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Going Rogue, Sarah Palin Style

Sarah Palin is back.

She’s back with a bang, it seems, as she gets ready to release her long-awaited book “Going Rogue” on Tuesday, November 17.

As is often the case with the much anticipated, the book has been obtained by any number of news outlets, and is being heavily discussed.

According to Amazon, “Going Rogue traces one ordinary citizen’s extraordinary journey and imparts Palin’s vision of a way forward for America and her unfailing hope in the greatest nation on earth.”

Well ok.

But that doesn’t really address the meat of the book, now does it?

Mrs. Palin makes many bold claims (which is nothing new), and leaves one wondering whether she knows she isn’t getting the facts right and simply doesn’t care, or if she really does believe the nonsense she spews.

Perhaps her publisher’s decision to bypass the utilization of an actual fact checker was to save money?

The reality is, her supporters will take her word no matter what the truth actually is. Those of us that are not fans will be accused of simply bashing her, no matter that she’s spreading lies and further polarizing this country.

Oh well.


While attempting to dig into some of the issues Palin tries to address in her book, some outright falsehoods hit me a little harder than others. There are a ton of half-truths and complete fabrications, but in the interest of time, I’ll  just address the three that most royally pissed me off.

First, she blames Barack Obama for the federal bailout of Wall Street, when in fact George W. Bush was the one who bailed out the financial sector… and when he did so, back in 2008, Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate, was a huge supporter of his doing so. To be  more specific, John McCain voted for the bailout, and George W. Bush actually signed it.

In fact, in September of 2008, during her now-infamous Katie Couric interview, she said, “ultimately what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the health care reform that is needed to help shore up our economy.” Granted, it was a completely convoluted response, because Palin obviously had no clue what the hell the bailout was designed to do, but nevertheless, she offered her support of it.

Considering she did so almost two full months before voters even flocked  to the polls to elect our new president, one has to wonder…

… How’s this Obama’s fault again?

Unfortunately, that’s not all. A month after the disasterous Couric interview, in October, during the vice presidential debate, Palin goes on to praise McCain’s support of the bailout package, claiming that he had been “instrumental in bringing folks together” to pass it.


So… let me get this straight- she was for the bailout before she was against it, right?

Sounds familiar somehow.

Anyway, I digress.

Next, Palin waxes nostalgic by reincarnating Ronald Reagan and the recession of the early 1980s. She fondly fabricates recalls the good ol’ days when Ron was in charge, claiming that the recession back then was way worse than the current recession Obama is battling. She thinks Obama needs to follow Reagan’s lead and do away with the estate tax (death tax) altogether and cut capital gains taxes.


First of all, the recession of the ’80s was not worse than the current recession, considering the recession in the ’80s lasted 16 months from start to finish, and our recession is now entering its 23rd month. True, unemployment back in the ’80s topped 10.8% compared to our current 10.2%, but the numbers are rising quickly, so hang in there.

I’m really not trying to get into a “my recession is bigger than yours” pissing contest here, but Palin, once again, could have benefited greatly from the use of a fact checker on her staff.

It is also important to note that Reagan did NOT slay the death tax, and the capital gains taxes are lower today than they were when Saint Reagan was president.

Funny how that works out.

Finally, let’s talk about that great independent state of Alaska, shall we? In her book, Palin attempts to defend her decision not to utilize the federal stimulus money because her state is much too independent to accept money from the federal government.

I believe she calls the feds “busy bodies”.

A little research will reveal that for every dollar in federal taxes Alaskans pay, they receive $1.84 back in the form of federal subsidies.

Uh… let’s think about this.

Alaskans pay federal taxes like the rest of us do… but their “independent” state, the very same one  Palin claims is much too libertarian  (her word, not mine) to be helped by those crazy feds, is actually receiving back a hundred and eighty-four pennies for every hundred they put into the pot?

That’s a helluva rate of return!

I wish I could be independent like the Alaskans.

I suppose the bottom line is this- Sarah Palin is a sensationalist who has no more an idea of what she’s talking about than she did when she was John McCain’s running mate.

Supporters will hail her as queen of Conservatives.

The rest of us will just continue to think she’s an idiot.

Oh well.

At least she’s entertaining.

