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Movie comparing abortion to Holocaust “accidentally” shown to students

High school students were in for quite a surprise when they were shown a graphic documentary that compared a legal abortion to the Holocaust.

Supposedly it was an accident.

I can only imagine the scandal, had a video “accidentally” been shown advocating a woman’s right to choose, depicting the pro-life movement as Nazis making Heil Hitler gestures instead.

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Immigration, Abortions and Collective Bargaining

We earned a series of victories last night, all throughout the nation. Our country, contrary to what many would have us believe, apparently isn’t nearly as right-wing nutty conservative as one may think.

Americans took to the polls yesterday, and in domino-like fashion, managed to accomplish some pretty great, progressive-like things.

In Ohio, voters gave power back to the unions, reversing prior legislation that stripped the collective bargaining rights of teachers, firefighters and others.

In Arizona, the author of the state’s hideously bigoted controversial immigration law suffered a terrible blow, losing the recall election. Senator Russell Pearce lost to fellow Republican Jerry Lewis, who has promised to take a more “cooperative” approach in trying to work through the issues of immigration throughout the state.

Finally, and perhaps most especially, Mississippi was unsuccessful in its attempt to pass Amendment 26. Known widely as the Personhood Amendment, it would have amended the Mississippi Constitution to state that life begins at conception (or cloning) and ends at birth.


The obvious point in drafting such legislation would be to allow Mississippi a way around Roe v. Wade, effectively illegalizing abortion in the state.

Not only would this measure have opened the door for other states to completely outlaw abortion, it also would have pushed one of the poorest, least-educated states in the country back into the stone ages of reproductive rights. Because life would have been defined as beginning at “the moment of conception or equivalent thereof”, many forms of birth control would have been banned- it wouldn’t have just impacted abortion rights. Further, even the ease in which couples could obtain in vitro treatments would have been impacted; in some cases, fertilized eggs do get destroyed in the lab, and under the proposed amendment, a fertilized egg is a person.

Oh- and there were zero provisions, in case you were wondering, to allow emergency abortive procedures to save a mother’s life, or in cases of rape and/or incest. I guess we, as women, were just expected to man up and take one for the team.

Even if it, quite literally, killed us.

I was nervous, as election day approached. I’m not a resident of Mississippi, but I am a supporter of human rights, regardless of where the humans may find themselves residing.

If any state could have pulled it off, Mississippi could have. Long touted as the nation’s “most conservative state”, Mississippi houses exactly one abortion clinic.

But they didn’t do it.

I breathe a sigh of relief…

… because for the moment, at least, the good guys won.


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Abortion, Birth Control and Online Polls

Oh. My. God.

Of all the disgusting, completely irresponsible things I have seen on the internet, this is probably the worst of them all.

I just came across an article at ParentDish about the Arnold family. Alicha Arnold is pregnant, and apparently didn’t know whether or not she wanted to keep the child…

… So…

She, along with her husband, started a website. The purpose of the site is to poll the public- should they have the baby or abort it?

Mrs. Arnold, who has been married for 9 years, explains her uncertainty by saying, “I’m not convinced that I want to change the status quo… I feel that as I age I’ve actually gotten more selfish and set in my ways. I’m afraid that I will eventually regret starting a family and ‘settling down,’ as they say. I fear that the constant pressure to be the perfect wife and mother while maintaining a full-time job will eventually cause my brain to implode and lead to a nervous breakdown.”


The Arnolds seem well-educated and financially stable. They both work in technology, and have been a couple for more than a decade. Certainly for these two upwardly mobile people, birth control was not a mystery, or a myth. They could have easily availed themselves to it, and yet they didn’t. When the inevitable happened (you see, when two people love each other, the man will stick his… well, you know where I’m headed with this…), and she got pregnant, she turned to that which she knows best- technology- to help make the biggest, most heart-wrenching, personal decision she will likely ever face.

No wait.

Allow me to rephrase.

She turned to others– strangers (!) to make that decision for her.

I am disgusted.

Ultimately, it seems the Arnolds, with the public’s assistance, have chosen to continue their pregnancy.

Truly, I have no idea if I’m relieved or not…

… This woman will be a mother soon.

How do you parent a child whose fate you once left to the public? To strangers, freaks, hackers, psychopaths, politicians (sorry- couldn’t resist!)?

