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Going Rogue, Sarah Palin Style

Sarah Palin is back.

She’s back with a bang, it seems, as she gets ready to release her long-awaited book “Going Rogue” on Tuesday, November 17.

As is often the case with the much anticipated, the book has been obtained by any number of news outlets, and is being heavily discussed.

According to Amazon, “Going Rogue traces one ordinary citizen’s extraordinary journey and imparts Palin’s vision of a way forward for America and her unfailing hope in the greatest nation on earth.”

Well ok.

But that doesn’t really address the meat of the book, now does it?

Mrs. Palin makes many bold claims (which is nothing new), and leaves one wondering whether she knows she isn’t getting the facts right and simply doesn’t care, or if she really does believe the nonsense she spews.

Perhaps her publisher’s decision to bypass the utilization of an actual fact checker was to save money?

The reality is, her supporters will take her word no matter what the truth actually is. Those of us that are not fans will be accused of simply bashing her, no matter that she’s spreading lies and further polarizing this country.

Oh well.


While attempting to dig into some of the issues Palin tries to address in her book, some outright falsehoods hit me a little harder than others. There are a ton of half-truths and complete fabrications, but in the interest of time, I’ll  just address the three that most royally pissed me off.

First, she blames Barack Obama for the federal bailout of Wall Street, when in fact George W. Bush was the one who bailed out the financial sector… and when he did so, back in 2008, Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate, was a huge supporter of his doing so. To be  more specific, John McCain voted for the bailout, and George W. Bush actually signed it.

In fact, in September of 2008, during her now-infamous Katie Couric interview, she said, “ultimately what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the health care reform that is needed to help shore up our economy.” Granted, it was a completely convoluted response, because Palin obviously had no clue what the hell the bailout was designed to do, but nevertheless, she offered her support of it.

Considering she did so almost two full months before voters even flocked  to the polls to elect our new president, one has to wonder…

… How’s this Obama’s fault again?

Unfortunately, that’s not all. A month after the disasterous Couric interview, in October, during the vice presidential debate, Palin goes on to praise McCain’s support of the bailout package, claiming that he had been “instrumental in bringing folks together” to pass it.


So… let me get this straight- she was for the bailout before she was against it, right?

Sounds familiar somehow.

Anyway, I digress.

Next, Palin waxes nostalgic by reincarnating Ronald Reagan and the recession of the early 1980s. She fondly fabricates recalls the good ol’ days when Ron was in charge, claiming that the recession back then was way worse than the current recession Obama is battling. She thinks Obama needs to follow Reagan’s lead and do away with the estate tax (death tax) altogether and cut capital gains taxes.


First of all, the recession of the ’80s was not worse than the current recession, considering the recession in the ’80s lasted 16 months from start to finish, and our recession is now entering its 23rd month. True, unemployment back in the ’80s topped 10.8% compared to our current 10.2%, but the numbers are rising quickly, so hang in there.

I’m really not trying to get into a “my recession is bigger than yours” pissing contest here, but Palin, once again, could have benefited greatly from the use of a fact checker on her staff.

It is also important to note that Reagan did NOT slay the death tax, and the capital gains taxes are lower today than they were when Saint Reagan was president.

Funny how that works out.

Finally, let’s talk about that great independent state of Alaska, shall we? In her book, Palin attempts to defend her decision not to utilize the federal stimulus money because her state is much too independent to accept money from the federal government.

I believe she calls the feds “busy bodies”.

A little research will reveal that for every dollar in federal taxes Alaskans pay, they receive $1.84 back in the form of federal subsidies.

Uh… let’s think about this.

Alaskans pay federal taxes like the rest of us do… but their “independent” state, the very same one  Palin claims is much too libertarian  (her word, not mine) to be helped by those crazy feds, is actually receiving back a hundred and eighty-four pennies for every hundred they put into the pot?

That’s a helluva rate of return!

I wish I could be independent like the Alaskans.

I suppose the bottom line is this- Sarah Palin is a sensationalist who has no more an idea of what she’s talking about than she did when she was John McCain’s running mate.

Supporters will hail her as queen of Conservatives.

The rest of us will just continue to think she’s an idiot.

Oh well.

At least she’s entertaining.

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Carrie Prejean, Crowns and Closed Minds

Let’s talk about Ms. Carrie Prejean, shall we?

For those who’ve been living under a rock, she was this year’s Miss USA pageant’s runner up- the current Miss California USA- who has recently found herself embroiled in a whole lot o’ controversy.

During the pageant, celebrity (and openly gay) judge Perez Hilton asked Prejean to explain her views on same-sex marriage.

The contestant was very forthright, explaining that she believes in marriage in the “traditional” sense- as in, between a man and a woman.

Thus, the controversy.

Since that fateful night, Carrie Prejean has seen her name and her character mecilessly dragged through the mud.

Well-known people- especially celebrities- have been quite outspoken in their outrage. Michael Musto (a columnist for the Village Voice) even went as far as to compare Prejean to Klaus Barbie… a notorious Nazi war-criminal who was responsible for the deaths of about 4,000 Jews.

Ouch… Harsh, much?

All this anger is completely misguided, and misdirected- and certainly doesn’t win many points for left-wingers (such as myself) who claim to be all about the preservation of personal freedoms.

Anyone who has read anything I’ve written on the subject of homosexuality knows that I am a supporter of Gay Rights. I believe that same-sex marriage should be legalized in all 50 states.

I am completely unapologetic about my views on the topic.

Obviously, I do not have the same opinion as Ms. Prejean when it comes to this particular subject.

