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Arrest made in Sierra LaMar abduction

Sierra LamarAll signs point to a tragic conclusion in the case of the mysterious disappearance of teen Sierra LaMar.

Authorities believe LaMar disappeared on her way to the school bus stop on the morning of March 16th. She had been active on her Twitter account while getting ready for school, until all activity suddenly stopped. School officials confirmed she was not present in class that day, and canines later lost her scent at the end of her driveway.

Sierra’s cell phone and handbag, with items of her clothing carefully tucked inside, were later found abandoned.

Police recently announced that they were looking for a red Volkswagen, a vehicle seen in the vicinity at the time    of LaMar’s disappearance. The car was later located and seized.

Authorities have since announced that DNA found on the clothing from inside the discarded handbag are a match to 21 year old Antolin Garcia-Torres.

Garcia-Torres’ DNA was in the database due an earlier assault arrest. While that incident was non-sexual, it was a felony, which allowed police to obtain his DNA.

Investigators have said the man has been under 24-hour surveillance since March, with the hope he’d lead police to the girl’s body. After two months, nothing new had surfaced, and the decision was made to arrest him, for the public’s safety.

The suspect since been linked, by physical evidence, to another assault- this one dating back to March 2009.Antolin Garcia-Torres

Currently it is thought LaMar’s abduction was random, and police believe she is dead.

In the meantime, Garcia-Torres’ family says police have the wrong man, and that he did not commit this crime.

This writer would like to point out that while DNA doesn’t lie, people definitely do.

It’s difficult to face the fact that a loved one is actually a monster, capable of inhuman acts against those least able to defend themselves.

Hopefully this man will show some mercy on Sierra LaMar’s family, and finally tell them where they can find her body. She deserves to come home, and they deserve to know she is, at the very least, resting in peace.


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