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50 Cent, Domestic Violence and the Gucci Couch

For the past few days, social media has been all aflutter over rapper 50 Cent, and the pending domestic violence case against him.

According to news reports, Fitty and the mother of his child were arguing. She fled to the bathroom, closing the door. Enraged, he allegedly kicked in the door, and kicked her as well. As a result, he has been charged with a single count of domestic violence, and several counts of vandalism.

I don’t know if 50 Cent is guilty or innocent. His behavior in light of this incident, however, is deplorable.

As news of the charges against him hit the cyberworld, 50 instantly began making fun of the allegations on Twitter. He has posted a series of pictures of himself in various places with the captions, “I’m not in jail, I’m…” and fills in the blank with his activities at present. In one, he says, “I’m not in jail, I’m in the strip club.” Another reads, “I’m not in jail, I’m on my Gucci couch.” All are accompanied by pictures.

He later retweeted a fan’s comment, reading in part: “Your ex is stupid whore!”

At best, the rapper is innocent, and has been wrongfully accused of- and charged with- a serious crime by the mother of his child. At worst, he brutalized the mother of his child.

None of us know what really happened, or what didn’t really happen. Regardless, however, the situation is serious, and is not a joke. His refusal to stop poking fun of the judicial system; his refusal to stop laughing at and humiliating the woman who bore his child is appalling.

It sheds light on the man 50 Cent really is- or at the very least, the man he wants the rest of the world to see.

He could easily have said nothing about the charges against him, opting instead to let the system crank through those squeaky wheels of justice privately. Just as easily, he could have used this unfortunate situation as a platform to speak out against domestic violence- a terrible epidemic that plagues women the world over.

Instead, he’s laughing.

No, he’s not in jail…

… He’s shallow.


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