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Thoughts on Shooting Death of Antonio Martin

Regarding the shooting of ‪#‎AntonioMartin‬ in Berkeley, we need to be careful not to become that which we protest against. One of the biggest problems with the Eric Garner case, for example, was that the evidence was right in front of our faces that he was murdered, and many people chose to ignore what they saw with their own eyes, and villainize Garner in an effort to explain why (they believed) he deserved to die. Everything I’ve seen up to this point says Antonio Martin pulled a gun on a cop. The cop didn’t appear to react inappropriately. He didn’t unload his clip into an unarmed man (a la Mike Brown). He shot 3 times, not 14 (like the cop in Milwaukee did). We cannot ignore the evidence right in front of our faces in an effort to fit our agenda. There is enough wrong with this case- legitimately- that we need to be talking about instead. How did this kid obtain this weapon to begin with? WE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH GUN VIOLENCE. Why aren’t we talking about this? Perhaps more importantly, why did this officer call for crowd control/backup and not an ambulance? By all accounts, he lay bleeding on the asphalt for at least 30 minutes before he died. Could he have been saved? Let’s stop with the conspiracy theories that do nothing but weaken our credibility, and get to work fighting the real injustices. Yes, even this man’s life mattered- or should have- I need to know why no life-saving measures were taken as he lay in the cold, with so many people watching. Let’s have THAT conversation.


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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Shooting Death of Antonio Martin

  1. The majority of gun violence takes place in the inner cities, & most of that is black on black crime. I’d like to see that stopped, but no one seems to be addressing that.

    1. This “Black-on-black crime” mantra is a straw man’s argument. If black-on-black crime is an epidemic, so is white-on-white crime, as the statistics of each are almost identical. White people are killed by other white people 84% of the time, which is very similar to the rates in which black people kill other black people. The only difference is that white people, as a whole, are not blamed when another white person commits a crime. Not so when black people commit crimes. Our entire race gets blamed for the acts of a few.

      To say “no one is addressing” inner city violence and gun violence in general simply means you are not paying attention. You can argue the effectiveness of such programs, but it shows ignorance to think no programs actually exist, or that the issue is not being addressed.

      To act as if we have no right to protest police brutality, simply because there is crime in the inner cities is the equivalent to saying white people have no right to protest kidnappings and serial killings, because they are fighting for gun rights. It makes no sense whatsoever. Black people, like white people, are capable of multi-tasking. As such, we can fight crime and simultaneously believe police brutality is wrong.

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