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Hate, Bigotry and the Good Ol’ U.S. of A.

John McCain has finally decided to address the issue of his foaming-at-the-mouth supporters.

You know, the ones calling for Barack Obama’s death.

Not surprisingly, his campaign’s statement was completely inappropriate.

He not only decided to condone the words of his supporters, but also managed to blame Obama at the same time.


Brian Rogers, a McCain spokesman released the following:

Barack Obama’s attacks on Americans who support John McCain reveal far more about him than they do about John McCain. It is clear that Barack Obama just doesn’t understand regular people and the issues they care about. He dismisses hardworking middle class Americans as clingling to guns and religion, while at the same time attacking average Americans at McCain rallies who are angry at Washington, Wall Street and the status quo.


Where the hell do I start with this?

How is it that a bunch of wild cowboy McCain supporters calling for the decapitation of Senator Obama says more about Obama than it does about McCain?


The only intelligent answer would be to simply say that the first line of Rogers’ statement makes absolutely no sense.


McCain should take a careful look at the caliber of supporter he is attracting.

Honestly, this is like saying that the KKK’s support of John McCain is Obama’s fault, because the KKK doesn’t like black people.

Say what?

Rogers claims Senator Obama dismisses all regular Americans as clinging to guns and religion, and then attacks those same people at McCain rallies for expressing their outrage at Washington.


That’s all that statement is.

Barack Obama has never negatively stereotyped middle America.


Now he may have said a thing or two about certain conservative Americans who so desperately cling to the three G’s… Guns, Gays and God… but…

… They deserved it.

They do cling to guns and religion… and they are conservative…

… And now they are absolutely crazy, nutjob psychos on top of it all.

Side note: Who did the NRA just endorse?

It sure as hell wasn’t Obama.

Case closed.

Those folks don’t represent the Middle Class, they represent an all-white-scary-as-hell faction within this country… a faction that those of us who really are normal people would be well served to stay the hell away from.

These simple “hardworking middle class Americans” that Mr. Rogers wants us to feel so sorry for are the very same people who are calling for Barack Obama to be assassinated and decapitated.

Who’s the fucking radical in this scenario?

I guess it’s considered acceptable to call for the death of your candidate’s opponent… just as long as the opponent in question isn’t white, that is.

Mr. Rogers, if you believe the hate-fueled nonsense you are spewing, I’d say it is indeed a beautiful day in the neighborhood- your neighborhood, anyway.

For those of us who reside on planet earth, however, I say either stand up and fight- or run for your lives-

Cuz this shit just got ugly.

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Gay? It’s Just Easier That Way…

I just read a blog entitled, “Gay Or Straight… And How To Tell“.

First, I’ve never quite bought that nonsense about how being gay is a choice- mostly because I didn’t choose to be straight.

I just am and always have been.

I figure it’s pretty much the same for everyone else, and given the bigotry, hatred, and mortal danger openly gay people face in this society, I really find it hard to believe most folks actually choose to live their lives in that fashion.

So when I saw the blog, I was interested. The blog itself is sort of a blog inside of a blog. At the end of it, there’s a link that gives you the option to keep reading. When I clicked on it, I was taken to another site altogether, and it’s there that I had my “What in the hell is this shit?!?!” moment.

The author is writing about what she clearly thinks is an unknown phenomenon, as in “What If You Only Think You’re Gay?”. She tells us several stories about men who “decided” at various points in their lives that they were gay, only to experience what can only be described as “Aha!” moments months or years later that literally straightened ’em right out.


All of the examples she uses in her post have the exact same theme. We have the stand-up comic who realized that he was a “man magnet”- and therefore “decided” he was gay. Then there’s the guy who was constantly ridiculed as a child by those closest to him- including his football coaches, who regularly accused him of homosexual acts- and as a result, “decided” that he really must be gay.

The common theme in the stories is that both gentlemen later realized they were wrong- the comedian saw a naked woman getting dressed one day and got turned on, while the other guy met a woman and fell madly in love with her as an adult.

Suddenly they realized they weren’t really gay after all. 

The men are crying us a river, claiming that they had come out of the closet as homosexuals too early in life, only to realize they were wrong, and faced embarrassment among loved ones for ceasing to be gay.


This is just craziness.

What I find remarkable is that both men only “decided” they were gay because of outside influences. The comedian wasn’t gettin’ any chicks, but he had men galore to choose from, due to that whole man-magnet quality of his.

Hell, he didn’t become gay, he became lazy. Chasin’ skirts was too much trouble- he actually had to put forth an effort to land a chick- while men seemed to be falling all over him. He didn’t want to exert himself, so he went down the road that required less work, the road that allowed him to feel worshipped. It was good for his ego, and when he finally realized this shit had nothing to do with being gay and everything to do with him being lethargic, he snapped out of it and started pursuing the other kind of ass.

The exact same kind of shit happened to the kid whose football coaches were abusing him. His story reminds me of the proverbial little kid- the genius- who was told by all his teachers that he’s actually stupid. Doesn’t matter how flippin’ smart the kid is, if you tell him he’s dumb- or in this case gay- for long enough, he’s going to start believing it. Of course his belief doesn’t change reality- just because people convince him he’s dumb or gay doesn’t actually make him dumb or gay. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t matter at that point, and this kid’s truth became, “well, everyone keeps saying I’m gay… so wow, I really must be!”

The result is a really screwed up and confused child- and later, a really screwed up and confused adult- that no longer knows who or what the hell he really is. Finally the poor guy figured out that just because some asshole says the sky is orange, that doesn’t really make it orange. Lo and Behold, he found himself cured.

The blog does a complete disservice to homosexuals… and quite frankly, makes me seriously question the intelligence of those who are actually buying into this crap.

What the hell is so threatening about gay people, who just like straight people, did not choose their sexuality? I mean what, do we think it’s contagious? We gotta quarantine those queers so they don’t spread their disease our way?

Are we really that threatened by people who have a different personal understanding of themselves? I mean, what, are same sex couples secretly plotting to take over the world, with the only hope of stopping them being their ultimate destruction?


Or better yet, are straight people, just by virtue of the fact that we aren’t gay, somehow morally superior? Speaking for myself, I find that highly unlikely… I may not have slept with any women in my life, but I’m willing to bet God’s frownin’ pretty hard on half the men I’ve been with. Hell, He probably wishes He’d made me gay- that way I’d have had no interest in that one guy… or shoot- that other one… yikes- better quit while I’m ahead.

I’ve said it before, and it’s worth repeating:

God does not care what method we use to achieve orgasm.

He’s got bigger fish to fry…