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At least I’ll remember the ‘weird’ in the morning

Some days really are harder than others. Generally speaking, don’t we know what the answer is, even though we’d rather pretend we didn’t? 

I know I’m vague-blogging, and I know it sucks when people do that. I’m sharing what I feel comfortable sharing, working the rest out as I go. 

An answer to a question I’m struggling with is starting to take hold. I need more time, because in recovery I’m taught to pause, pray, react. I’m not religious,  so rather than pray I meditate. There seems to be 2 answers emerging at the same time to the same question. Both wouldn’t work simultaneously,  but either would separately. Before I can figure out which is the right answer for me,  I gotta figure out what kind of tools and resources I’m working with. 

Time tells all, I suppose. 
I’m in a bizarre mental space,  but I am sober. I’m present, and as weird as this shit feels tonight,  at least I know I’ll remember it in the morning.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

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