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Al Sharpton, and the Uncomfortable Race Baiter

In the wake of the tragic death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO, a lot of things have been happening. Lots of celebrities and activists have descended upon our fair city, with few as controversial as the Rev. Al Sharpton.

First, let me say that I am not on the Al Sharpton bandwagon. I don’t dislike him, but I don’t love him either.

He annoyed the hell out of me when he came to St. Louis to speak to the media on behalf of the Brown family, but didn’t bother actually going to Ferguson. I was not happy, watching him on the courthouse steps in the city of St. Louis (which is decidedly not Ferguson, nor is it even in the same county), flanked by St. Louis city officials, without a single Ferguson official in sight.

I mean, could he not have done just a little research on the area before gracing us with his presence?

I get it, he’s busy.

However, hearing him speak at Brown’s funeral two weeks later made me forget that little geography snafu with a quickness. I mean, wow. What powerful, moving words. He nailed it, and just when I thought he couldn’t possibly say anything better than what he’d already said, he nailed it again…

… And again.

I loved every second of it.

What I do not love, is some of the backlash I’ve heard about him since then. Most of it on social media, people are especially fond of dismissing The Rev as a “race baiter”. What never- and I mean, never– follows that accusation is anything specific, like why these folks believe him to be said “race baiter”.

Hold on- I take that back. One lady did give a specific example as to why she felt that way. She said that while speaking at Mike Brown’s funeral, he accused white people of murdering the young man, and then called the Black Panthers to action.

Do I need to actually tell you how patently, completely false that is? I mean, 100% pile of straight-up horse shit. I have no idea what that lady was watching, but it was not Al Sharpton giving the eulogy at Mike Brown’s funeral service.

Regardless, what I’ve come to believe is that the term “race baiter”, spit out in accusatory tones, really just means  “makes me feel uncomfortable”. Try it, like this:

Al Sharpton is a race baiter makes me feel uncomfortable.

See? It works!

Al Sharpton is like a recovering alcoholic, and the people that think he’s a race baiter are full-fledged, off-the-wagon drunks. No drunk wants to go out to the bar with a recovering alcoholic, because that recovered addict makes the drunk uncomfortable. Why? Because the drunk is forced to look inside, and look at his/her own drinking habits. That’s no fun, which is why drunks don’t like to do it.

Al Sharpton makes people who have race issues uncomfortable, because he forces them to look at their own issues. He shines a spotlight on racial disparity, and then dares people to make a change, prove him wrong, make a difference. Lots of people just aren’t ready to do that yet, which is fine- it just isn’t Al’s fault.

My plea: stop with the Shapton-bashing, and let’s all work towards a better world; a bigger, brighter future for our babies.

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Poh-lice Officers, Al Sharpton and Cowboys in NYC

There’s some bitter-sweet news coming out of New York this evening. According to this article in the New York Times, the officers involved in the fatal shooting of Sean Bell will face internal disciplinary charges.

I hate that it took this long… and am still pretty upset that they were acquitted of criminal charges, but I’m willing to take what I can get. In this case, anyway.

Among other things, the poh-lice department is alleging that these officers improperly fired their guns that night.


Really? Makes a simple chick like me wonder which part they feel was improper… opening fire on 3 unarmed men… or firing 50 rounds on 3 unarmed men… 



Oh well, I’m glad something… even if it is just a li’l somethin’… is being done. Wonder if the Rev (you know, Al sharpton) had a hand in this.

When reached for comment, he rightly reminded John Q. Public that this in no way lessens the travesty of these rowdy cowboys avoiding jail time to begin with… but also conceded that these administrative charges are “a step in the right direction”.

Reluctantly, I agree.

With any luck these guys will lose their pretty badges, their livelihood, and- if they haven’t already- the respect of anyone and everyone who ever knew them.

In the absence of 15 to life behind bars, I guess this’ll do.