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Katt Williams goes on Tirade- but Should He Apologize?

Katt Williams got a little… err… passionate during a recent show in Phoenix, AZ.

It seems a heckler, someone we can assume to be of Mexican descent, said, “Fuck America” to Katt during his performance, following the statement up by saying that Arizona is still part of Mexico- “This is Mexico!” is the exact quote, I believe.

Katt broke the guy off a piece, and has subsequently landed himself in the middle of a scandal.

Should Katt apologize to the Mexican-Americans he may have offended, or does he have the right to defend his country when faced with anti-American statements while on stage?

Katt Williams, for those who aren’t aware, is not known for his political correctness. He is raunchy, he is at times controversial, he is extremely edgy, and he is well-loved by many.

I can’t help but think this heckler had no idea what he was getting himself into when he dared step to Katt Williams while Mr. Williams was on stage, in all his controversial glory. What, exactly, did he think Katt’s reaction would be?


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