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Affluenza, Mexico and Couches

This “Affluenza” kid is the gift that keeps on giving.

In 2013, after famously causing the deaths of four people during while driving drunk, Ethan Couch was charged as a juvenile with intoxication manslaughter. A mental health expert testified that the teen did not know the difference between right and wrong due to his extremely privileged upbringing, dubbed “affluenza”.

The judge took this under advisement at trial, and as a result, chose to sentence Ethan to 10 years’ probation in lieu of jail time. The ruling, for obvious reasons, pissed off the families and loved ones of the victims, and shocked the public at large.

This bratty killer went on to further enrage the masses when, in 2015, video emerged of the jerk playing beer pong at a party – a direct violation of his probation. He immediately stopped reporting to his probation officer, and soon headlines were flashing that Ethan and his mother were missing.

Apparently, dodging the bullet of spending many decades in prison wasn’t good enough for this young man and his mother. No, they would do their damnedest to see to it that he suffered zero consequences for his murderous behavior, making sure he is able to continue drinking as much as he wants, whenever he wants.

So, they fled.

While on the run, people started looking into the Couch background, and learned that at least where Ethan’s concerned, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Not only was this not his first brush with the law (involving underage drinking, no less), but both of his parents have criminal records as well.

His father has been charged in the past with criminal mischief, theft by check, assault, and most recently, impersonating a police officer in 2014. His ex-wife, Ethan’s mother, was charged with reckless driving for using her car to force another vehicle off the road.

Real winners, these two.

Ethan and his mother were ultimately located at a resort in Mexico. His mother was extradited to the US, while her son is still fighting deportation. While in Mexico, Ethan continued to live it up, even visiting a strip club, and when he had no money to pay the bill at the end of the night, his mother stepped in and took care of it for him.

After this family’s utter disregard for human life and the law, we learn that even if Ethan Couch is successfully deported back to the United States, the most time he could spend in prison is 120 days.



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