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Who Killed Angie Housman?

In the St. Louis area, there is a child’s name that      everyone knows. When the name is mentioned, it  send shivers down the listener’s spine:

 Angie Housman

In 1993, Angie Housman was a fourth grader who  lived in St. Ann, a quiet suburb just outside of St.  Louis, MO. She was a trusting little girl, a child who  was unusually friendly.

“…Angie would meet you two or three times and you were her friend… she’d go up to people and say, `Hi. My name is Angie. Are you my friend?’ She was looking for attention.”

It was a cool November afternoon when Angie disappeared. She was at school that day, and the only episode of interest is that she told her teacher she was looking forward to a trip to the country with an “uncle”, scheduled for the following day. Angie was later seen on the school bus that afternoon, and she exited the bus at her normal bus stop. She had to walk past eight houses before making it to her own doorstep.

She never made it home.

It was a simple- yet terrible- coincidence that no one saw her walking from her bus stop that day. Usually, at least two people would have seen her: a woman that normally watches out her front window, and another lady who stands on her front porch as the bus drives by. Neither were present that fateful afternoon, and consequently, no one saw a thing. She had simply vanished, without a trace.

Angie was missing for nine days before her body was found in the Busch Wildlife Conservation area in Saint Charles County, a remote area near St. Louis. She was found by a deer hunter, and had been tied to a tree. She was alive when left there, and had died slowly of exposure. A small pile of ice chips had formed over her body.

It was later revealed that her abductor had kept her alive a full week, torturing and raping her, before taping her to the tree, abandoning her to die.

Law enforcement officials state they do have evidence in the case. They have the killer’s fingerprint from duct tape found at the crime scene, and they likely have his DNA. Still, almost 20 years later, no arrests have been made, no suspects announced. A sketch was issued years ago, depicting a bearded man in a long coat, thought to have been seen in the area of Angie’s disappearance two days prior to her abduction, but nothing ever came of that account. In addition, no one has ever identified the mysterious “uncle” Angie told her teacher about, and no member of the family had plans to take the child anywhere at the time of her disappearance.

Marking the longest-standing unsolved case in St. Louis’ Major Crimes history, no stone has been left unturned. Angie’s step-father was carefully investigated, as were countless others. Over the years attempts have been made to link Angie’s death to such characters as Michael Devlin (the kidnapper of Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Owenby), John Wayne Parsons (an admitted child molester from Florida who spent time abusing at least one child in Missouri), Gary Stufflebean (a local child molester, charged with attempted kidnapping in another St. Louis-area case) and many, many others.

Law enforcement has looked into whether other cases could be related to Angie’s- for a time a link was sought between this case and that of Cassidy Senter, another St. Louis-area child who was abducted and murdered in the same timeframe, from the same area, as Angie’s disappearance. Cassidy’s case, however, has since been solved, and authorities do not believe the two are connected. Since that time, other children have disappeared, girls murdered. Locals will remember the still-unsolved disappearance of Bianca Noel Piper (missing since March 2005), and the unsolved murder of 12 year old Heather Kullorn in 1999. While nothing is certain, authorities do not believe the cases are linked.

Almost 20 years later, the question still remains:

Who killed Angie Housman?


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71 thoughts on “Who Killed Angie Housman?

  1. Such a haunting story. I was 9 months pregnant when that story was unfolding. Back then, I could not believe someone could do that to an innocent child, and leave them to die in the cold tied to a tree. It still upsets me when I think about it. Now I look at my 19 year old son and see all the years of living that Angie missed out on. So sad.

  2. Angie was a few years older then I was, our fathers were friends. I think about her everyday and miss her dearly. I hope that after everything that forensics has become that they can finally catch this guy and let Angel Angie rest in peace and bring closure to the ones that lost a loved one.

  3. I am reminded of Angie every year as she was one of my girl scouts, and the night she went missing I was at Depaul Hosp. delivering my youngest Dtr. So her birthday and Angies abduction date were a day apart. She will be 20 this year. Angie was a great young lady. Always wanting to help, and always wanting attention and more friends. it is just sad they have never been able to solve her case. I find it VERY hard to believe she did not know her killer. There is a tree planted at Iveland in her memory. RIP Angie. They will catch the person that tortured you. Miss you girl.

