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Mike Tyson, Donald Trump and the ’80s Icons

Oh. Ma. Jesus.

In the “this election cannot be for real” category, we learn Mike Tyson has endorsed Donald Trump for President.

He’s confident Trump is just an “average guy, like everyone else” who needs “time to grow”. He also doesn’t think The Donald means what he says about immigrants and Latinos.

Trump obviously meant every word he said. When someone shows you their true colors, believe them.

Looks to me like this is just one ’80s icon giving support to another ’80s icon, giving no thought whatsoever to any actual political issues and social challenges we’re facing today.

As in, 2015.

Tyson & Trump in the days of yore
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Progress, Elections and the GOP

Obviously, the loss Republicans suffered on November 6th was crushing. As Democrats successfully re-elected Barack Obama and picked up numerous congressional seats, the GOP was horrified to watch as they were hit with massive blow after blow.

Now as political pundits and every-day citizens alike begin to weigh in, many on the right are projecting a doom-and-gloom outlook. Some are even lamenting the loss of liberty forever. Others are predicting something akin to apocolypse, as if the world we live in has literally come to an end.

I agree that the world we used to live in seems to be dying. Different than my Republican counterparts, however, I couldn’t be happier about it. No longer can a political party run a campaign based on lies, based on the promised alienation of entire groups of citizens, and expect to win.

That’s what I call Progress, and I am thrilled to have played a small role in helping to achieve it.

Curious, however, is that behind all the complaining and panic, I have heard very little from the GOP regarding changes their own party needs to make to ensure history doesn’t continue to repeat itself.

If the consequences of this election are so massive, to the point where Americans have lost their liberty, their democracy, and are now a socialist nation as conservatives seem to be claiming, why wasn’t that the focal point of the campaigns the Republicans ran? I see many on the right lamenting the fact that voters voted on social issues, as opposed to what they view as more important issues.

However, I can point to several examples of Republican candidates actively turning their campaigns into referendums on social issues. Whether accurate or not, the impression of many is that the GOP ran on issues like Akin’s and Murdouch’s rape policies, an unwillingness to support gay rights (though polls have long showed most Americans support these rights), and a perceived war on women and minorities (especially Latinos). It’s easy for some people to complain that Democrats hijacked the election, making it solely social issues, but for many of us- who feel the Republican Party at best disregarded us and at worst displayed open hostility against us- we had no choice BUT to vote on social issues.

The fact is, women, minorities and homosexuals were made to feel their very rights were at risk. 

I would have been severely disappointed had Obama lost the election, so I empathize and in some ways understand the Republican response to Romney’s loss. What I have a hard time feeling sympathy for are the actual politicians and handlers that managed these campaigns. Whether or not you agree or disagree, there were millions of people who felt completely ostracized and abandoned by the GOP, believing the only way to preserve their voice in their own country was to vote against that machine.

Republicans ran a campaign that purposefully spoke only to white male voters. Our nation is much more diverse than that. In this way may of us found ourselves voting not for one man over the other, but for a party that we felt represented us.

The GOP has to broaden its appeal, or yes, they will continue to lose.

No party- Democrat or Republican- is going to be able to win an election when the candidates are only attempting to reach a tiny subset of the entire population. Democrats wouldn’t have won the election had they ONLY catered to blacks, or ONLY gay people, etc.

You have to speak to people before you can expect their support.

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F#@! YOU, 4 More Years!

I couldn’t have said it any better than this particular blogger did. So I won’t even try. Enjoy!

I do not plan on speaking much on this election.  I hope to say what I have to now and not much after this.  Truth is, regardless of who won we have great challenges in our nation and we have a lot of work to do.  No need to recite all the details regarding the economy, jobs, education, the military and so forth.

Still, I don’t mind acknowledging that this election was different than any other I have been involved in. The first time Barack Obama was elected it was special.  It was unbelievable to me. I never thought I would see a person of color in the White House.  And for those thinking that’s all I’m about, you would be wrong.  In other words, I could have voted for a Colin Powell presidency, while Clarence Thomas’ supreme court appointment and Herman Cain’s candidacy can go kick rocks!  Most people who look like me can joyfully celebrate accomplishments by people of color from a historical perspective of where we’ve come from, but we are not hung up on color for the sake of color sake.  As the old folks used to say, “Everyone who’s my skin folk, ain’t necessarily my kin folk.”  I voted for The President the first time because I believed in his vision and what he stood for.  His skin color was a caveat, not even close to a deciding factor.