“Now look, Junior! You better show some respect! If not for that 51% on my website, you wouldn’t even be here right now! Go clean your room like I asked you to!”


I dunno, folks.

I declare I’ve seen it all.

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Black Americans- An Endangered Species?

The Pro-Life-ies have a new tactic in the works, designed to shame black people out of having abortions.

Billboards are popping up throughout the south- most notably Atlanta, GA and Austin, TX- informing the masses that Black people are an endangered species, and that “The Most Dangerous Place for African American Children is in the Womb”.


Is this a blatantly racist attack against blacks, or is there a painful truth behind the messages?

The idea behind the billboards, according to Heroic Media, a pro-life organization out of Austin, is to highlight the disproportionately higher number of abortions chosen by African American women, as compared to other races. According to (a pro-life arm of LEARN- Life Education and Research Network), while minority women account for roughly 13% of the overall female population, black women are responsible for 36% of all abortions. The site goes on to claim approximately 1,876 black babies are aborted in the U.S. every day.

I can find no independent verification of these numbers, but to be fair, I do realize that abortion among minority, low-income communities is disproportionately high.

That being said, we also know that 70% of all black babies that are born in this country are born into single-parent households. Minority children are much more likely to suffer from child abuse, neglect, extreme poverty, illiteracy, homelessness and premature death.

Sounds to me like African American kids are screwed no matter what.

Where is the breakdown? What is happening to our children in this country?

Some, like Heroic Media, would like us to believe the villain in the equation is Planned Parenthood. The group sites Planned Parenthood’s presence in primarily minority, low income neighborhoods. They also remind us of the horrible woman Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, was. She supported Eugenics, and thought minorities and handicapped humans should be eliminated as a necessary means to build the strongest human race possible. It is widely known that with the help of haplessly manipulated black clergy, Ms. Sanger was able to open free clinics in poor black neighborhoods throughout the south, giving access to birth control for the first time ever to low income African American neighborhoods.

Some say Margaret Sanger was a hero- after all, she was merely bringing reproductive opportunities long available to wealthy whites into lower income areas. Many black residents got jobs at the clinics. Others were able to take charge, for the first time ever, of their own reproductive paths.

Others say Ms. Sanger was a criminal, a miniature Hitler, hell-bent on doing whatever necessary to create a master race. Motivated by her beliefs that African Americans are sub-standard and therefore worthy of nothing less than elimination, Margaret Sanger unapologetically charges into black neighborhoods feigning concern for the poor, while quietly plotting to annihilate an entire race.

Planned Parenthood does exist predominantly in low income neighborhoods, though I would submit the reasons for that have less to do with blatant racism, and more to do with the wealthy yuppies of America wanting nothing to do with such a negative societal reminder in their neighborhood. Wealthy women have no problem driving to the ghetto when PP’s services are warranted, so let the ugly underbelly of society stay where it belongs- right in the heart of the ugly underbelly of the city!

As for Ms. Sanger, the illustrious founder of all things birth control/women’s health/abortion related, I say she, like many of us, was an intriguing combination of women’s rights hero, champion, and monster.

I find myself thankful for the opportunities Planned Parenthood offers women- and I speak of so much more than just abortion services. Planned Parenthood offers women’s health care for those who do not have insurance. One can obtain pap smears, STD tests and birth control from their clinics, and not have to choose between paying their electric bill and taking their birth control pills in order to do it.

One thing we can all agree on is the fact that unwanted, unplanned pregnancy is an all-out epidemic in this country.

Why don’t we stop fighting over how to handle the issue once it’s too late, and the woman (or girl)- black, white or otherwise- is already pregnant, and put our collective heads together to figure out how to avoid the actual pregnancy to begin with? For millions, neither option- be it abortion OR bringing a baby into a family/society that doesn’t want them, resulting in abuse, neglect and often death- is acceptable.

What can we do about that problem?

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Growing… Growing… Gone

Ok People, listen up.

For the purpose of this post, I don’t give a hoot what your personal views on abortion are.

Regardless, the above image, found on a T-shirt offered through the American Life League, is inappropriate for your child to wear to school.

Especially if said child is a mere 7th grader, attending an educational institution that consists of Kindergarten through 8th grade.


