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Sessions, Specter and the Supreme Court

Things are getting really exciting on Capitol Hill.

Supreme Court Justice David Souter has recently announced his retirement, paving the way for Obama’s first Supreme Court nomination.

In a coincidental turn of events- a side plot, perhaps- Representative Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) will be taking Arlen Specter’s place as the top Republican in the Senate Judiciary committee.

All of this becomes interesting when we take a look at some of the stuff Representative Sessions is best known for.

Most political junkies recognize Sessions from way back in the day, when the Democrats were dukin’ it out with President George W. Bush over his Supreme Court pick, Justice Samuel Alito.

The Dems, hating this choice of nominee, fought tooth and nail to keep him from being appointed… ultimately prolonging the process of confirming the Justice’s nomination.

Jeff Sessions was the ultra-vocal senator that felt judges needed to be appointed by a simple up-or-down vote.

Simple majority, people.

No arguing, no filibuster…

… In short, no muss, no fuss.

Just Yea or Nay.

Since the founding of the Republic, we have understood that there was a two-thirds supermajority for ratification and advice and consent on treaties and a majority vote for judges. That is what we have done. That is what we have always done. But there was a conscious decision on behalf of the leadership, unfortunately, of the Democratic Party in the last Congress to systematically filibuster some of the best nominees ever submitted to the Senate. It has been very painful. -Senate Floor Speech, Rep. Jeff Sessions, 2005

I wonder, now that President Obama is holding the reigns, if Representative Sessions still feels the same way.

Obviously, it won’t be difficult for Obama’s Supreme Court nominee to win a simple majority vote, considering the Dems control both houses.

Will Sessions put his money where his mouth is and support a straight vote…

… Or not?

Just when things begin to get interesting, the plot thickens.

You see, Representative Sessions was nominated 20 years ago to be a U.S. District Judge.

The Senate rejected his nomination.

The reason?

Sessions’ was alleged to have made racially insensitive remarks. A U.S. attorney, in fact, testified that he’d heard Sessions claim that he used to respect and admire the Ku Klux Klan-

Until he learned many of its members were pot smokers.

The deciding vote that doomed his confirmation in the Senate?

Arlen Spector.

This is gettin’ good.

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Specter, Spectacles and Death Scenes

People really are buzzin’ about representative Arlen Specter’s switch from the GOP to the Democratic Party.

I find the whole thing exciting… though hardly surprising.

I do wonder if this most recent blow to the fledgling Republic Party will be the much needed wake-up call for hardcore Conservatives, or if they will continue to bury their heads in the sand… business as usual… while their very ideals and ideologies die.

True, the death has been slow and painful…

… but appears imminent, nonetheless.

Unless, of course, Specter’s party jump is taken for the big, loud, eye-opening jolt that it should be taken for.

Fox News’ Michael Goodwin even goes so far as to call Specter’s switch a nail in the clueless GOP’s coffin.


I expect GOP talking heads, as Michael Steele has done, to publicly complain, crying foul at Specter’s “flip of the bird” at the Republican Party…

… But if they’re smart, they’re searching their souls behind closed doors.

Michael Steele is 100% correct after all.

Specter’s flippin’ y’all the hell off.

We are 100 days into Obama’s presidency, and while critics have certainly had a lot of fun in the past 3+ months, it seems the Democratic Party is getting increasingly stronger.

Already dangerously close to that magical number of 60, the Dems have now gained Arlen Spector… and likely Al Franken from Minnesota (heck, he’s already hired a chief of staff!).

If it works out… and it looks like it will… the magic number will be met.

This means the Repubs will officially be screwed.

Err… worse than they already are, that is.

I’m not so naive as to think Specter is a “real” Democrat… he’s still Conservative, and has all but admitted to switching parties solely to keep his seat.

He hasn’t had any great epiphanies, and his ideals remain unchanged.

His motivation is to win, and he knows his own party, the GOP, is not currently the winning ticket.

Regardless, for the time being, he is more likely to vote with the Dems… Personally I don’t care what his motivation is, provided we get the job done.

All I can do now is grab my popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show, and knowing how predictable this ending will be- doesn’t lessen the fun I’m having at all.

Not even a li’l bit.

The question is, underneath all the spewing and sputtering, does the GOP recognize what they are doing to themselves?

Are they now beginning to see that their long-held ideals are being unraveled by their own hands?

… And even if they do finally see it, will it be too late to make a difference?

Regardless, it’s all quite entertaining.

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Roland Burris Claims Responsibility for the Wrong Thing

Until now I have stayed away from all the arguments surrounding the impeachment of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, and his controversial choice in naming Roland Burris to replace President Barack Obama in the Senate.

