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Representative Wilson Falsely Claims Obama Lied… Will You Stand With Joe?

Representative Joe Wilson from South Carolina sure did cause a stink Wednesday evening.

Wilson was the guy who famously hollered, “You lie!” in the middle of the President’s speech about health care reform to the Joint Sessions of Congress Wednesday night. Obama was in the process of addressing a pesky falsehood about the health care bill, one stating that should the legislation pass, illegal immigrants will be offered free, government-sponsored health insurance. Mr. Wilson decided he wasn’t going to let the facts deter him, even though this particular myth has already been debunked by just about everybody.

The current legislation, in each and every version that is being debated, states unequivocally that credits for coverage will not be extended to any persons who are not legally residing in this country. According to Politifact’s Bill Adair, the bill (H.R. 3200),  goes to great lengths to make sure that “illegal immigrants do not get the credits for the health care exchange that would allow them to get free care”.

How ironic that in the process of trying to tell the world that President Obama is a liar, Rep. Wilson was, himself, perpetuating one helluva whopper.

Ah, politics at its finest.

The only reason I stop short of calling Joe Wilson a liar is because I am unsure of his motives. Afterall, I have no way of knowing whether he really believes the nonsense he’s spewing. Nor do I know if he’s consciously spreading false claims, caring not the slightest about honesty and decency, all in an effort to simply keep the bill from passing.

I would argue, however, that it doesn’t matter.

The fact remains that one of South Carolina’s elected officials willfully and knowingly openly disrespected the President of the United States during a formal speech.

This was not some informal townhall gathering in local Mayberry, USA. The yahoos who lack the common decency to respect the President when he is speaking were not supposed to be in attendance Wednesday night. That the people who do not know how to temporarily hold their tongues and allow the Leader of the Free World to speak, uninterrupted, have joined the ranks as politicians- Congressional representatives, for God’s sake- is disheartening. I expect them to behave better than this, even as they oppose the subject that is being spoken of.

Representative Wilson certainly has bad manners.

Politicians, pundits, and talk show hosts alike have ample opportunity twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to express their displeasure on anything and everything. Whether that displeasure stems from the recent actions of the President, fellow politicians, celebrities or just some Joe The Plumber type guy they happened to run into one day, there are plenty of appropriate venues in which to express oneself.

This is the age of technology, after all.

Wilson could have taken his grievance public by putting thinking cap on and writing a blog. He could have written an open letter, printed in any number of news publications, to the President to voice his displeasure. He could have called just about anyone over at Fox News and been welcomed on their airwaves and into our living rooms with open arms. He could have called a press conference to discuss his issues. He could have put a scathing statement expressing his displeasure on his website. Or he could have sent out a mass e-mail telling the thousands of folks who are no doubt on his mailing list exactly how he feels.

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, isn’t that what Twitter and Facebook are for? Those two websites have worked wonders for Sarah Palin, after all.

In fact,  not only could he have done all of these things, he could have done them all simultaneously.

Instead, our esteemed member of Congress, hailing from the great state of South Carolina, chose to make an ass out of himself on national television by rudely interrupting the President in a bizarre outburst that truly accomplished nothing more than making him look unhinged.

He has been forced to apologize- twice now- and while Democrats were predictably outraged by Wilson’s actions, even Republicans have soundly given him the ol’ smack upside the head for using such terrible judgment.

It doesn’t appear that his outburst had any sort of negative effect on the speech itself. In fact, early numbers show that after watching Obama speak Wednesday night, Americans are beginning to change their mind about the health care bill.

While health care support was inching up, the President’s approval ratings were doing the same- the President realized a double digit jump, even as Joe Wilson’s popularity plummeted.

In fact, Wilson’s likely opponent in 2010, Rob Miller, raised an astounding $350,000 for his campaign in less than 24 hours after Mr. Wilson’s unfortunate gaffe.

Stepping neatly into the role of victim, Joe Wilson is claiming that he is being punished for speaking out against the “critical issue of healthcare”. He is begging his supporters to send him money, and “Stand with Joe”.

How sad.

Representative Wilson is not in trouble for speaking his mind. He is in trouble for his appalling lack of manners and respect. He is in trouble for lacking the self-control to keep his temper in check while the President of the United States was speaking. Most importantly, it was his own actions, his own words, his own bad timing that got him into trouble. Had he kept his mouth shut for the short time Obama was speaking, it never would have been necessary for him to apologize, or answer calls for his censure to begin with.

Poor Joe.

