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Undocumented Workers, Whitman and Indentured Servants

Is it possible that our Conservative friends are less against the idea of illegal immigrants coming into this country, and more against the idea that they may actually become positioned to take a bite out of the American Pie?

My speculation on this subject began as the result of a conversation I had with a colleague about Meg Whitman, California gubernatorial candidate, under fire for employing an undocumented worker for 9 years.

Initially, I simply commented on the obvious hypocrisy of a conservative-anti-immigration-politician employing an illegal alien.

Knowingly doing so.

She hates that illegals are in this country, but she’s paying a decent wage to one of them herself…

… Her own actions encouraged this particular undocumented worker to remain not just in the U.S., but in Ms. Whitman’s very home.

But whatever.

So my colleague says that maybe these people are not really as against the idea of undocumented workers, so long as those workers know their place.

As long as they’re in the fields picking tomatoes…

… Or inside of some rich person’s home scrubbing toilets, it’s ok.

The problem occurs when these undocumented brown people, after all their contributions to the American infrastructure, start expecting basic rights.

Once we grant them rights, once we openly acknowledge their existence…

… We may next have to begin granting them power.

Sure, just little chunks of control here or there, such as paying them a living wage, but that’s how it starts.

Before you know it, they’ll be dating our daughters and taking our sons’ spots on the high school baseball team.


We must keep them in their place, which means they are to remain nothing better than an impoverished indentured servant.

As long as they know their place, we’ll keep hiring them.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

One thought on “Undocumented Workers, Whitman and Indentured Servants

  1. I think the answer is simpler than that. It may be the case that they are willing to work for less against their union labor competition. If you were to make a purchase whether it is a product or a service, you probably will try to get it for the lowest price. It is because the person is willing to do the work for less under cutting their union labor competition. The buyer becomes enticed then they hand shake. I don’t think it has anything to do with the fact they are illegal immigrants or from another race. It is much easier to blame the rich guy for being a racist than it is to call the union labor a racist. You can obtain more votes from the union labor! There is more racism in other countries such as Latin America, Europe, and Asia then there are in the United States. United States offers all races and all income classes to move ahead than any part of the world because of American values. Prosperity comes from hard work.

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