Today, however, I have something to say.

I came across an article in the Chicago Sun-Times about Senator Burris, and his recent appearance at a Martin Luther King breakfast (part of the Rainbow PUSH coalition).

It was at this event that Burris claims it was he who made it possible for Barack Obama to become president.

I had hoped, with the historic election of our first black president, that we would not be bombarded with a bunch of idiotic people claiming that had it not been for them and their tireless efforts, this election never would have been possible.

It seems my prayers are going to go unanswered… in this instance at least.

Now don’t misunderstand.

I’m not saying there wasn’t a huge effort, an effort that dates back more than a century, that went into making Obama’s election possible.

Many people- men and women, black and white- have worked tirelessly, sacrificing their very lives, so that a man like Barack Obama- a man just like any of the rest of us- could acheive the honor of holding the highest office in this land.

All of them are heroes, and all of them have my undying respect and gratitude.

Roland Burris, however, is an asshole.

I’m surprised that Burris, in his never-ending quest to take credit for the results of this most historic election (glory that is not his), has not gone on to take credit for ending the death penalty in the state of Illinois.

He was responsible for it, after all.

Unfortunately, the story behind the now-infamous moratorium on Illinois’ executions is more of a black mark on Burris’ record than anything else… maybe that’s why we don’t hear him talking about it too often.

Allow me to explain.

As many people know, Roland Burris served as the state of Illinois’ Attorney General from 1991-1995. He was only the second African-American to hold this position.

In 1992, the case of two men- one of which had been sentenced to death in 1985 for the kidnapping, rape and murder of  a 10-year old child- erupted in controversy, and was back on the docket, up for appeal.

Burris assigned Assistant Attorney General Mary Brigid Kenney to fight the appeal. Right away, she developed some serious concerns regarding the legitimacy of the original investigation against the men.  She immediately sent her boss (Burris) a memo stating that she believed the state had convicted two innocent men, refusing to take part in fighting to uphold what she felt was a wrongful conviction.

Burris ignored the memo altogether, resulting in Kenney’s resignation.

Her letter of resignation reads, in part:

 I was being asked to help execute an innocent man… Unfortunately, you have seen fit to ignore the evidence in this case.

In 1995, DNA tests confirmed that neither of the men had committed the crimes they had been charged with and sentenced to die for.

Kenney, it seems, had been right all along.

A.G Burris, on the other hand, defended his fight to keep the men in prison, claiming that it is not his job to judge the actions of the jurors who originally convicted them.

In 2002, then-Governor Jim Ryan issued a full pardon to both defendents.

It was this case that resulted in Governor Ryan’s state-wide moratorium on all executions.

Burris was never taken to task for his tireless fight to execute an innocent man, nor was he ever forced to accept responsibility for causing the moratorium on all executions in Illinois.

Don’t get me wrong- I’m not a fan of the death penalty myself.

Burris, however, fucked up.

While definitely one of his bigger mistakes, the death penalty fiasco is but one example of the true character of this jackass.

Like too many politicians, he has led a professional life that is fraught with hypocrisy.

In 1993, for example, while still Attorney General, he organized a national handgun ban. He even helped organize Chicago’s first Gun Turn-In Day.

The problem?

It was later revealed that Burris himself not only owned a handgun and a shotgun, but had refused to turn either of them in, like he was pushing so hard for everyone else to do.

His excuse?

He “forgot”.


He organizes a nationwide hand gun ban, pushes for heavy gun control (not something I’m opposed to, mind you), organizes the city’s first Gun Turn-In Day…

… And then “forgets” that he owns two weapons himself?

Alrighty then.

Senator Roland Burris, unfortunately, is just another politician…

… Full of his own self-importance… and laced with a whole heapin’ gob of bullshit.

A man who thinks the rules apply to everyone but him.


This is just what we need.

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Wardrobes, Sarah Palin and Destitute Staff Members

I was thinking I may stay away from all things Sarah Palin now that Barack Obama has won the presidency.

My thought process was that if Obama can continue to take the high road, surely I can too.


Not so much.

Some of this stuff is simply too juicy to pass up, so here I am, tail between my legs…

… but gleefully laughing on the inside.

It appears GOP lawyers have been dispatched to Alaska to collect some of Palin’s RNC-funded wardrobe.

This report reminded me of a little tid-bit of information I was able to glean yesterday from the news.

Apparently Governor Palin spent well over the widely-reported $150,000 on her wardrobe.

Once the Republican National Committee learned how much had been spent on clothes for our Palin-puppy, they cut her off, and explained clothing purchases were no longer authorized.

Unfortunately for them, the Governor doesn’t easily give up.