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Sarah Palin, Resignation and Basketball

I just finished listening to Sarah Palin’s resignation speech, from start to finish.


After almost 7 full minutes of rambling… and not a whole lot of sense-making, we learn that she is stepping down as Governor of Alaska.

It was quite disjointed, from strange basketball analogies to promises to affect political change for Alaska outside of politics, to my personal favorite, how she put her political future to her kids for a vote.

When asking them if she should resign, she got “4 yeahs and a resounding HELL YEAH”, and apparently it was the hell yeah that sealed the deal.

Man oh man.

Later, after spending the entire speech knocking politics, and complaining about how horrible mainstream media has been to her family and how this experience has basically ruined her life and the lives of her children, she  says, “I don’t want to discourage anyone from entering politics”.

Oh ok.

As long as she’s encouraging others not to give up their dreams to follow in her footsteps so that they, too, can live in their own personal hell as a result, I’m cool. (Read: Sarcasm)

The entire ordeal is bizarre, and despite the fact that Sarah Palin has never been one to make a whole lot of sense while speaking, I am still a bit shocked.

Some insiders say Palin is resigning to begin preparing for either a 2010 U.S. Senate race or is gearing up for the top-dog position of POTUS, come 2012.

I say if she truly wanted either of those, the last thing she should have done is step down as governor, having not even completed her first term.

Palin is addressing a nation, a nation in which members of her own party refused to vote for the ticket on which she was listed, because of her lack of political experience.

I don’t think “Resigned as Governor prior to completion of first term” is really a bullet she should want to have placed on her resume, should national politics be her ultimate goal.

What party would she run under?

The Party of “When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going”?

Call me cynical, but considering that she was unable to complete a single term as governor of a state in which there are fewer residents than New York City, I find it hard to imagine her next stop will be Leader of the Free World.

Even Republicans are scratching their heads, with one Senator, Lisa Murkowski, releasing a statement regarding her “disappointment” that Governor Palin has chosen to “abandon” Alaska.

There are other rumors, of course. The media has gone berserk, speculating on the various reasons why Palin really chose to step down. Right now they’re running the gambit from an unexpected pregnancy, to speculation that she has a new book deal- the financial numbers of which she would have to disclose to the state, to rumors of a very damaging criminal investigation against her.

I’m not surprised, given the reasons she stated during her press conference really amounted to nothing more than rambling. The effect was the impression of a woman trying to pull a fast one, having no intention of explaining the real motivation for her decision, instead choosing to fill dead air with a bunch of nonsense that made little, if any, sense at all.

Personally, I don’t know that the reasons for Palin’s resignation really matter too much.

The bottom line is that had she truly planned to descend on the scene, making her mark in national politics, she has just shot herself in the foot.

Abandoning ship prior to reaching the agreed-upon destination (the end of her term) was political suicide.

For her own sake, I hope the rumblings of her various insiders are true- and that Palin is leaving politics for good. Not because I’m not a fan of Palin’s, but because I believe her choosing to step down as Governor, regardless of what her ultimate designs were, has spelled the end of her political career.

I’m sure as the days develop we’ll get more clarification about this most unconenventional development.

Until then, looks like things are gettin’ kinda deep up there in Alaska.

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Trolley Drivers, Transgender Employees and Trash

The headline screams, “Report: Boston Trolley Driver Was Hired With Transgender Minority Status”.


I think Fox News has just taken the prize for the most inconsequential headline of the century.

It’s amazing to me how “mainstream” media will take an actual story- in this case, a real-life tragedy- and spin it into the most irrelevant drivel imaginable.

In Boston, recently, a trolley driver ran a red light, smashing into another trolley. This action resulted in serious injuries of more than 50 passengers… and was ultimately determined to be the result of the driver texting his girlfriend and not paying attention to his job.

Personally, I say fire the man.

He wasn’t concentrating on his job. He didn’t put the safety of his passengers first, and was instead putzin’ around on his cell phone with his girlfriend. This is negligence, and the man deserves to be have both his employment terminated and to be criminally charged for causing this accident.

Sure, it could have been worse… but it also could have been altogether avoided, had Mr. Trolley-man been concentrating on his job, and his responsibilities.

As it turns out, he wasn’t , and needs to suffer the consequences of being a moron.

That being said, what the hell does his “transgender” status have to do with anything where this story is concerned? And more importantly, why was this one of today’s top stories on Fox News?