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Abortion Docs, Jew Haters, Extremism and the GOP

Let’s just jump right in, cuz I really do have a lot to say.

Today I have right-wing extremism on my mind… something I’ve been mulling over lately… and something that truly makes my blood run cold.

It’s terrifying.

… And it’s escalating quickly.

Since Barack Obama descended on the scene with his eye turned to the presidency, we have seen this country’s lunatics come out in full force.

During the campaign we heard about assassination plots, accusations of Obama’s false ties to Muslim terror groups, chants and rants at Republican rallies calling for his death and accusations of treason.

Talk about foreshadowing… we all saw it unfolding. Most of us understood, upon witnessing the GOP presidential candidate and his running mate’s unwillingness to condemn the behavior (until it was much too late, that is), that the worst was yet to come.

We were right.

Now, within the past couple of weeks, we have learned of the brutal murders of Dr. George Tiller, an American abortion doctor and of another fellow American- a security guard named Steven T. Johns– at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.

Both men were murdered by right-wing extremists- Tiller was killed by a well known pro-life advocate, Johns died at the hands of an 88 year old white supremacist and anti-semite.

The killers have been charged with murder, but inexplicably, neither men have been charged with any counts of terrorism. If these terrible acts of violence against Americans do not qualify as domestic terrorism, nothing does.

Perhaps as terrifying as the crazy people perpetrating this violence are the powerful “main stream” conservatives behind them, the people who in essence stir the pot… and then sit back, showing false horror, as it all comes to a boil. These are people you’ve all heard of… many of you even support their political and religious beliefs…

… Millions of you voted for at least two of them to become your next president and vice president, and you allow the others into your homes and cars by way of television and radio each and every day.

You know exactly who I am referring to.

John McCain, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and friends did not single-handedly cause the recent bloodshed on American soil by right-wing extremists.

They did, however, incite much of the ugliness we see today, and those that didn’t incite it, stood back and did nothing to cause the boiling pot to simmer, or cool off.

As a result, it has boiled over.

Now that these so-called leaders have stirred and heated up what I’ll call the “Crazy Pot”- essentially giving psychotic people a free pass- morally, at least- to terrorize and kill, they sit back, feigning shock and confusion… doing their very best to distract us from the facts- the fact that they are contributing to a violently divided nation.

It’s almost as if in realizing that their own party is falling apart, they have made the decision to fight- not to save the GOP or our very nation- but to take every last one of us down with them.

I do not understand the lack of outrage.

Where is the anger from my fellow Americans, both Conservative and Liberal alike?

I posted a piece on this site yesterday about David Letterman’s inappropriate comments regarding Willow Palin, Sarah Palin’s 14 year old daughter. I received hundreds of hits on that particular post alone, and the moral outrage seen in my comments section was mind-boggling.

Letterman’s joke was idiotic, and it wasn’t funny… but he didn’t kill anyone.

Why are people more enraged that he, a late night talk show host who makes his living by telling off-color jokes, made a stupid comment, than they are about the fact that two Americans were brutally murdered by politically motivated right-wing nutjobs, mere days apart?

It appears that certain conservatives in this country are so busy being pissed off at those who do not share their same beliefs, that they have missed the forest for the trees.

People are being murdered, and last time I checked, regardless of political or religious affiliation, Americans generally agree that murder is reprehensible. So many of these same people would willingly lynch David Letterman for telling his stupid jokes… while simultaneously looking the other way when members of their own party are killing others.

Prior to Dr. Tiller’s death, for example, Bill O’Reilly was igniting viewers’ anger by referring to him repeatedly as a “mass murderer”, “Tiller the Baby Killer”, and claiming that his abortion clinic was a “death mill”. After Tiller’s murder, O’Reilly mostly toned back his hateful rhetoric- even acknowledging that Dr. Tiller was breaking no laws, but did not address- not a single time- all the right wingers out there that dared celebrate the horrific death of a fellow American.

He showed no real outrage at this violent act of terrorism.

He simply did a lot of back-pedaling, hoping that in doing so, America would not see his (inadvertant) role in this tragedy.

O’Reilly did not shoot Dr. Tiller, but he helped incite the violence and hatred that ultimately led to his death.

