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Rocrast Mack’s Murder At Alabama Prison Followed Trail Of Violence By Guards

A 24 year old man is brutally attacked, beaten and murdered while serving a 20-year sentence in an Alabama Prison for selling $10 worth of crack-cocaine to an undercover officer. Upon investigation, it is determined the young man was brutally killed by six corrections officers at the prison.

On the night in question, the inmate was suspected- yes, merely suspected- of masturbating under his sheets while a female guard was present.

The ranking guard has been charged with intentional murder.

Two other guards were brought up on federal charges for violating the prisoner’s civil rights, and covering up the assault. They have entered guilty pleas.

A commentor at the end of the article writes that “pris­ons are full of animals who prey on the weaker”- hopefully this person sees the irony of their words. This statement obviously holds true for the guards as well, and not just the inmates, as is implied.

While I support the intentional murder charge against the ranking officer, I think all six of the guards should have been charged as well.

Many people state that an inmate’s propensity towards exaggeration when making allegations of brutality against officers hinders the state’s ability to properly investigate the claims.

While I do understand that some inmates will exaggerate abuse allegations, that has no bearing on the fact that when an inmate is murdered by six officers, there’s no question about what occured. There is no question about what a heinous and violent act it was.

A man is dead, killed at the hands of six men, all of which had a duty to uphold the law.

Clearly there was no exaggeration here.

That this inmate was forced to pay the ultimate price for doing something so comparitiv­ely minor makes me wonder if the female guard in question was a white woman. Seems like there was some overkill involved in this beating.

Whatever the motivation, it was personal, and not merely six men “just doing their jobs”.


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