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Rachael Ray, Scarves and Terrorism… Really?


Is this for real?  Has Dunkin Donuts really pulled its ad featuring Rachael Ray because the black and white silk paisley scarf she’s wearing symbolizes… terrorism?

Dammit. I think it is real.

I initially saw something about this earlier on The Huffington Post, but as much as I love that site, I really just thought it was a bunch of… well, I don’t know what… b.s. I guess.

As a nation, where the hell are we headed if we think a stupid scarf worn by Rachael Ray of all people is a symbol of terrorism?

I am dumbfounded.

So… what… she’s participating in the jihad by way of Dunkin Donuts?


I don’t get it.

If it were Osama Bin Laden in the ads or some other polarizing staunch supporter of all things Radical and Muslim… or I don’t know, some guy who had previously called for the death of all Zionists… I think I’d concede that Dunkin Donuts had reason for concern… but… Rachael Ray wearing silk with a pretty paisely pattern?

I think this is a slight overreaction.

Seems we’re just a tad too sensitive when Dunkin Donuts has no choice but to get involved in the War on Terror in order to avoid a boycott… because of Rachael Ray…

Wearing a scarf.


A world that sees her and her scarf as a threat is a world that is indeed in trouble.