First and foremost, shame on the state of Massechusetts for not protecting this man’s privacy. Rather than stand up in the name of human decency and protect its employee’s privacy, it broadcasts- nationally- that this trolley driver is actually a post-op woman who was hired as a result of affirmative action.

As if it makes a difference.

Unfortunately, due to irresponsible journalism, as well as actions made on behalf of the Massecusetts Bay Transportation Authority, we’ve just given closed-minded dum-dums another reason to hate on- and hurt- another human.

I can see it now- hillbillies the world over are nowthinking… “Well that’s what that stupid trolley company gets… everyone knows better’n to hire RuPaul”.


Fox News really does make my blood boil.

They sanction, condone and inflame idiocy- and worse, bigotry- as if the hiring of a transgender person had one single thing to do with this accident.

They do this on purpose- piss the rednecks of America off in some form or fashion- and then just sit back and watch the resulting bullshit unfold.

If this trolley worker finds himself attacked in the street- harmed in any way- I hope the likes of Fox News, and any other “news” provider that reported on this employee’s sexual orientation, understands that they are culpable.

Fox News has provided the fire… let’s see which jackasses supply the gasoline.

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Joe The Plumber, Queers and Honkies

Joe the Plumber, while not my most favorite person in the world, certainly provides me endless entertainment.

For that reason, he can’t be all bad.

Well, that’s not completely true.

He certainly is fun though!

Most recently, Joe was hatin’ on gay people… enjoying his favorite past-time of judging others in the name of God.

My, my, my.

What a Christian thing to do.

He’s had friends, you know, in the past, who are gay… and he’s cool with them and all…

… but he’d never let those “queers” around his kids.

He even took the time to defend his use of the word “queer”, claiming it is not a slur, nothing derogatory.

It simply means “strange” or “unusual”… it’s not really really ignorant, like calling a white person a honky, for example.

Cuz that’s what gay people are, after all.


Funny, considering good ol’ Joe is much more queer- as in strange and usual- than any gay person I’ve ever known.

I wouldn’t think twice about allowing someone who’s homosexual around my children.

No way in hell, however, is Joe the Plumber ever gettin’ anywhere near ’em.

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8 + 6 = 14… And We’re All Paying For It… One Way Or Another

I am sick as a dog, likely with the plague.

That’s not necessarily an official diagnosis… I just feel quite plague-ish.

I believe my head is going to explode off my very shoulders, and I have spent my entire year’s worth of Health Savings money on Thera-Flu.

All in the past 24 hours.

With that being said, I’m cranky as hell, so you may have to bear with me a little on this post.

I know, I know, how is that different from what you have to do when reading any of my other posts?

… But whatever.

I keep hearing about this psycho woman in California who recently gave birth to octuplets– and she was already a mom of six before her mentally ill ass got pregnant with 8 more.

This woman has 14 kids.

Initially when I heard the story I just thought she was crazy.

Nothing more, nothing less.

I mean, damn.

That’s a lot of chil’ren runnin’ around.

I know how cuckoo my own mom was there for a while… and she only (I use that term loosely) raised 5 of us rugrats.

She really is a saint.


Back to the crazy lady.

As more and more details begin spilling out, I realize this woman isn’t just a little nutty, she needs to be locked up somewhere for the criminally insane.

This lady… this mother of 14… is on welfare ($490 a month in food stamps), is unemployed, lives at home with her own momma, and currently collects disability payments for 3 of her oldest children.

It seems she was injured at her last job- something about working in a mental hospital (fitting, right?) when a riot broke out- she suffered some physical injuries, and quite a few mental ones as well.

Her company, as a result, payed her around $160,000.

Money that was spent on invitro.


Money that now, of course, is gone.

She says she decided to have all these babies as some sort of weird warped way (obviously I’m paraphrasing here) to overcome what she claims was a dysfunctional and unloving upbringing of her own.


So not only is the woman off her damn rocker, but she’s an ungrateful little shit as well, considering she’s living with the woman who raised her crazy ass to begin with.

Her childhood, was apparently horrible enough that she needs 14 fuckin’ kids to compensate for it… but not so horrible that she’s above going back home to momma when her broke butt needs help.

I see.

What I really want to ask is who the hell is going to pay for the medical care of those 8 premature babies that are still in the hospital? Who the hell is going to support all those daggone kids period?

Certainly not this woman.

That burden, like so many others, will continue to be carried by taxpayers.


Meanwhile, her state of residence (again- California), is dealing with a $62 billion budget shortfall.


