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Dharun Ravi Sentenced in Rutgers Case

Dharun Ravi learned his fate today. He has been sentenced to 30 days’ in jail, and 3 years probation. Ravi has to pay $10,000 that will be donated to an organization that assists victims of hate crimes, and perform 300 hours of community service.

The judge has opted not to recommend the man’s deportation to India, where he is a citizen.

Ravi had been looking at a potential 10 year sentence, but it seems the judge agreed with popular sentiment, and chose a much lighter punishment.

Dharun Ravi was an insensitive jerk when he spied on his roommate, but he is no hardened criminal.

I hope Tyler Clementi’s parents are able to find a measure of peace in the future, knowing they will forever miss their son. I am equally hopeful Mr. Ravi can move forward in earnest, and make a positive mark on the world.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

One thought on “Dharun Ravi Sentenced in Rutgers Case

  1. Personally, I would have liked to have seen some contrition from what seems to be a sociopathic individual. Unfortunately there is no telling whose life and family he will ruin next!

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