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My Boss and Me

I fear I will never be able to look my supervisor in the eye.

Once I’m done writing this, I will need to perform a full brain scrub. The sooner I can accomplish this, the better.

Long story short, my boss’s son has flashed me. Unbeknownst to me, the guy I have been chatting with online, whom I had yet to actually meet, is her son. It isn’t just that he’s her son… he actually still lives with her. I’ve seen pics of him sitting on her desk. I never put two and two together until he asked me where I work… he had a weird reaction when I told him… come to find out, Mommy works with me. No, Mommy doesn’t just work with me. I WORK FOR MOMMY. Great.

I refused to continue chatting with him when I realized who his mother is. His mom was the one that had to approve the week-plus I had to take off work in 2006 because my ex-husband had been stalking me, ultimately beating the crap out of me. She was also the one that had to approve my long term absence in 2007 so that I could attend rehab. She knows my dirty secrets! Can you imagine what this woman would have done to me, had she ever found out that her son, her baby boy, was even considering taking me out? I’m certain I’m not the woman she envisioned her pride and joy bringing home to her. Yikes.

How does this stuff happen to me?!?!

More importantly, WHY, moments after learning that we are linked by way of his mother, did he feel the need to do this? He did it because he thought it would change my mind. If he could get me to see his, uh, assets, maybe I’d give him a chance. He’s crazy of course. I value my job way more than I value any assets he might have.

On this particular day I’m at work… actually concentrating on the job at hand for once, when it happens.

My phone vibrates, and I realize I have received a text from him. I open the message, and it’s actually a picture. Please keep in mind, again, that I am sitting mere feet away from his MOTHER.

The picture is one he has taken of himself. Him in all his glory. Butt-naked, full-on frontal nude shot.

I was mortified. Still am. My supervisor wonders why I suddenly began looking at her feet whenever I have to talk to her.

God willing, she will never learn.