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The name of the game today is “business”. I have a lot of business to take care of, like setting up online bill pay on my new bank account, following up with the holders of my student loans, etc.

I am no good at this type of business. It’s one of the things that’s made me afraid of being alone. I hate the admin work that is so necessary to a smoothly running household, so I tend to put it off until it’s in catastrophe-mode, and then try to accomplish everything all at once. This was the responsibility of my husband, before we separated.

Today, I decided, would be different. I’m taking the bull by the horns and all that crap, and I’m handling my business!

I diligently picked up the phone and called the bank. After holding for 20 minutes, a chipper young lady answered, asking what she could assist me with. “I need my user name and password for online banking”, I tell her. “I can help with that! You’ll want to call this number: (800) XXX-XXXX.”

Ok, I’m getting annoyed. Giving me another number to call is NOT helping me!


So I call the other number. I sat on hold for another 20 minutes before someone answered and was able to help me. All told, it “only” took an hour of my time this morning to obtain a user name and password for online banking.

Ehh, at least it’s done.


I call my student loan company. I was concerned because I’d received a letter in the mail from them stating if I didn’t call them immediately, my loans would go into “default” status. That sounds like a bad thing, so I figured I should reach out.

I learned that the $50/mo that has been coming out of my bank account for a student loan is apparently for a different loan, not this one. THIS one hasn’t actually been paid since January, thus the scary “default” letter.


I say, “OK, better late than never. Let’s go ahead and set up $50/mo payments, like you were doing before.”

“We’re so sorry, Mrs. C-Haze, but that amount is no longer valid. According to our records, we cannot accept less than $453/mo from you. Can we set that up?”


So we haggle. Then we haggle some more, and finally, we haggle a bit more.

After two hours on the phone with these people, I will be paying significantly more than $50/mo, but significantly less than $453/mo.

I have experienced every range of emotion known to man while sitting on the phone with customer service people today, just trying to handle “business”.

That God-awful, dreaded, shitty, hated b-word:


I have laughed, cried, been enraged and finally found acceptance, all in the span of a single phone call.

Regardless, I did it.

I handled my business.



Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

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