That being said it wasn’t hard at all to recognize and understand all of the racist vitriol surrounding the White House since Obama was elected four years ago.  From the beginning as surprised as I was that he was elected, for racist Caucasians, they were equally enraged.  Rush Limbaugh exclaimed, “I hope he fails!”  Joe Wilson went ballistic with his “You lie!” blast in a display of disrespect to the office never seen before.  Mitch McConnell let it be known that his #1 priority was making The President a one termer.


John Boehner stood opposite whatever President Obama stood for, even if Obama changed to Boehner’s position. 

The First Lady couldn’t even promote fighting childhood obesity without being attacked.

Jan Brewer put her finger in the face of The President as if she was ready to scrap!

I could go on.  But let me get to my points.  I’m exhausted.  The President, myself and a whole lot of black folks, progressives etc. have taken a lot of shit over the last four years.  We have heard it all.  Now it’s our turn.  Others can say what they need to, but I will speak for myself!  In my Cee Lo Green voice, I present “F#@! YOU” notices to the following:

Mitch McConnell: F#@! YOU, 4 More Years!  Try working for the American people and not against the black guy for a change!

John Boehner: F#@! YOU, 4 More Years! Focus more on helping our nation and less on your tan!

Rush Limbaugh: F#@! YOU, 4 More Years!  Looks like YOU failed! Send your Mexican nanny to the pharmacist for more drugs you fat assed blubbering dope fiend! 

Todd Akin: F#@! YOU, 4 More Years! Guess the women of Missouri “did that thing” to shut your ass down!


Tavis Smiley and Cornel West: F#@! YOU, 4 More Years!  Yep I said it.  You have toured the nation perpetrating the fraud about a “Black Agenda” while you never asked Bush, Clinton or any other president to do the same. My president cares for all people… including black people.  It was insulting and ignorant that you tried to lay ever problem within the African-American community as his feet and expect him to focus on those and those alone.  You both are frauds!

Fox News: F#@! YOU, 4 More Years!  Hey look at it this way, your ratings will remain steady with the racist who will tune in and hear you whine, lie and avoid the real issue which is that White male domination is blowing away with the wind.  Another generation and a half, and you may only have 7 viewers listeners using a CB radio!

Sara Palin: F#@! YOU, 4 More Years!  How’s that for “shuckin’ and jiving?”

Business Owners who threatened their employees: That what foul what you did trying to intimidate your workers.  Quite desperate too!  None of Obama’s policies hurt your businesses especially.  You get every tax break in the world!  If you fail, its more likely because of your shotty business decisions. F#@! YOU, 4 More Years!

People who said Colin Powell voted for Obama because he was black:  Yea, how many of you voted for McCain and Romney because they were white?  Yea that’s what I thought…. F#@! YOU, 4 More Years!

Republicans, those who tried to disenfranchise minority voters: Them days are over!  We aren’t allowing you to get away with that any longer!  Get a clue!  You lost in every court, including the Supreme Court!  And the only people who were caught attempting to commit voter fraud were REPUBLICANS!  F#@! YOU, 4 More Years! 

Mitt Romney: Oh yea I ain’t forgot about you geechie!  F#@! YOU, 4 More Years!… sincerely the 47%!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a 4:20 flight to catch to Denver. 



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Sex Ed, Little Girls and the GOP

When Muslims go nuts and do really crazy, detrimental things to others, we call them extremists.

When Christians do it, we call them the GOP.

In Tennessee, lawmakers have passed the Gateway Sexual Activity Law, banning sex education teachers from educating students on such behavior as hugging, kissing and safe sex.

Teachers that insist on talking about contraception will be punished. Educators will face fines totalling up to $500 for violating the state’s abstinence-only policies.

Somehow, legislators and supporters of the bill believe this will keep kids from having sex.

One cannot help but wish the powers-that-be would have taken the time to look at available data before wasting valuable resources on such nonsense. Studies have shown that abstinence-only education does not lower teen pregnancy rates, nor has it made children wait any longer before becoming sexually active. Once these kids do start having sex, they’re not doing so with any fewer partners either.