    1. Hi Jackie. My name is George Russell Tripp. I lived across the street from angelo on Pennsylvania ave. Angie and her little sister went fishing with me and my children a few days before she disappeared. I had my hands full that day 8 kids in all fishing. Angie helped me with all the kids. She was very mature for her age and a joy to be around. I had met her twice maybe three times. The st ann police even had me come in and give my DNA. I cryed like a baby over this. As long as I live I will never understand how some creep could do something like this to such a wonderful child. I pray some day this horrible person is caught. My heart greaves for you as sometimes I just find myself crying and I wish I knew the answer to end the search for her murderer. Feel free to call me. Russell Tripp 314-620-3935. May God bless you.

  4. I think about Angie from time to time. I was working at the loan company right at the corner and would see her bus turn on Geraldine. I would see her Mom and step dad at Walmart with vacant haunted looks on their faces. Surely with all the technological advancements made in the field of forensics, something must lead back to the killer. What about “touch forensics”, the partial print on the duct tape, the fibers from her hair and skin? I find it difficult to believe this case is still a cold case. We need to bring her killer to justice before her parents pass away. That poor little sweet trusting girl. This world is filled with sick monsters and we walk among them. God bless and keep Angie.

  5. Does any one know if Angelo Housman is Angie Housman father sad to say my uncle is Russell marcoulier which Is Angelo Housmans best friend. My uncle (sad to say) was wanted for questioning in Angie’s murder and from what my grandmother (Linda Williams) told my mother (Pamela cole) is that she lied to the cops about Russ being and her work at the time the abduction and murder and I also heard that he had the same vehicle that was last saw at the scene I will find out if he is the sick monster that could do that and me knowing and seeing and hearing the things that I have their is no doubt in my mind that he did it Im worried about what else he has done or who else he has murdered also I will not stop untill I find out the truth and Angie and her family can finally rest in peace to know the monster tht has taken their baby girl away from them I am sooo sorry for your loss I am trying to put everything together an figure this out R.I.P Angie

    1. Yes, Angelo Housman is Angie Housman biological father. I have met mr. Housman and after looking into this and thinking about it I believe that whatever monster did this to Angie did it because they knew mr. Housman and it was some kind of sick, twisted, demented, diabolical, and disgusting attempt to get back at him over some Grudge they had against him. One reason they cannot find the Killer is because the Killer is not in the Cota system or even in the finger print. Because the killer did this one time to get back ask her father. May that SOB burn in hell for eternity.

  6. If anybody knows who I am talking about and have heard things that could have to do with this case please contact me we need to come together as a community and bring this sick f*** down my email is or number is 6367958844

  7. So I was asking my mother again on what she told me she is not sure about my grandmother Lying about Russ b n at her work at the time but this is the message she just sent me

    I don’t know if she lied about but i even know that the vehicle looked like the one he was driving. It was Angelo’s. He used to have a pinto. They described Angelo’s car on the news and not long after it was taken to taylors junk yard and smashed.

    1. Humors has it…father was a druggie and brought the kids to Crack houses. I use to go to their house but never witinesses any drugs.

      1. Angelo was not a druggie! He would never be involved in that kind of thing, and never visited drug houses. He was not like that, and wouldnt hurt a fly!

  8. When Angie mentioned the “uncle” that was that Monday. I just wonder what she had done on Sunday, Saturday or Friday (after school). Did she go visit a friend’s house or did someone visit their house. Was someone visiting a neighbor and met Angie.

    Did she get off the bus and instead of heading to her house, did she go in the opposite direction. I think this is a local who did it. If Angie was going to met someone, why didn’t they pick her up from school? How far is the school from her house. They probably didn’t have a car. In additional to being a local….probably a teen or someone in their early twenties, living with an older family member that was clueless about what was going on.

    They had her in a basement and did what they wanted with her. Now about the fingerprints………………………..unless that person been fingerprinted for a job or by law enforcement, they will not be found.

    1. why do you say they had her in a basement and they did what they wanted? is that something you have drawn a conclusion from? are is it speculation

  9. The time has come to bring this killer to justice. Allen, please contact the police about this information you have.

  10. my sister and i were followed days prior to angie kidnapping. This man in a blue pick up truck with long blond pulled back hair with sharp blue eyes. Once this man passed us abt 3 times me and my sister stopped and stare back at him. he drove away again to round the block once more we ran home. We called the cops and gave plates. I felt like the cops blew us off. Then boom 1 and 1/2 days later angie came up missing. My sister and I knew her brother and my sister knew angie. It’s so sad. I have been questioned in the past. The last time I was questioned it was years later.. I told the police they should took my complaint more seriously and the plate number of the truck that followed me and my sister. Bc I beleive that man that followed me was the same man that got angie.