Since she was unable to use the GOP-Proper as her sugar daddy, she simply resorted to using her staff members’ personal credit cards instead… to the tune of twenty to thirty thousand dollars worth.


Oh well, it’s not like she was stingy or anything- she bought clothes for herself, her husband and her baby.


… cuz that’s necessary to win an election.

None of this was widely reported at first, but since the election is over, these staff members are now submitting their personal credit card receipts for reimbursement.


Ain’t that some shit?

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It Isn’t Just About the Politicians…

One of the fun aspects of a national election is getting to see some of the issues the voters in various states are grappling with.

Here are some of the interesting things I’ve seen tonight:

  1. Massechussetts has voted to decriminalize marijuana
  2. Michigan has voted to legalize medical marijuana
  3. The proposed abortion ban has failed in South Dakota
  4. Colorado has decided that human life does not begin at fertilization

This election is full of hot-button issues… from the very top of the ballot, where we must make the decision as to who our next president will be, along with choosing between various gubernatorial candidates, potential senators, representatives… all the way down.

States are dealing with such controversial subjects as same-sex marriage, stem cell research, abortion, affirmative action and the legalization of marijuana.

In Washington, voters are weighing whether or not to legalize physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients.


Never a dull moment.

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My Vote Has Been Cast…

It’s all come down to this… and now it’s Election Day.


I’m basically having a nervous breakdown.

I intend to stay up all night tonight… no way I can sleep with all the excitement of the election all around me.

Good thing I took tomorrow off… by the time this is over, it will have been a helluva long day.

I was at the polls, ready to vote at 5:45 this morning.

After waiting about an hour, I cast my ballot.

As I was leaving the church, my designated polling place, I cried.

I voted for a black man today, and millions of my fellow Americans have- and will- do the same.

We are making history.

When I tell my two beautiful black-women-in-training that for them the sky is the limit…

… I can do so while looking them in the eye, knowing I am telling the truth.

This is what makes my country great.

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Get Out and Vote!

Good SloganThe time has come.

It’s all come down to this…

McCain and Obama have done their part… they brought us to this point… now the rest is up to us.

Please get out there and vote!

I didn’t sleep a wink last night in anticipation of voting today.

I’m like a little kid… just so excited!

I won’t sleep again, I’m sure, until we know who our new president will be.

God bless Obama… and let’s hope he kicks some ass!

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Plastic Blow-up Dolls, John McCain and House Negroes

Well, it was bound to happen…

Apparently It isn’t possible for one black man to vote for another black man without people accusing the blacks of just sticking together.

According to George Will, Obama actually gets two votes in this country for every one he loses because he’s black.


How many votes does he get for the effigies by way of ghosts hangin’ in peoples’ yards, or taunts calling for his death and decapitation at rallies?

Surely shit like that’s worth four votes per incident!


Naw… make that five votes.

Colin Powell has been one of the very few- and I do mean few- assets of the Republican Party for much too long.

He is far too intelligent, and cares about his country way too much to cast his vote for- and publicly endorse- a presidential candidate merely because they both happen to be black.


According to Don Billings, a conservative attorney in Maine, Colin Powell is racist.


Billings, it seems, has- just in the last couple of hours, mind you- developed an amazingly cultivated case of psychic ability, and says had Obama been a white man, Powell never would have endorsed him.


What a slap in the distiguished Colin Powell’s face.

I’m willing to bet Powell’s endorsement of Obama had nothing to do with his race, and more to do with the fact that a plastic blow-up doll would make a more effective President than John McCain- and would be much less dangerous than Sarah Palin.

Just sayin’.

The GOP claims to stand for freedom… but as soon as one of “their” negroes dares excercise it…

… He is dumped quicker than a hot potato.

I guess Colin Powell’s black ass- in spite of all his contributions to America- was only worth the average conservative’s attention as long as he was shuckin’ and jivin’ on their behalf.

No more house-negro priviledges for you, Powell!

It’s back to pickin’ cotton!

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Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama for President

Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama for President.
I woke up early this morning so I could be sure to catch Meet the Press… I knew Colin Powell was going to be on the show, and I had heard rumors that he may be ready to endorse a candidate.
I didn’t want to miss it.
I’ve known who my candidate was for months now…
… But to know that this man, a man who I respect so immensely has come to the same conclusion as me means a lot.
Colin Powell explained in detail why he is endorsing Barack Obama for President, and his words moved me to tears.
This was not a decision he came to lightly.
It was not easy to walk away from his personal friends- John McCain and George H.W. Bush among them- and tell the world that he will not be voting with his party or his colleagues come election day.
I am proud to stand in support of Barack Obama alongside such great men as Colin Powell… November 4th is just around the corner…
I pray the best man wins.