So what, exactly, is the point?

The key to safe children that are not having babies in their teens and are not contracting and spreading STDs lies in their own heads, their own hearts. Teenagers experiment- sexually and otherwise- and always have. We need to be arming our children with the proper tools, and we can only do that by having open, honest conversations with them. This includes talking about everything- from emotional needs and self-esteem, to masturbation, condoms, and safe sex.

Ideally, much of this education is provided inside the home, given by parents and caregivers, but realistically, that doesn’t always happen. By handicapping the schools, limiting the scope so drastically on what educators can and cannot discuss, we are ultimately harming those kids that need to hear it the most. If they aren’t getting good, solid facts from home, and are no longer getting it from their schools, where are they getting it?

Their friends, perhaps?

I once had a friend tell me that as long as you have sex standing up, you can’t get pregnant.

That’s not the kind of education I want my children to receive.

At the end of the day, it is our children, our women-in-training, our little girls that pay the heaviest price for the lack of education. Our daughters are getting pregnant at alarming rates, and it is these children, those that are least able to take care of themselves, that deserve the benefit of complete education, that are being forgotten about.

This is yet another policy, another example of a GOP agenda that for reasons unexplained, is out to punish women and little girls.

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Romney- Curse of the Moderate Mormon

I was initially concerned when, last Tuesday, we saw Rick Santorum kick Mitt Romney’s patootie in the caucuses in CO and MN, as well as Missouri’s Primary.

I thought, “Really? My state prefers SANTORUM?!”

Later, however, I started to laugh.

Truly, Romney’s defeat in these three states is both hilarious and, much as I can’t stand Santorum, positive.

Well, positive if you’re a Progressive, anyway.

Most political pundits- regardless of party affiliation- agree on one thing:

The only man in the GOP race who has what it takes to give Obama any sort of challenge is Mitt Romney. Santorum cannot beat Obama, nor can Gingrich. These two men may be the darlings of the ultra-right, but they definitely do not speak for the masses- even the conservative mass.

Most Republicans, believe it or not, don’t want to outlaw birth control, a la Rick Santorum.

Similarly, most PEOPLE, in general, cannot stand Newt Gingrich. Not to be crass, but no, we have not forgotten his rabid attack on Bill Clinton, managed between sessions of screwing his mistress in the backseat of his car.

It’s bad enough to be a jackass- we’ve come to expect that from our politicians- but a hypocritical jackass?

Now that’s just too much!

This leaves Romney (because as entertaining and cute as little Ron Paul may be, he ain’t winning the nomination for anything, let alone President of the United States).

Romney has a lot of challenges. He’s stinkin’ rich, he has an avid dislike of the poor… but his biggest challenge stems from the fact that he is, in fact, a moderate (oh, the horror!).

As governor of Massachusetts, Romney supported various pro-choice bills, and of course, we can’t forget Romneycare (I know it’s old news, and quite tired, but I still have to say it- Romney was for Universal Healthcare before he was against it).

Oh- and let’s not forget, because it’s really important to some- Romney is a devil worshipper Mormon. What’s a political race if it doesn’t include a little bigotry, right?

I digress.

While Romney’s past as governor may put sane middle-of-the-road folks at ease, it has become a huge thorn in the side of the GOP. Rather than rally behind the guy, understanding that he’s the best shot they have at winning the White House, the party has become splintered, full of factions of varying-degrees of conservatism. Romney has found himself in a position where he must fight liberals and conservatives. His middle-of-the-road past, something most voters prefer in a politician, has become one of his biggest challenges.

It’s reminiscent of the Democrats’ woes, during the epic battle of the Barack Obama vs. Hilary Clinton days of yore. The difference is, during the Obama/Clinton showdown, there were only two participants in the ring.

This race seems a bit more crowded, no?

Regardless, the Republican Party needs to come to an understanding:

Mitt Romney is their guy.


Allowing silly distractions like Gingrich and Santorum into the equation does nothing but sidetrack the Republicans from their only chance at winning this thing. If the fringe keeps feeding the egos of Gingrich and Santorum, they will make Obama’s run for re-election a simple one- and a slam-dunk victory.

After all these months, after all the millions paid to PACs and Super-PACs, new suits, speechwriters…

… One would think the GOP would have gotten a little more serious by now.