The fact that this even needs to be discussed is quite unsettling.

Even worse is the fact that the school, because officials made the kid change her offensive shirt, is now being sued.

Her parents claim the school violated her first amendment right to free speech.


Schools have the right and the responsibility to keep offensive clothing- whether it be a too-tight pair of daisy dukes, a shirt with a gang-sign or the Confederate Flag, and most especially a disgusting, adult themed anti-abortion rag- out of the classroom.

My litmus test is this- if the attire in question causes a disturbance, an uproar, a distraction… it’s inappropriate.

This kid’s mom was smokin’ crack the day she let her daughter wear that thing to school. That she is now taking legal action against them for doing what she should have done to begin with- making the child take the darn thing off- is absolutely ludicrous.


Only in America, I suppose.

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The Most Radical of the Extremes…

Much of last night’s debate felt like a rerun of a mediocre sitcom to me.

A lot of the same subjects from the previous two debates were touched on, and the mannerisms of both candidates were pretty much the same as they’ve always been… Obama was calm, steady and dignified, while McCain was angry, rude and full of smirks and eye-rolling.

Not surprising.

What most caught my attention was the abortion discussion… prior to this point, as interested as I am in this race… my eyes were starting to glaze over.

Just a bit.

However, as soon as the topic switched to that of women’s reproductive rights, I perked right up.

To summarize the two candidates’ positions on abortion, McCain is obviously pro-life, while Obama is decidedly pro-choice.

Initially McCain tried his best to make Obama look like some scary anti-baby-radical-left-wing-nut by looking straight at the camera and lamenting the fact that his opponent did not support a law that would have required medical professionals to provide immediate medical attention to any child born alive, due to a failed abortion.

It didn’t work.

As Obama calmly explained, he didn’t support the law because it was redundant… for two reasons…

One, every single doctor in the nation takes the Hypocratic Oath… which requires them to always attempt life saving measures… on any and everyone who needs it.

Second, there is already a law in place that provides for life saving treatment for any infant… even infants born as the result of a botched abortion.


Why the hell does he need to vote for something that’s already there?

Not one to give up easily, McCain next tried to attack Mr. Obama because he did not vote in support of banning partial-birth abortion.

Senator McCain, of course, did his best to make the issue a simple, “Obama supports partial birth abortion” kind of scenario… just the way Republicans like it… everything is always black or white, with no shades of gray…

… But it didn’t work.

Senator Obama, in all his grace, corrected McCain, stating that he would have voted for the ban on partial birth abortion but could not do so in good conscience, as the bill did not contain a crucial exception- allowing the procedure whenever necessary to save the life of the mother.

That’s all he wanted- a bill banning partial birth abortion- with the sole exception being cases where giving birth to the child puts the mother’s life in danger.

What the hell is so controversial about that?

The answer is NOTHING.

Even most pro-lifers believe that exceptions should be made in cases of rape, incest, or whenever a woman’s life is in danger… further demonstrating that Obama’s stance is not a radical one.

Barack Obama believes that a living breathing person- an actual woman- should have more rights than an unborn child.

I wholeheartedly agree.

John McCain, on the other hand, wants to take the right to choose away from all women… and make it illegal for doctors to perform an abortion, even when doing so puts a woman’s very life in danger.

McCain, in fact, believes that including a simple exception with regards to abortion, allowing for the need to protect the mother’s health is extreme.


… And Obama scares people?

Ladies- Barack obama respects you, and your daughters.

He respects your right to choose what to do with your own bodies, your right to make your own reproductive decisions, your right to do whatever you feel you need to do for yourself, your family, your emotional and physical well-being.

Perhaps McCain, Palin and the pro-life movement would gain a little more traction had they not adopted the stance of “life begins with conception… and ends at birth“…

Now that’s what I call extreme.

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Starbucks Coffee, Sarah Palin and Her Special Place in Hell

Sarah Palin believes there’s a special place in hell reserved for women who don’t support other women.

Well, if that’s the case, her own seat down there is likely reserved front and center…

The context for her most recent round of projectile vomit comes as Governor Palin was speaking at a rally in California.

She says she was drinking Starbucks coffee, and noticed the quote of the day on the mug… it was from Madeleine Albright, “There is a special place in hell reserved for women who don’t support other women”.


