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Going Rogue, Sarah Palin Style

Sarah Palin is back.

She’s back with a bang, it seems, as she gets ready to release her long-awaited book “Going Rogue” on Tuesday, November 17.

As is often the case with the much anticipated, the book has been obtained by any number of news outlets, and is being heavily discussed.

According to Amazon, “Going Rogue traces one ordinary citizen’s extraordinary journey and imparts Palin’s vision of a way forward for America and her unfailing hope in the greatest nation on earth.”

Well ok.

But that doesn’t really address the meat of the book, now does it?

Mrs. Palin makes many bold claims (which is nothing new), and leaves one wondering whether she knows she isn’t getting the facts right and simply doesn’t care, or if she really does believe the nonsense she spews.

Perhaps her publisher’s decision to bypass the utilization of an actual fact checker was to save money?

The reality is, her supporters will take her word no matter what the truth actually is. Those of us that are not fans will be accused of simply bashing her, no matter that she’s spreading lies and further polarizing this country.

Oh well.


While attempting to dig into some of the issues Palin tries to address in her book, some outright falsehoods hit me a little harder than others. There are a ton of half-truths and complete fabrications, but in the interest of time, I’ll  just address the three that most royally pissed me off.

First, she blames Barack Obama for the federal bailout of Wall Street, when in fact George W. Bush was the one who bailed out the financial sector… and when he did so, back in 2008, Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate, was a huge supporter of his doing so. To be  more specific, John McCain voted for the bailout, and George W. Bush actually signed it.

In fact, in September of 2008, during her now-infamous Katie Couric interview, she said, “ultimately what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the health care reform that is needed to help shore up our economy.” Granted, it was a completely convoluted response, because Palin obviously had no clue what the hell the bailout was designed to do, but nevertheless, she offered her support of it.

Considering she did so almost two full months before voters even flocked  to the polls to elect our new president, one has to wonder…

… How’s this Obama’s fault again?

Unfortunately, that’s not all. A month after the disasterous Couric interview, in October, during the vice presidential debate, Palin goes on to praise McCain’s support of the bailout package, claiming that he had been “instrumental in bringing folks together” to pass it.


So… let me get this straight- she was for the bailout before she was against it, right?

Sounds familiar somehow.

Anyway, I digress.

Next, Palin waxes nostalgic by reincarnating Ronald Reagan and the recession of the early 1980s. She fondly fabricates recalls the good ol’ days when Ron was in charge, claiming that the recession back then was way worse than the current recession Obama is battling. She thinks Obama needs to follow Reagan’s lead and do away with the estate tax (death tax) altogether and cut capital gains taxes.


First of all, the recession of the ’80s was not worse than the current recession, considering the recession in the ’80s lasted 16 months from start to finish, and our recession is now entering its 23rd month. True, unemployment back in the ’80s topped 10.8% compared to our current 10.2%, but the numbers are rising quickly, so hang in there.

I’m really not trying to get into a “my recession is bigger than yours” pissing contest here, but Palin, once again, could have benefited greatly from the use of a fact checker on her staff.

It is also important to note that Reagan did NOT slay the death tax, and the capital gains taxes are lower today than they were when Saint Reagan was president.

Funny how that works out.

Finally, let’s talk about that great independent state of Alaska, shall we? In her book, Palin attempts to defend her decision not to utilize the federal stimulus money because her state is much too independent to accept money from the federal government.

I believe she calls the feds “busy bodies”.

A little research will reveal that for every dollar in federal taxes Alaskans pay, they receive $1.84 back in the form of federal subsidies.

Uh… let’s think about this.

Alaskans pay federal taxes like the rest of us do… but their “independent” state, the very same one  Palin claims is much too libertarian  (her word, not mine) to be helped by those crazy feds, is actually receiving back a hundred and eighty-four pennies for every hundred they put into the pot?

That’s a helluva rate of return!

I wish I could be independent like the Alaskans.

I suppose the bottom line is this- Sarah Palin is a sensationalist who has no more an idea of what she’s talking about than she did when she was John McCain’s running mate.

Supporters will hail her as queen of Conservatives.

The rest of us will just continue to think she’s an idiot.

Oh well.

At least she’s entertaining.