She is, however, being attacked for the wrong reasons.

Just as I have the right to express my opinion in support of gay marriage, Carrie Prejean has the right to express her opinion as well- even when, or maybe especially when- her views are not the same as mine.

This is the U.S., for cryin’ out loud.

She was not wrong for answering Perez’s question honestly.

Perez Hilton, on the other hand, came across as a complete idiot.

I realize he wasn’t going to be happy with Prejean’s response.

But to act shocked?

Give me a break.

His entire home state of California- Carrie Prejean’s home as well- just passed Proposition 8 less than a year ago- banning same-sex marriage- and yet Hilton acted as if he was surprised that this is a controversial issue.

He knew better.

Rather than take issue with someone for expressing their honest opinion- something the Constitution affords all of us the right to do- how about taking issue with the fact that she is now a spokesperson for the National Organization for Marriage?

This is a group that actively lobbies to “protect” marriage, fighting to keep homosexuals from being allowed to wed.

It is an organization that’s sole purpose is to make sure that an entire group of fellow human beings- gay people- never enjoy the same rights that the rest of us take for granted.

Personally, I will never have a problem with someone who has a different opinion than me.

I will always, however, have a problem with a person who works to take fundamental rights away from others.

Ironically, it is Ms. Prejean herself who best described my own views on this issue. When Carrie appeared on the “Today Show” on April 30th, Matt Lauer interviewed her, asking if she thought she should have held “her fire” when asked about gay marriage. Her response:

No. I think this is a huge issue right now. People are very passionate about this issue and I think that regardless of our opinions, Matt, I think that we just need to respect each other, even when we disagree. It’s all about respect. (Emphasis added)

She is absolutely correct.

Where’s the respect for another’s opposing views?

A reader once commented to me-

It seems there is such a hard push from one side over what they see as inequality that they are in effect pushing so hard that they may become and in some cases already are oppressive.

The fact that he’s correct- and that he’s referring to people whose views and visions I always believed I shared is shameful.

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Haggard, Hatred and Homos

Ted Haggard, unfortunately is doing no favors for the gay community.

The embattled (and quite conflicted) man has lost his post as the president of National Association of Evangelicals, as well as his position as head pastor of the New Life Church.

His story made headlines and plunged him head-first into a nation-wide scandal when it was revealed that he paid a male prostitute- numerous times- for sex and methamphetamine… all while supposedly handling his business as Man of God Extraordinaire, devoted husband and father.

In recent days Haggard has admitted to another sexual liaison. He says it was during his tenure with New Life Church- this time with a 20 year old male volunteer. He claims this is further evidence of the “compulsive behavior” that ruled him during “that time” of his life.

Ted Haggard is- at least in part- a victim. 

I truly feel sorry for him.

That being said, I am terribly disappointed that he has chosen not to use his personal experiences as an opportunity to explain the truth about homosexuality.

Instead he prefers to perpetuate a climate of shame and self-hate.

He has been on numerous television shows granting interviews, and even has an HBO documentary airing soon. The emerging theme is the life of a man whose soul hasn’t grown an inch… a man who loves himself no more than he did when he was hiding his true identity from the world, his wife, and his children.

This is a man who truly despises himself for his inherant homosexuality… a trait that he knows all too well can never be fixed, changed or prayed away.

Yet he still pretends to believe otherwise… if he just prays a little harder, reads scripture a little more often… Ricky Martin will suddenly become less attractive to him than Cindy Crawford.

He  claims a therapist told him that he is “heterosexual with complications”.

Dude- You’re gay.

Just stand up and say it.

What a sad, sad existence he has instead created.

He put himself in a virtual prison… and rather than use this massive national forum he has garnered for himself to break out of jail, to finally be free… not to mention freeing thousands of other conflicted homosexuals in the process…

… He has instead chosen to continue living behind bars.

How truly sad.

I realize Haggard has his faults… massive ones… not the least of which has been his being anything BUT a loving, committed spouse. His wife has the right to be absolutely livid with this man… though she claims she knew about his “struggles”- struggles directly related to his attraction to men- for years. She chose to marry him in spite of this knowledge… but he chose to make life-long vows to this woman.

He should suffer the consequences of the damage he has done to his marriage and his family.

However, he has been handed the perfect opportunity to explain to the world- especially to right-wing evangelical Christians- that in spite of all his efforts, all his praying and soul searching…

… He is still gay.

He didn’t choose to be this way.

He simply is.

Ted Haggard has spent the majority of his life struggling with himself, his God, his church, his culture, his country… because the man who he really is… the REAL Ted Haggard… is homosexual…

… And that reality doesn’t play out well in the world he has created for himself- a world full of judgmental hateful bigots.

The resulting damage is catastrophic.

All one needs to do is watch him… I recommend viewing his recent interview with Larry King… to know that this man hates himself as much as he ever has.

He still hopes he can get on his knees and pray his way out of his attraction to men.

Why has he not figured it out, after all these years, that it isn’t going to happen? Why is he not on a quest to learn how to love himself?

Denial is indeed a powerful animal.

If Ted Haggard lived in a world where he was accepted for who he really is… a world in which he could both love and serve his God without fear that his personal understanding of himself as a gay man would sentence him to eternal damnation in hell… a world in which he did not have to hate himself for that which he cannot change…

… Perhaps things would have been a little different… a little better…

I will pray for Mr. Haggard.

I will pray that he stops apologizing for who his is, for who God created him to be… and start living and loving himself.

He deserves that much, if nothing else.