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Darwin, Evolution and the Battle of the Bible

Charles Darwin- the evolution guy- has a birthday comin’ up.

He’ll be 200.

In light of this fact, Gallup has done a survey of American adults, trying to determine just how many of us buy into Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

The results were depressing.

Currently, only 4 out of 10 Americans believe in evolution.

Forget depressing.

This shit is downright scary.

Gallup polled just over a thousand adults, and the strongest correlation between answers is education level.

Those with a high school education or less are much less likely to believe in evolution…

… while a whopping 74 percent of those with graduate and post-graduate degrees strongly believe in it.

That’s pretty telling.

I don’t know if I have any readers that do not believe in evolution, but if I do, I would love to hear their thoughts on this topic.

We see things evolve- in some cases, drastically- in our own lifetime… what makes people think even bigger changes haven’t occured over thousands, or millions of years?

Eggs evolve into full-fledged babies… babies evolve into grown men and women… tiny seeds evolve into huge trees… itty bitty buds evolve into beautiful flowers…

These changes occur quickly, sometimes in a matter of days, weeks, or a few short years.

We can see all this… some forms of evolution occur almost in front of our very eyes… leaves seem to change to their fall colors over night…

… And yet something this simple is still the subject of major controversy.

Beyond what we can physically see, the evidence for evolution grows stronger and stronger as we advance scientifically.

Is it a coincidence that we, as humans, share more than 96% of our DNA with chimps?

Is it a coincidence that alligators and crocodiles can be traced back millions of years… giving credence to Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory?

Those nasty creatures are ferocious!

I guess the question on the minds of many is whether science trumps religion.

I personally don’t understand why we have to choose one over the other.

The Bible, if not taken literally, if instead read for its interpretive value, can certainly be used in conjunction with Science.

Certainly one can be a devout Christian and still believe in Evolution, survival of the fittest, and even the Big Bang Theory.

The understanding that my species, as well as all others, evolved over time, culminating in the universe as we now know it, does not make me the slightest bit uncomfortable, nor does it counter my personal spiritual beliefs in any way.

God has a plan…

… an ever-changing, ever evolving, absolutely magnificent plan.

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin.