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Cluster-F*cks, War, McCain and The Today Show

Every day I find myself more and more surprised that Senator John McCain is actually considered a viable candidate for president.

I have to wonder if Ashton Kucher is behind all this nonsense, and we’re really all just getting Punk’d.

Really, how the heck does anyone take this guy seriously?

Most recently, good ol’ McCain was makin’ the rounds, appearing on the Today Show.

As one would expect, the topic of conversation quickly turned to Iraq, and our “occupation” over there (I prefer the term cluster-fuck, but I’m trying to be nice).

He was asked if he knew when we would start bringing our troops home…

His response?

“…That’s not too important…”

 Wow. It’s not?


McCain went on to clarify- he actually feels that the casualties we’re incurring over there are more important than bringing our troops home.


Now I’m no war expert or anything… but… um… wouldn’t the casualties, oh, I don’t know… end altogether… if we brought the troops home?

Just sayin’.

So what- this guy’s plan is to keep our troops over there until there are no more casualties and then bring ’em home?

Yea. Cuz that makes all kinds of sense.

If we weren’t talking about people dying, this would almost be humorous… almost.

I love how those of us who are against this war are constantly being accused of not supporting our troops… and yet the guy those great “troop supporters” want to elect doesn’t even want to bring them home.

In the words of the Great Alanis Morissette… Isn’t it ironic?