The fact that by February, in an election year, states are still reporting Rick Santorum as the front-runner in anything truly is…

… Well, hilarious.

On second thought, keep up the good work!

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Herman Cain, Sinking Ships and the Tea Party Princess

… at the beginning of the day, I hadn’t recalled as much as by the end of the day.”

So said Herman Cain, during a Fox News interview with Neil Cavuto while discussing the allegations of sexual harassment against him. Cain was referring to the fact that when first asked about the allegations, he conveniently remembered nothing- that is, until he realized that those pesky women were not going to disappear.

Suddenly, by his own admission, his memory improved. The more detailed the accusations, the more clear it became that this wasn’t going to go away, the better his recollection.


Since these allegations hit the news waves, Cain has been on a non-stop publicity tour, speaking to any number of media outlets. He says he wants to be as visible as possible, sharing with the world that he “doesn’t have anything to hide”.

Cain wants us to believe he is being upfront about these allegations, but in reality, he spends most of his time piling on slightly hysterical-sounding denials. On the rare occasion that he’s willing to talk about it (only to sympathetic conservative news outlets, ironically) he  peppers his denials with inconsistent statements.

First, he has no recollection of the incidents in question.

Next, he backs away from his assertion of amnesia, instead blaming his unwillingness to answer these accusations on the fact that the women in question were choosing to remain anonymous. How can he answer accusations from people who refuse to come forward and identify themselves?

So Politico provided him with the name of one of his accusers.

He still refused to answer.

Cain did eventually go on to confess that he had vague knowledge of the incidents in question, then later still admitted he was extremely familiar with the investigations and fully recalls them…

… Though he swore he had no idea about the financial settlements.

Some say we owe Cain the benefit of the doubt, as he’s found himself in a “he said, she said” situation in which no solid evidence of his lurid behavior has been brought to light.

Others claim that Cain is being attacked by left-wing liberals who simply hate the fact that a conservative black man is running for office (Cain himself has blamed Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and most recently, liberals). He wants America to believe the allegations against him are simply part of a vast Democrat conspiracy, liberals bent on sending him straight to hell.


Then how come the sole woman willing to come out and accuse Cain publicly is actually a conservative?

Wait- it gets even better- not only is she a conservative, but she’s a teabagger member of the Tea Party.

Ooh. There goes that whole Liberal-Left-Wing-Conspiracy theory.

That I do not trust nor believe Herman Cain has nothing to do with his politics, and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin. My views instead have everything to do with his own behavior, his tactics in choosing how to (or how not to) address the allegations laid at his feet.

This is not a “he said, she said” situation.

It is a “he said, they said” scenario.


As in plural.

This is not a situation in which some crazy lone-wolf of a woman has come out of the woodwork and made baseless allegations against a man of power. There are women, all of which are saying the exact same thing.

As Cain attempts to convince us that he is not, in fact, a boneheaded sexist pig (anybody see the most recent debate, by the way? Where he calls Rep. Nancy Pelosi “Princess Pelosi”? Oh Sorry. I digress), he puts himself in a situation that invites more questions than answers. His “recollection” of the events in question change and evolve as the women’s allegations become more clear and detailed.

In a single day he goes from having zero memory of these incidents to suddenly remembering them, albeit not clearly.

Next, by his own statements, we learn that actually, his recollection of the events are crystal clear- but only where the investigations are concerned.

Financial settlements?

What financial settlements?

Even on this point, his memory has inexplicably improved, and now remembers that the National Restaurant Association, while under his direction, did pay these women some money.

First he said it was $10,000.

Next, it was $45,000.

But, he says, those were separation agreements, not financial settlements, the funds were paid without his knowledge.


Cain expects people to simply swallow his contention that despite the fact that he was president of the National Restaurant Association during the time the allegations were made against him, he had no knowledge that the organization- people who worked for him- entered into financial settlements with the women who- it bears repeating- were making allegations against him.

Look- I know that was a monster of a run-on sentence, but it was necessary.

Read it again.

Cain simply refuses to give Americans credit for having a brain. He refuses to acknowledge that as individual people we are capable of forming our own opinions based on the evidence- yes, even circumstantial- laid before us. This despite the nonsense he continuously tries to force-feed us.