      1. I called the cops the day it happened…gave them the plate number. Since then they have contact me multiple times through the years. Nothing never comes from it. If the cops took us serious that day…who knows. I wish they would of found that perv. We were older and had some street smarts. Angie did not…too young too nieve. I will be willing to go under hypnosis…to retrieve the info…plates. but never was asked to.

    1. I believe I may have some information on a suspect (My father). We lived on Geraldine in St. Ann. My family has a dark past. My sister and I were immediately removed from my father. I believe he should have his DNA tested. Angie and I were about the same age and I believe we had went to the same school. My sister and I also were followed only a few days after she had vanished, I still believe the person lingering in the vehicle circling us on the block was someone we knew. I remember we hid in a shed on the corner next to the road. I am now 33. I still get deep chills.

  11. This case gets opened every 2-4 years with new blood looking into it. All individuals questioned the first 10 years or so have been eliminated. Lots of gossip has passed from person to person and some of the suspects were anything but angels but people who suggest they know who may have killed that child can either report their story to officials or prove it or just keep their mouth shut before it gets them sued for slander.

  12. My dad’s Chris marks, and they came to his house the night she came up missing,we know Russell, and my dad still thinks he did it

    1. Amanda can you be considerate enough to share why your father “Chris” believes this “Russ” guy killed this child? Also do you know if your father informed the detectives of his suspensions? Jackie I can’t imagine what this must feel like. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I know Angelo personally he’s a real sweet,caring guy. I just recently was told by a mutual friend of his that he is Angie’s father. When I read the news article I immediately remembered this tragedy as I was a year or two older then her at the time and I also lived very close to Bush Wildlife off hwy 94 so it was a BIG deal was actually when parents began feeling uncomfortable about allowing their children to leave their yards. Understandably considering how the monster that did this is still at large who knows what else this person has done over the years. Obviously whoever did this is extremely careful with their actions. I just wonder if this Russ guy has ever been fingerprinted. I’m assuming he hasn’t or else someone in immediate family would know this already and you wouldn’t be asking this questions Jackie. Again i am sorry that her loved ones cannot find peace or comfort and continue to relive this horrible nightmare every day. I pray right now for there to be new evidence in this case that leads to the arrest of the sick evil monster that is responsible for Angie’s murder. I also pray her family and friends are able to finally get on with their lives and be at peace. In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen

  13. I just came across this.

    07-23-2006, 02:53 AM #9


    Sable is offline Inactive

    Join Date:Jul 2006Posts:372

    Exclamation A possible new lead was phoned in last week….

    Last week I decided that I would come forward with the thought that my father could be responsible for the death of Angie Housman.

    My mom and myself have had the suspicion for years that my dad, Jeff Knipple, could be her killer. I have my reasons, as does my mom, for believing this.

    Just a few of the reasons:

    *My dad is schizophrenic
    *He has told me about something that happened to him when he was in the military… as “punishment” he (along with someone else) was left tied to a tree.
    *When I was younger he liked to drive around with me…. one of the places he drove me through was the August A. Busch wildlife area. Not to get out and walk around or to fish…..we parked for a few minutes, then just drove through it. At the time I thought nothing of it. It wasn’t until years later when I found out that Angie’s body was found there, that I became bothered by it.
    *He lives in Bridgeton, MO… just a few miles from St.Ann.
    *My mom told me that years ago (quite possibly around the time Angie disappeared) he came by the house where I lived with my mom, sister and grandma and insisted that my mom go with him somewhere (he didn’t elaborate on where or why).
    *He had the space and the chance to hide someone away without anyone knowing …his garage is nearly the same size as the 3 bedroom house he lives in, and there was never a reason for anybody else to go into the garage.
    *I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable around him. On some occasions, quite uncomfortable.
    *There is some resemblence between Angie and myself.

    And as a side note: My dad has never really played a large role in my life. Most of the times I’ve seen him were holidays and birthdays and such. He was never married to my mom, and I was somewhat forced into his life because my grandma wanted to know me. He lived with her until she passed away a few years ago. Once she passed away I rarely spoke to him. I’ve seen him once in the past 3 years, and my first thought when I saw him almost 2 years ago was “……he looks like a serial killer…..”.

    I pray that this suspicion doesn’t become a terrifying reality, but even if it does I’ll be able to sleep better knowing the truth, knowing there’s still a chance for justice.”