This is a disturbingly common trend, and it is downright horrifying.

If half of the people who expressed such outrage at, say, Letterman’s dumb jokes, showed that sort of contempt over the events that led to these two dead Americans, our country would perhaps be in slightly less dire straits.

How disgustingly terrifying.

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David Letterman, John McCain and Willow Palin

Ok, so David Letterman may have crossed a line with his recent jokes regarding Sarah Palin and her daughter, with some people even calling for his termination from CBS.

I thought the jokes specifically about Governor Palin were pretty funny- and not the slightest bit out of line- though perhaps slightly off-color.

I did, however, cringe at his quip about Palin’s daughter.

The Governor had taken her 14 year old daughter to a Yankees game while recently visiting New York. Letterman joked on his show that during the Seventh Inning Stretch, Willow, the daughter, got “knocked up” by Alex Rodriguez.

Disgusting, for sure.

I’m not here to condone Letterman’s comments. Personally, I feel that for the most part, children of politicians should be off limits for all of us- late night comedians included. I do make an exception for people such as Megan McCain (John McCain’s daughter) and Bristol Palin (Sarah Palin’s oldest daughter) because A) they are not minors and B) they have chosen a life in the public eye- Megan as a popular blogger, Bristol as a public advocate for abstinence.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the double standard here.

Can you imagine, for example, had Conan O’Brien quipped, during Michelle Obama’s recent trip to London with her daughters, that Sasha (or Malia- pick a kid), had been knocked up by Hugh Grant?

Or worse, Boy George?

David Beckham?

I realize that politically incorrect, often distasteful humor, is par for the course in late night comedic television… but sometimes, as we all know, lines do get crossed, and feelings get hurt.

Unfortunately, and it pains me to say this- as I am a Letterman fan- his so-called apology on the matter was grossly inadequate. Letterman claims that his joke regarding Palin’s daughter was actually geared towards Bristol Palin, but I’m not buying it. Everyone knows Bristol was not the one who accompanied her mother to the Yankees game, and surely,  considering all of Letterman’s staff, if not the big man himself, someone would have picked up on this fact.

This, at best, was a terrible gaffe on the part of his research department. At worst, he knew exactly what he was saying and who he was saying it about.

Regardless, it was a completely inappropriate thing to say.

What enrages me, however, even more than Letterman’s false and disengenuous apology, is certain Republican politicians’ reactions to his comments.

John McCain, for example, when asked his opinion by news source Reuters, stated, “I don’t understand why Letterman would say that about a young woman… They deserve some kind of protection from being the butt of late-night hosts.”


Funny, considering McCain’s own comments about then-President Bill Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, on the Letterman show back in 1998:

Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?  Because Janet Reno is her father.

It makes one wonder… are John McCain and friends truly against the idea of people attacking the children of politicians… or does it only become a no-no when said politician is a fellow conservative?

Letterman was wrong for saying the things he said about Willow Palin, and that family deserves a genuine apology.

… But as we all know, peoplewho live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Willow Palin deserves our outrage on her behalf. Unfortunately, when it comes from such sources as John McCain, the anger appears phony, crafted, politically motivated and most of all, horribly hypocritical.

Pedophilia, rape and teenage sex are not humorous topics- regardless of who is making the joke, or who the joke is about.

It is, after all, a national epidemic, as Sarah Palin and family know first hand.

Perhaps, instead of duking it out over which public figures’ children are and aren’t off limits, our time would be better spent advocating on behalf of the children who find themselves the butt of these most reprehensible jokes.

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Pots, Kettles, Obama and Guantanamo Bay

One thing is certain- as horrible as the political commentary on Fox News may be, I am nonetheless grateful for it.

… In my own way.

It keeps me from getting writers’ block, and there’s somethin’ to be said for that!

On the heels of today’s news that President Obama has issued an executive order to shut down Guantanamo Bay (within a year) comes this headline as part of the most recent Fox Forum:

YOU DECIDE: Would You Want Terrorists In Your Back Yard?


Do they think they’ll actually get some viewer responses in the affirmative?

Oh yes! PLEASE put terrorists in my backyard!


Nutty Nancy from Nantucket

No seriously.

