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John Edwards, Perfect Timing and Ken Dolls

The world truly is coming to an end.

Plus I have to eat a little crow, on account of a previous post of mine… which makes me a little grouchy.

I do hate being wrong, but here goes nothin’…

The National Enquirer, it appears, was absolutely right about John Edwards.


Actually, I really am not surprised that Edwards cheated on his wife- but I am pretty shocked that the Enquirer was the publication that broke the story… I guess I would have expected it to come from… oh I don’t know… just about anywhere else.

When the Enquirer becomes a legitimate news source, I believe it is time to build a bunker underground and get the heck out of dodge. The apocolypse is surely upon us.


I really like John Edwards’ politics, so I’m a bit disappointed in him right now. Mostly though, I’m sad for what his wife must be going through.


Obviously, his personal policy on fidelity isn’t quite as fabulous as his public policy on poverty. 




Plus I wouldn’t exactly be shocked if- despite his denials- it turns out that the purty-boy is indeed the father of Rielle Hunter’s child.




Let’s see- she refused to name a papa on the birth certificate, she refuses to agree to a paternity test, and either Edwards or his minions have been giving her financial support to the tune of fifteen grand a month…


Sounds downright fishy to me!


Ahh well… good luck proving a damn thing… he says he can’t possibly be this kid’s dad…


…cuz of the timing of the affair.


Um… timing?


Did this genius not wear a daggone condom on top of everything else… and timing is the only reason he’s sure he can’t be this kid’s father?




To add insult to injury, I don’t even know whether these two are actually finished with each other or not.


Does the boot-knockin’ continue as we speak? 


After all, the only reason this story blew up to begin with was because Mr. Hot Stuff was seen visiting Mz. Hunter and her (their?) child at a Beverly Hills Hotel- just last month.


His wife is battling cancer for the 2nd time, and has said it is incurable… and while it seems the affair likely began prior to her first diagnosis, I can’t imagine that coming to realize her hunk-of-a-hubby is still visiting this woman could possibly strike her as good news.


She certainly could do without the stress.


Of course, Edwards claims the affair ended back in 2006, and the only reason he was visiting her most recently- in a hotel for God’s sake- was because she was having some personal problems and rang him up to come on over.


Well damn.


If the affair has ended- and he’s trying to fix the relationship with his wife… who’s dying… why not just tell his ex woman-on-the-side to tell her problems to her shrink? Call a girlfriend or something. If he absolutely had to meet up with her, why do it in such an incriminating place as a swanky hotel- with her baby in tow?


There have to be other, more appropriate semi-private places in which to meet a purely platonic friend.




Well the guy lacks judgment, that’s for certain.


Not only does Edwards somewhat physically resemble a plastic Ken Doll… he apparently has the brains of one too.

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The Enquirer, Fox News and John Edwards

Boy am I cranky!

Not sure if I’m suffering from system overload or what… but I’m damn grumpy today.

What’s this about John Edwards’ secret rendezvous in a Beverly Hills hotel with his mistress and love child? More importantly, who cares? Is meeting your secret lover and child any more a crime these days than any of the other shit these politicians find themselves involved in?

The real story lies in the fact that the National Enquirer is now considered a reputable news source.


When did that happen? If I’d have known it was a respectable publication I would have taken that headline I saw about the lady who gave birth to an alien seriously.


I don’t care that John Edwards has joined the ranks of politicians who can’t keep it in their pants any more than I care that George Bush blames the collapsing economy on the fact that “Wall Street got drunk”.

Seems to me you almost have to be dishonest, slimy and slithering- in the political arena at least- to get anywhere these days. Unless your name rhymes with Osama… in which case people will simply resort to making shit up about you.

I love how Fox News just pounces on this story about Edwards in the Enquirer.

Fair and Balanced my ass.

When the news broke, conservatives were immediately up in arms gasping and declaring, “Well I never!”. I am very much amused by their apparent amnesia… as if Republicans haven’t had their share of sex scandals.

Actually, where Republicans are concerned, it really isn’t a scandal at all unless the male politician involved is married to a woman… and gay.


How quickly we forget! So let me jog the memory…

Remember Republican representative Mark Foley? If you recall, he was diddling teenaged office pages. Boys. Ouch. 

How about good ol’ senator Larry Craig? He’s the guy who tried to bang the undercover cop in the men’s restroom at the airport. He was actually convicted of that one. Double ouch.

None of that shit came from the Enquirer either. If nothing else, all the Edwards-haters out there are doing a great job of showcasing hypocrasy at its finest.