Apparently, she believes her only responsibility was to bring these poor babies into the world… now that she’s done that much, it’s everyone else’s job to figure out how in God’s name she’s supposed to actually support them.

What a selfish beast.

For those who are interested, I hear she set up a website to accept donations.

Checks and credit cards are approved forms of payment.

Will you be contributing?

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Pots, Kettles, Obama and Guantanamo Bay

One thing is certain- as horrible as the political commentary on Fox News may be, I am nonetheless grateful for it.

… In my own way.

It keeps me from getting writers’ block, and there’s somethin’ to be said for that!

On the heels of today’s news that President Obama has issued an executive order to shut down Guantanamo Bay (within a year) comes this headline as part of the most recent Fox Forum:

YOU DECIDE: Would You Want Terrorists In Your Back Yard?


Do they think they’ll actually get some viewer responses in the affirmative?

Oh yes! PLEASE put terrorists in my backyard!


Nutty Nancy from Nantucket

No seriously.

I’m wondering if the powers that be over at Faux News honestly believe we are stupid enough to think this particular headline is an actual example of what they claim to be “Fair and Balanced” coverage?



Moving on.

Obviously, there is some speculation that with the closing of Gitmo, some of the prisoners may be housed in the U.S.

This is because  no other country is currently willing to take them.

Representative Murtha (D) has offered to house some of the detainees in his congressional district, should Gitmo actually close its doors.

Clearly this upsets a whole lotta people.

In reading some of the comments on this, I am dumbfounded.

Absolutely dumbfounded.

Many conservative Obama-haters are screaming that the shutting down of Gitmo is a horrific idea… and that the only thing worse than shutting it down would be housing the detainees in this country.


Yeah. That’s an actual comment.

Ok folks.

Pay attention, as this here’s a news flash for ya:

McCain was going to do the same thing.


He really was.

His plan even included housing the detainees at Ft. Leavenworth.


That’s Kansas, for those of y’all who didn’t know.

How’s that for terrorists in your fuckin’ back yard?

Amazing how that works.

When the old-as-dirt white guy wants to do it, he’s a hero… we’re supposed to support him…

… But when the young black guy actually makes it happen, suddenly…

It’s a shitty idea.


Would you say these hypocrites people are the pot or the kettle?

And yeah- Obama is black.

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Sarah Palin, Africa and “the Southern Part of the Country”

For those of you who are sad that John McCain/Sarah Palin lost the election, perhaps this report will make you feel a little better about the way things turned out.

It appears that Sarah Palin never knew Africa was a continent.

She thought it was a country, and that when people refer to “South Africa”, they were merely referring to the southern portion of the country of Africa…

… Not realizing that South Africa is a country itself.


Unbelievable, I know.

Now before you start hoppin’ up and down, yelling about the liberal mainstream media, let me first explain that the source of this information is none other than Fox News.

In fact, it was Fox News’ own chief political correspondent, Carl Cameron, that gave us this delightful morsel of information to begin with.

She didn’t understand, McCain aides told me, that Africa was a continent and not a country and actually asked them if South Africa wasn’t just part of the country as opposed to a country in the continent…

To think that this woman is actually taken seriously by anyone at all chills me to my core.

Realizing that there is, as we speak, a political machine that is gearing up for this woman’s 2012 presidential bid is even worse.

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John McCain, Stewie, Nazis and Socialists

One of the top stories today on Fox News is entitled, “Did ‘Family Guy’ Go Too Far With Nazi ‘McCain’ Pin?”.

When I saw it, I laughed.

I then feverishly searched YouTube for a clip from the episode in question.

I have to wonder… if ‘Family Guy’ went too far in depicting McCain supporters as Nazis, does that then mean McCain supporters have gone too far in depicting Obama as a Socialist?


Ok then…

… I guess I just don’t get it…

‘Family Guy’ creator Seth McFarlane didn’t even call McCain a Nazi… he depicted McCain’s supporters as Nazis (not an inaccurate representation if some of the comments I get on this site are any indication)…

Yet many of McCain’s supporters attack Obama directly, calling him- personally- a Socialist.


So if McCain’s supporters are Nazis, does that make him Hitler?

I mean, if it’s ok for one side to do it, it must be ok for the other side too…


Somehow I doubt it’s that simple.

Regardless, you gotta love hypocrisy at its finest…

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Pigs, John McCain and Changing Tides

Well, it looks like the tide is beginning to change.

Poor old (and I do mean old) McCain-the-Maverick has had a challenging last few days.