If it walks like a duck…

The story has completely fallen apart. Cain did that to himself. His own words, his own contradictions, his own back-pedaling has made him unbelievable in the eyes of the public. The Democrats didn’t do it to him, nor did his skin color.

He simply did it to himself.


And that, my friends, is the sound of a sinking ship.

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Rick Perry = Drunken Idiot?

Rick Perry recently gave a speech in New Hampshire.

Some people say he seemed…

… Uh…

A bit under the influence.

I watched the video- analyzed it, really.

I think he was drunk- or on drugs.

Either way, God help us if he was sober, and people actually take him seriously.


I think John Stewart was right when he said:

 Best-case scenario, that dude’s hammered. Worst-case scenario, that is Perry sober, and every time we’ve seen him previously, he’s been hammered.

You be the judge:

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FOX News: Cain Harassment Issue: Who Said What to Whom?

Cain Harassment Issue: Who Said What to Whom?

I’m guessing Herman Cain never heard the old adage, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”.

We are beginning to learn more details of the sexual harassment allegations against the quirky candidate. Most recently, another allegation, made by an altogether different woman has surfaced, adding to the previous two on record.

… And then there were three.

As for Cain’s bid for the Presidency, it’s over- even if he refuses to admit it.

Rather than speak on the topic of these allegations in any intelligent fashion, he points the finger at Rick Perry, then Mitt Romney, and oh, look! He’s back to pointing at Perry again!

I’m getting dizzy.

Slightly nauseated too.

This guy is disgusting.

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Bull Connor, Robert Bentley and the Pride of Alabama

Each time history repeats itself, the price goes up.

I have no idea who came up with that quote, but whoever it was is indeed a wise one.

60 years ago, a Civil Rights war was waged and won. Both a product of the south and bi-racial, I am proud of my history and ever-conscious of it. I love going back home and touring plantations, walking through the many museums that document in breathtaking detail what seems like every moment of our racially-intolerant past- from the Civil War through the Civil Rights Movement.

Years ago, when my (now) 13 year old was about five, I took her to a plantation just outside of Richmond, VA. After walking through the beautifully landscaped grounds, we came across a real cotton field; one that still produces to this day. I made my child get out there and start picking it. What better way to illustrate the back-breaking work her ancestors were forced to perform? I was grateful for the opportunity to show her, and for just a moment, she lived her history.

The beautiful home and land we had been visiting took on a different look to her that day.

One of the greatest things about the south is its willingness- its openness- to address its bloody history. Nowhere is human progress more apparent to me than when I have the opportunity to go home and see for myself how far we have come in such a short amount of time.

The good guys won that war. I just wish I could say the story is over now, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Unfortunately, however, that’s not the case. There has been a heartbreaking backslide in our country, and yes (or most especially, perhaps) it is happening in the south.

On its surface, the battle may not look like the one our Civil Rights heroes fought all those years ago, but if one takes just a moment to look below the surface, the similarities are chilling.

Back in the ‘50s and ‘60s, the Movement was fought to end segregation against blacks.

Today, we are (again) called to fight against segregation, racism and hatred. This time, however, the brown people being targeted are not African American; they are instead Latino…

… More specifically, they are Mexican.

Nationwide, debates have been ongoing, with politicians from every corner of the country weighing in on immigration. They speak in general terms, but everyone knows it is not the Canadians we want off our soil.

It’s those dirty Mexicans.

They’re gangbangers, after all.

Drug Lords.



They’re stealing our jobs.

Besides- don’t they know it’s illegal for them to be here? Send them home!

Cue angry mob with pitchforks and torches

Alabama has recently passed one of the worst pieces of hate-legislation this country has ever seen. Its target is Mexican immigrants. The legislation is called HB56 (I’m told- though I don’t believe it- the HB does not stand for Hate Bill), and if you click here you can read it in its entirety.

Generally speaking, the bill legalizes the terrorization of Latinos. Some of its highpoints include:

  • Allowing local law enforcement to demand papers from and detain those they believe are in the country illegally, even if the reason for stopping the person had nothing to do with immigration status (during a traffic stop, for example).
  • Making it a crime for undocumented immigrants to hold a job in Alabama, and make it a crime for any immigrant in the state to be caught without documentation proving status.
  • Making it illegal to sign a contract with undocumented immigrants, to knowingly rent property to them, to knowingly hire them for jobs.
  • Requiring businesses to use E-Verify, the government database of names, to check employees’ legal status.