  14. A note to mylifewithcrazymakers, I am Karen and I am Russ’s mom. Russ and Angelo were together the day Angie dissapeared and at Chris’s house from what i found out. When they were notified that she was missing the first thing they did was come in to town from Chris’s place out west I believe in St. Peters or where ever. They went straight to St. Ann PD and ask if they could help look. In answer to your question both of them were questioned several times, had samples of every thing taken, lie detector test and lots of other things. . Not one shred of evidence matched anything concerning her death or any other crimes. The Allen man is the nephew of Russ’s girlfriend he had three children with All were questioned numerous times and found no connection. If you think that your father had anything to do with her death then maybe you should notify police and talk it over with them. In the meantime Allen has the idea that he knows all so if you take into consideration that Quantico crime lab has not been able to connect Russ or Angelo with her death you may want to dismiss anything he has to say. The same goes for Jackie Bone, Angies Aunt.

    1. Who the hello are you that you are telling people not to listen to Jackie Bone that is ME. You don’t know me and I haven’t said anything to anyone for your information. Go To Hell where you belong. You are probably the one who killed ANGIE HOUSMAN

  15. To my lifewithcrazymakers, I would suggest that you don’t pay attention to the guy name of Allen. Russ and Angelo were at Chris’s house the day Angie disappeared. The first place they went after being notified was St. Ann pd. Over the years they have been questioned, printed, donated all samples of whatever the police ask for. The Quantico Police Lab has had all of that and have not connected any of it to her death or any one other case. If you believe what you say about your father I suggest you talk to the police yourself and let them check it out. Best of luck to you may you find peace.

    1. Jackie – can you text me? Or can I txt u so I dnt have to publicly show my number. Information I have may be nothing but since I was 13 (now 36) this has been eating at me.

      1. If you have or think you have details or info that may help bring the person responsible for Angie’s death please contact the police with your information not “Jackie” whos to say this so called Jackie is really who she claims to be. You can report it by phone or email either anonymous or openly.

  16. And I was told you are a liar Karen. You lied about where Russ and Angelo had been that day. Why don’t you tell the truth………you will meet you maker one day and you will regret everything…..

  17. I don’t have to lie Jackie and I will tell you one thing for sure , the step father was questioned just as hard as any one else . They have all apparently been cleared because of lack of connection of evidence. Police have more info than you and I sure have more info so don’t think I am going to argue with you. Not one person you know has any idea of who I am or how I think, make a fool of yourself. No more from me, facts will bare me out. If there are any regrets it won’t be from this side.

  18. Someone here knows something. I find it hard to believe after 23 years that no one knows anything. There are also many missing children to this day in Missouri that have never been found. Arlin, Scott, Bianca. Those are just to name a few. Karen, are you saying that you know for a fact these people had nothing to do with this? Jackie I am very sorry for your loss. I went to where she was found the other day. I am not sure why or where it came from for me to want to go there on Miller Road. I just am at a loss that this man has never been caught. Either he is dead or changed his methods of killing. If he is alive he is hiding in plain site. It makes me sick to think he may walk past us and we do not even know it. I just feel she knew him. Perhaps he was a family friend or a friends father or a friends brother or Uncle. I just am not believing she would have gone willingly with a stranger. The fact he kept her somewhere for days tells me this was premeditated. He may not have had her in mind to take but he had this all planned out. Did the police ever check for video surveillance at nearby hardware stores in both areas? The killer had to buy what he needed ahead of time. Or gas stations in the area where she was found?

  19. If Russel’s Dna was taken and his prints along with the others mentioned here I am sure there would have been a match by now. Whoever did this either changed his methods of doing things or is dead or has never killed again. Either way if He is living I am sure he hides in plain site and is well liked. I am not sure who if anyone was this mysterious Uncle. Sometimes kids tell stories. I went out to where she was found. I believe he wanted her found seeing how the dead end street comes to a dead end right before the commuter parking lot. The fact he left her clothes and personal belongings tells ne in some sick way he felt her family deserved to have them as well as to bury her. I always felt he did not know what else to do with her. In his mind his deeds are done and seeing as the holiday weekend is coming up he has plans and she is now an inconvenience to him. He probably actually feels no remorse for her death because in his mind she was alive when he left her. The fact she had metal handcuffs made in taiwan tells me he bought these from an army surplus store or a sex store. The fact he had somewhere to hold her for 8 days tells me this was all premeditated. Whether or not he knew her I just do not feel he did. Why would he risk her being found alive than she could identify him. If she had lived well a description from a distraught child does not get the Police far. Because even if she said a man with brown hair and a blue truck well that does not narrow it down. They would still not have a match in the system and the facts are he would still be walking around until they get this evil man in the system. I feel if she knew him she knew of him but it ends there. I never thought he lived in St.Ann maybe worked in that area. I also feel he is a white male in his thirties at the time and very well liked. Of course he would be well liked he is a pedophile. I feel he hides in plain site and always has. If still living he has not stopped messing with kids in some shape or form. He would be older now of course. No snow that night so no tire tracks, no footprints, This was also a paved road folks so that does not help either. I always wondered if he knew of the area he had left her at. Also the Psychic that gave the tip was pretty dead on. She had said in an original news broadcast for the police to search Bush Wild Life. She or he said Angie would be found there by a pond in a weeded area. That Psychic was pretty damn close. Who is to say it was a Psychic. Maybe it was someone who really knew where Angie was and was too afraid to ive the exact location but give one close enough to find her. Maybe they did not want to be involved. If they were not a Psychic than they know who did it. We need to research this Psychic tip. If it is a Psychic perhaps they may even know who the killer is from that as well.

