me tell who is spending your money! Law degree politicians! You trust them, since when they became the good guys in all this? People need to wake up and take control of their own destiny.

    1. First, let’s get one thing straight:

      Spending-wise, there is NO difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. Both are equally prone to waste tax dollars. The only difference comes not from the amount of money being spent, but rather on what the money should be spent on. It was Bush, after all, that decided to bail out the banks (and therefore WallStreet) by putting tax payers for generations to come on the hook financially. So spare me the “big government/wasteful spending” line of crap.

      Moving on, when have you heard me tout my “trust” in our politicians? I don’t trust any of them- liberal or conservative. My personal views are definitely left of center, but please don’t take my progressive views as an automatic sign that I trust our Democratic reps any more than I trust our Republican reps.

      With that being said, I will admit that I trust the Tea Party least of all, but that’s due to their blatantly racist views. And before you get defensive about my opinion, let me ask you this:

      When has a high-profile, top ranking member of the Tea Party ever expressed outrage at the racist banter the party members are so willing to promote?

      I hear those high-ranking members claiming they are not racist, that’s not what the party stands for, but never do they specifically condemn any of it as it’s happening. When Tea Party members are at rallies in Washington shouting “faggot!” as Barney Frank walks by, or. “Nigger!” as a member of the black caucus shows up for work, no one ever stands up and says, “This is not ok. This is not what we’re about”. It is the fear mongering and scare tactics that the Tea Party encourages that emboldens the bigots among us.

      The Tea Party operates under the guise that it is neither Democrat nor Republican, it is simply a party of people fed up with government over-spending and abuses of the Constitution. This is merely a smoke-screen. The vast majority of Tea Party members are over the age of 45. They are white, they are Conservative, and previously aligned themselves with the far-right fringe of the Republican Party. The true premise of the Tea Party is its members outrage over their perception that our black president is giving handouts to black people. A huge percentage- at least a quarter- of the members of the Tea Party believe President Obama is giving black people an “unfair” advantage over whites.

      The Tea Party uses covert terms, such as “Socialist” to describe Obama… but as any thinking adult knows full well, Socialist is the new word for Nigger. Plain and simple. Since these people cannot run around openly screaming the “n” word, nor can they openly express the fact that they’re racist and HATE the that a black man is our president, they have to come up with clever code words to express their bigotry instead:

      “Radical Muslim”, “Radical Christian”, “Socialist”…

      … All words commonly used by that party to describe Obama, and ironically, all words that are painfully inaccurate.

      Tea Partiers lament the “old” America, and fear Obama is moving the country away from the America that has previously existed. As a person of color- I am bi-racial- who is married to a black man and has black children, I thank God every single day that Obama is trying to put our country on a different path than that of its past. The “old” America is the America that enslaved fellow humans. The “old” America hated people of color. The “old” America gave jobs and extreme social preference to white males.

      In short, the “old” America was full of bigots.

      The Tea Party is the result of racists uniting together in an attempt to keep the “old” America safe from this black man who is trying to steal it away and replace it with something different (and much, much better).

      The Tea Party will NEVER respect a leader that isn’t a white Christian.

      Obama, since he only meets ONE of the criteria (he’s a Christian), simply doesn’t make the cut.

      It really is just that simple.

  4. I don’t think those claims are accurate. Those are claims made without it being verified. Anyone could have gone to the Oct 2 rally and done the same thing yelling out rascists words as well. You know what, It all depends on how the camera is pointed and what the media outlet wants to convey it. When you have hundreds of thousands gathered, you’ll have wierdos. You can find many examples and make the same statement. You see the whole Tea Party movement as just a racist movement. It has nothing to do with the fact we are spending at a rate of $2T per year. It has nothing to do with the fact we have over $100T of unfunded liabilites coming our way. It has nothing to do with the fact we are already taxed over our head? How much is your property tax? I pay almost $20K per year in property taxes between two properties. Thank God I have an income but what happens if I lose that income. They are still gonna come for the income tax. I’m sorry, we made promises we cannot keep. We need to get grip with reality and live within our means. Life is what you make of it and we can’t solve every problems. It is up to the individual to make the best of his or her life.

    1. Yes, when hundreds of thousands gather, we will see weirdos. The problem is when you have hundreds of thousands gathered and the weirdos are the not the exception, but the rule.

      You are correct when you say that I see the whole Tea Party movement as a racist movement. It does not have anything to do with the amount of money we’re spending per year or anything else. If that were the case, the Tea Party would have been flourishing during the Bush years…

      … Way back when Bush Jr. inherited a $5T surplus that he managed to turn into a record-breaking defecit in extremely short order. Or when he bailed out the banks, and WallStreet, leaving Mainstreet holding the bag for generations to come.

      It is not a coincidence that this Tea Party only came into being after the first black president is elected.

      I agree we need to learn to live within our means- I am not happy with the Obama Administration’s spending, but I wasn’t happy with Bush’s spending either. If that was what the Tea Party legitimately stood for, I’d be all for it.

      Unfortunately, however, that is not the case.

  5. You have a pessimestic view of people in general or maybe you have an unfavorable opinion of white people in general. Remeber this government is ran by people too. Wish you prosperity.

    1. Funny you should state I have an unfavorable view of white people. I think you just highlighted the plight of people of mixed descent. You see, genetically, I am more white than I am black, and when I was a small child, I was adopted by a white family. Therefore, my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and the majority of my friends are white.

      I love my family and friends dearly.

      I am neither pessimistic or anti-white. I am simply realistic, and willing to call out bigotry wherever I find it. If you spent any time at all reading the things I’ve posted on this site, you’ll see that no one is exempt. I make no apology for the fact that I believe the Tea Party was founded on racist principles. I also defended the white police officer that arrested the black Harvard Professor last year. I don’t believe his actions were racist at all.

      I take Conservative politicians to task, but I take liberal ones to task as well. I came down hard on John Edwards for cheating on his cancer-riddled wife of 30 years, and impregnating another woman. I have criticized my own party for allowing Sara Palin’s children to become part of the political arena, and I have criticized Obama on countless issues- progressive causes such as DADT, to his seeming lack of backbone when it comes time to stand tall and make a decision.

      I do not fall on one side of the fence or the other- but what I will do, consistently- is call things as I see them. If I see racism at play, I will say so. If I see the opposite, I will express that too.

      If you don’t see an escalation in racist assaults and bigotry (just look at the 5 gay youths that recently committed suicide) of late, you’re either one of them yourself, or completely blind.

      Best wishes to you.

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