Besides the fact that Governor Palin couldn’t manage to accurately quote the coffee cup in question, I find it more than a little ironic that this particular quote is the one she’s sinking her teeth into.

Sarah Palin may want to stay away from the “women should support women” argument, considering she stands among our enemies when it comes to women and our rights (or lack thereof, should she get her way).

The actual quote reads:

There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.

Madeleine K. Albright, former Secretary of State and Ambassador to the U.N.

Clearly, Madeleine Albright was not suggesting women should vote all willy-nilly for a fellow woman- such as Palin- especially when said woman is an absolute complete and total idiot.

Madeleine Albright does not support Sarah Palin… not even a little bit… 

… And personally, I actually think it was women like Governor Palin that Albright was speaking of when she made the statement to begin with.

Certainly Sarah Palin has been less than helpful when it comes to women.

She is anything but an advocate of women’s rights- especially women’s reproductive rights. 

Not only is the woman against the notion of other women having the right and the freedom to take responsibility for their own reproductive choices, she required rape victims- fellow women in need- to pay for their own rape exams while Mayor of Wasilla.


Not what I would consider helpful or supportive.

Why then, does she deserve our support when she is so adamantly against supporting us?

To state the obvious…

She doesn’t.

So hey, if we women are going to hell for not supporting her…

Then I guess we’ll all see her down there with us.

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How To Be a Good Republican

I was reading someone else’s blog today and came across a post entitled “To Be a Good Democrat”.

Since I think it’s ridiculous to lump all Republicans or all Democrats into one narrow category I decided- in good fun- to post my own list… to prove a point, of course. 


To Be a Good Republican

  1. You have to believe the AIDS virus is really only spread by a bunch of gay assholes intent on taking over the world.
  2. You have to believe Barack Obama is somehow both a devout radical Muslim and a devout left-wing Christian- simultaneously, no less.
  3. You have to be pro-death (penalty) and pro-life at the same time.
  4. You have to believe that abortion is wrong no matter what, but then decide to stop giving a damn about the babies once they’re actually born.
  5. You have to believe the Holocaust was God’s will, and that Hitler was just a hunter, chosen by the Lord to get the Jews out of Europe and into Israel.
  6. You have to believe Rachael Ray is a Palestinian Jihad sympathizer with plans to take over the world via Dunkin Donuts.
  7. You have to believe that Saddam Hussein did have weapons of mass destruction and that he was the cause of 9/11… and that oil doesn’t have a damn thing to do with this so-called War on Terror.
  8. You have to believe that $5.00 for a gallon of gas is downright affordable, causing you to scratch your head and wonder what all these darn liberals are in such an uproar about.
  9. You have to believe that homosexuality is not only completely unnatural, but is a choice made by lunatics that are clearly nothing but gluttons for punishment…  despite scientific evidence that says otherwise.
  10. You have to fight against affirmative action and then think it’s ok that minorities make less than whites because they have yet to earn their place in this society.
  11. You have to believe that all that druggin’ and boozin’ actually left at least one decent brain cell in President Bush’s body.
  12. You have to believe a president who lied about getting off using a cigar on one of his interns belongs in jail, but a president whose lies caused the very war we find ourselves in today deserves a medal of honor.
  13. You have to believe that all things non-Christian should be outlawed.
  14. You have to believe that the only people worthy of constitutional protection are white business men that are wealthy and belong to the NRA.
  15. You have to believe a photo ID is necessary to vote, but not to purchase a gun.
  16. You have to believe immigration needs to be stopped, and that the only people who deserve to be in this country are “Americans” though you yourself aren’t a true native- and never would have been here either, had someone in your family not been an immigrant once too.
  17. You have to believe that scientifically, humans never evolved, and that people were just… BAM!!… placed here arbitrarily one beautiful afternoon by God.
  18. You have to be of the opinion that the term “foreign policy” is really just code for barrell-assin’ into a country and killing a whole bunch of people… and then (maybe) asking questions later.
  19. You have to believe in abstinence, and that sex is just wrong- and then justify it when yet another married Republican politician finds himself caught in the act with his pants around his ankles… with yet another prostitute.
  20. You have to think the Rev. Wright is psycho, but worship all things Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and John Hagee.