  20. What is her case and Amber Hagermans case are connected. Both were 9 years old. Angie died in 1993 and Amber in 1996. Yes the way they dies is different but killers do not always use the same methods. Also who is to say he did not flee to Texas. I have read a suspect they thought could have been linked to Angies death was a former cop caught at a mall who had a bag full of lollipops and handcuffs and duct tape. He was caught trying to lure young girls. He was put on probation and he did move to Texas. Just a thought. Both cases have some evidence. Yet no evidence leads to a killer.

  21. I know everyone’s well meaning but unless u r educated in criminal profiling and or close enough to really know the case, don’t confuse the public… Plz this costs police time n time for this sicko to keep walking among us n our children……there r things that even the family r not told….for good reason….that s good police work n they do appreciate all efforts not just for their career, but for Angie n her loved ones who need justice….

  22. Angie was a friend of mine and this still haunts me and breaks my heart. I now have a 9 year old daughter myself and can’t imagine something like this happening to here and is why I’m so paranoid about my own children. I was 11 when this happened and unfortunately weeks before fought with Angie while staying the night at her house cause I had a headache and she was jumping on the bed. I called my dad and made him come get me and I never saw her again. It has broke my heart since I was a child and still does today to know that the person who did this was never caught and to hear her mom Diane had recently passed without closure for her daughter just made me really sad.. I think of her often and will always ❤

  23. Neal stout n Russell n the father did it I can’t say where my info come from but I was told please don’t contact me just go g get these punks Russell had a red beard and wore the long coat I’m family member of Neal stoUT and I’ve been thinking about this since i was told

    1. I do legal research and other. Can you please contact me at I need the info. I can find them and find proof. You do not have to give me your name. Just the names and I will go from there.

    2. Russel is not Neal’s father. You need to be more clear on your post. So who did this exactly? The fact you refuse to answe tells me this is all false. What facts do you have to back this up??

    3. Which father? Neals. or Angies real father or her step, so you are naming 3 involved? Russel, Neal, and One of Angie’s fathers? What connections doe Neal and the others have? I only see they went to same school. Not same circle of friends then.

  24. I think that we should listen to the guy with a schizophrenic father. i read through all of these comments and he still seems the most suspicious.

  25. His last name was D’Andrea. Not Housman. Also Her killing was to personal to be done as a revenge act. They would have just killed her. Not held her for days without some kind of contact to let Angelo know.

  26. I just wanted to post because i think that the fingerprint evidence may be invalid. if someone borrowed the duck tape from a neighbor etc., and that neighbor is not a criminal, then his fingerprints arent on file. No match has been made….which leads me to strongly believe this. anyone that can kidnap a child has been a seriously corrupt person all of their life, and we can be sure, that their fingerprints are already on file…thus the reason that fingerprint on the duct tape can not possibly be of value.

  27. I met Angie before she disappeared she got me to look at the stars with her. On a street that ran into Saint Anne Park. It was the only time I met her and she was kidnapped afterward. My grandpa didn’t like me hanging out with her said something evil. two weeks later gets rid of his camper. I heard noises in it before he got rid of it I need to know if I’m mistaken please somebody tell me the name of the street she hung out by Saint Ann park. PS the day she was found, the cuts on her body, the tree that she was tied to represents a occultic murder, a sacrifice. My grandpa was very Masonic. Please somebody tell me the name of the street buy Sant aan Park. I’m hoping I’m mistaken

    1. Please call me. There are many parks in Saint Ann. Saint Anne Park, Mary Ridge park,etc.. to many to list. I left you a reply on here. 636-448-9408 Trisha

  28. You can all me. My name is Trisha Trout. I am with Angie Housman’s Angels for Justice. We have been investigating this for years. We have also been on the news so you can google who I say I am to verify. I will keep everything confidential. I know all the street names and information you are seeking. 636-448-9408

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