The bill doesn’t stop there. It even attacks the children of immigrants, requiring every single school to obtain each student’s immigration status, to be turned over to state administrators. The bill also makes it illegal for any undocumented student to obtain any type of post-high school education in the state.

The obvious objective of this bill is to scare the little brown people, with the hope of forcing Mexicans out of this country- or at the very least, out of the state.

You ain’t gotta go home, but you can’t stay here!

Republicans, typically and true to form, have resorted to scare-tactics to garner public support of the hate-filled drivel contained in HB56.

Alabama state representative (and Republican co-sponsor of the bill) Scott Beason told his constituents that the bill will “put thousands of Alabamians back to work”.

Really? GREAT!!

Except that it’s a lie.

An outright complete and total, ignorant lie.

Since the bill was passed, hundreds (if not thousands) of immigrants have fled the state of Alabama. In addition to being too afraid to send their children to school, they have abandoned their jobs.

Almost none of the many newly created job openings have been filled.


Because those hardworking pariahs of society are so desperate to survive in this country, so desperate to create better lives for themselves and their families that they are willing to do the kind of work that no one else is willing to do. The work is back breaking, and it is done by undocumented immigrants in abhorrent and dangerous conditions for mere pennies.

It’s the kind of work you couldn’t pay one of “us” to do.

Critics and supporters alike agree that this bill makes even Arizona’s immigration laws look like child’s play, and from the looks of things, Alabama is just getting started.

Those who sponsored this bill justify the hatred found in its contents by reminding the nation that it is against the law to be an undocumented person in this country. They justify their support by making themselves out to be the victims, with undocumented Mexicans the perpetrators of a terrible crime.

Gone is the memory that not too long ago, segregation was legal in the south. It was legal for white people to trample all over the Constitutional rights of black people. It was legal to put a black man in jail for speaking to a white woman. It was legal to keep a black person from voting, or to keep black people from eating with, living near and being educated with white people.

Simply making something legal doesn’t make it right.

I recently had the opportunity to attend the funeral of Civil Rights icon Fred Shuttlesworth. It was wonderful to have a chance to pay my respects to a bona-fide hero, but even more rewarding was the opportunity I had to listen to many great people pay homage to him. Among those who spoke was the current governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley.

Bentley, a Republican, gave a beautiful tribute to both Shuttlesworth and the Movement in general. He spoke eloquently about Alabama’s racial history, and said adamantly- passionately, even- that we can never allow history to repeat itself. His words were moving, and it definitely added a level of legitimacy, hearing these truths spoken by a white conservative.

What Governor Bentley did not address, unfortunately, is his unwavering, undying and thoroughly mortifying support of HB56.

The hypocrisy is astounding.

This man was able to stand up and speak truth to power when it came to the historic plight of one group of people with brown skin. Simultaneously, however, he supports- and is actively causing– the systematic dismantling of the human rights of different group of brown people.

Governor Bentley, with the help of Alabama’s super-majority Republican legislature has legalized the outright abuse and hatred of fellow human beings.

I know one thing- Bull Connor sure would be proud.

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Sarah Palin Has an English Speaking Problem

I saw this article and was instantly excited, as it perfectly illustrates my thoughts.

Once one translates the babble we know and love as Palin-Speak, we realize her Paul Revere comments were only somewhat inaccurate. Certainly not as horrifically off base as some would have us believe.

The bigger problem, in my opinion, is that we are constantly being forced to translate the would-be presidential candidate’s words. If we don’t, opting instead to let her words speak for themselves, all we are left with is strange babble.

Certainly her weekend ramble contained a few keywords: warning shots, bells, Paul Revere, Americans, British, militia…

It’s a strange conglomeration of folksy-talk, political speak, and nonsense. I’m reminded of the worksheets my children did as homework assignments in early elementary school, where the teacher would give the students clues- key words, some pictures, perhaps- and they had to create a coherent sentence based on the provided contectual clues.

That we all have to participate in that very same chilhood type of excercise just to understand what in the world the woman is trying to say is both puzzling and worrisome.

On the plus side, however, boring she is not!

Or, if you prefer, is boring not she.