Seems even Republicans- some of which are very near the top of John McCain’s campaign- have had enough.

Karl Rove, in a statement that made me wonder if I should begin building a bunker in preparation for the Apocolypse, has stated McCain/Palin have gone too far with their most recent round of damn lies Obama-truth-stretching.


Let’s allow that to sink in for a moment.

It’s worth repeating:

Karl Rove thinks the McCain camp has gone too far.


Now that’s sayin’ somethin’.

In addition, Carly Fiorina has said- more than once- that neither John McCain nor Sarah Palin have what it takes to run a major corporation.

That ain’t a good thing… I mean… to ask the obvious question… if you can’t run a company… um… can you really run a country?

Hell no you can’t.

Sources say that while Ms. Fiorina will continue her membership of the Republican National Committee, and will remain the head of McCain’s joint fundraising committee, she is being punished severely for being such a bad girl.

Carly was scheduled to give quite a few interviews over the coming days… all of which have now been…



To quote a source (anonymous, of course) from the McCain camp, “Carly will now disappear”.


Sounds ominous.

The Rove/Fiorina fiascoes came while McCain was being called out for his lies by the ladies of The View, while his campaign spokesman- Tucker Bounds– was getting killed for their organization’s- again- lies- by a Fox News anchor no less… all while various Republican pundits were giving written statements to news publications about what a horrific veep choice McCain made- not to mention how desperate and disgusting his… yep, you guessed it… lies and smears have become.

I’m noticing a common denominator here… lots of folks are calling McCain a liar.

Over and over again.


Meanwhile, as Alan Greenspan was declaring that our economy is the worst he’s seen in his entire career… McCain was busy saying the opposite- that it’s “fundamentally strong”.


The Senator was also forced to concede during an interview that contrary to the claims of his campaign, his own words, as well as his recent ads…

Obama did not, in fact, call Sarah Palin a pig.

Well duh.

But Whatever.

Moving on…

Just when it stopped bein’ fun out there for Mr. McCain, his young cohort “Pit-Bull-Palin-the-Hockey-Mom” was getting killed in the press as well… the Bridge to Nowhere that she was for before she was against… her fight to keep her husband’s e-mails secret with regards to the Troopergate scandal… her insatiable (and vindictive) appetite for firing people for merely looking at her the wrong way… the realization that all the Communications degrees in the world (I don’t care how many different colleges you went to) won’t teach you that Georgia is not part of NATO… or what the Bush Doctrine really is…

Throughout all of it, McCain’s puppy dogs are doing their best to keep our focus on such bullshit as lipstick, pigs and sex ed for Kindergartners.


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Colin Powell, Barack Obama and the DNC

I just saw a report that gave me butterflies in my stomach… and I almost literally began jumping for joy.

Fox News is exclusively reporting that Colin Powell will be endorsing Barack Obama for President.


This is huge.

According to the article, Powell will make his endorsement official while giving a speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Wait… What?

Powell’s speaking at the Democratic National Convention??

I’m barely even breathing at this point…

Really- I’m pinching myself.

As far as I’m concerned, Colin Powell has only two flaws-

One, he’s Republican (which hell, I can easily forgive, if he’s plannin’ on shaping up and acting right from here on out) and two, he was the Secretary of State during George W.’s first term… which, um, unfortunately, was the term in which we invaded Iraq.

Whatever- he’s not running for office- Obama is! So what if Powell erred a teeny bit in helping Bush plot what ultimately became the biggest, most expensive blunder in the history of our country?

I don’t think Powell was actually hired to do much other than agree with Bush anyway, and who knows how much worse this nightmare would have turned out, had he not been around to do a little damage control. Hard to imagine, but honestly, do we really know what all Bush would have demolished… er… accomplished had he not had his side-kick Powell right next to him?

Regardless, Colin Powell is a superstar, and if he is in fact endorsing Obama, it’s quite likely that Obama has just won the election.

If this is real, we may as well swear Barack Obama into office now.

In the meantime Powell’s people say none of this is true, and that he won’t be endorsing anyone… but those who claim to be in the know seem to be certain it’s all about Obama.

(Crashing back down to earth)

My mom always said, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


The truth will all come out eventually… either Powell’s speaking at the DNC or he isn’t… either he’s gonna endorse Obama or he won’t.

In the meantime, this girl will keep right on hoping against hope that Fox News got it right this time… I’ll keep reading the articles online, experiencing something dangerously close to an orgasm over this…

… and try not to feel too disappointed if it all turns out to be a lie.