I’m wondering if the powers that be over at Faux News honestly believe we are stupid enough to think this particular headline is an actual example of what they claim to be “Fair and Balanced” coverage?



Moving on.

Obviously, there is some speculation that with the closing of Gitmo, some of the prisoners may be housed in the U.S.

This is because  no other country is currently willing to take them.

Representative Murtha (D) has offered to house some of the detainees in his congressional district, should Gitmo actually close its doors.

Clearly this upsets a whole lotta people.

In reading some of the comments on this, I am dumbfounded.

Absolutely dumbfounded.

Many conservative Obama-haters are screaming that the shutting down of Gitmo is a horrific idea… and that the only thing worse than shutting it down would be housing the detainees in this country.


Yeah. That’s an actual comment.

Ok folks.

Pay attention, as this here’s a news flash for ya:

McCain was going to do the same thing.


He really was.

His plan even included housing the detainees at Ft. Leavenworth.


That’s Kansas, for those of y’all who didn’t know.

How’s that for terrorists in your fuckin’ back yard?

Amazing how that works.

When the old-as-dirt white guy wants to do it, he’s a hero… we’re supposed to support him…

… But when the young black guy actually makes it happen, suddenly…

It’s a shitty idea.


Would you say these hypocrites people are the pot or the kettle?

And yeah- Obama is black.

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The Fake A$$-Kissing and Pretending to Fall Over One’s Self Has Commenced…

Now that the election is over, we all need to come together- Democrats and Republicans- and get with the job of making this country great again.

I truly believe that.

So why am I struggling like I am?

Key Republicans are doing just what we’ve been saying they need to do- coming out together in support of Obama’s presidency.

Or are they?

When Sarah Palin proclaims her excitement at Obama’s victory, “God bless Barack Obama and his beautiful family”… I can’t help but remember that it was less than a week ago that she would have us think he “pals around with terrorists”.

Congresswoman Bachmann congratulates her state of Minnesota, which went blue this election, for voting for Obama and sending the “right signal”… and yet she was the one, in October, who almost lost her own bid for re-election- for stating that Obama has “Anti-American” values.

Next we have Joe Lieberman… boy was he tough on Obama while campaigning for McCain… accusing Obama of cutting off funding for our troops, and claiming that Obama’s top priorities do not include the U.S.A. (Lieberman should talk- he can’t possibly see anything but shit, with his head up Israel’s ass like it is)…

… Now he wants us to think he is so happy our new president-elect won, he’d like to re-join the democratic caucus.

I mean damn, he wants to switch teams- again- just so he can serve our new guy… he’s THAT supportive of Barack Obama.

Just all of a sudden.

Uh huh.

I’d have been cool, had these particular Republicans simply… say… called for a moratorium on all racist/terrorist/anti-American accusations against Obama…  it truly isn’t necessary for them to damn near kill themselves to jump on the “I love Barack Obama” bandwagon.

It makes sense that perhaps some wounds need to be licked- or something.

People sound stupid, trying to convince the public-at-large that they have managed to turn 180 degrees in mere days…

Palin has often looked like she wanted to call for Obama’s death- she certainly allowed others to do so at her rallies… and suddenly we’re God-blessing him, his victory and his beautiful family?


No one would have blamed the GOP if they had needed to take a month or two off- say, up until the inauguration- to regroup- and then come out in full support of their new democratic president.

This extra-mushy, super-sweet, super-FAKE sign of support is nauseating.

These are the same people that would cut this man’s balls off with a butter knife, first chance they get… Are they really so arrogant as to think we’re buying into this shit?


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Joe Lieberman Needs Joe the Plumber… And Fast

Lieberman, Lieberman, Lieberman!

What in the world are we going to do with you?

Initially I was thinking Lieberman was the king of all flip-floppers… a man without a home… changing parties at the rate normal people change their underwear… just looking for some love.

To summarize… 

Senator Lieberman started out as the star of the Democratic Party, a Senator from Connecticut- a liberal with regards to many social issues (abortion rights, gay and lesbian rights) rising through the ranks to the level of Al Gore’s 2000 running mate.

He was the first Jewish person on a major party’s presidential ticket.

He is also the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Lieberman, while in the senate, voted with Democrats most of the time, but quickly emerged during the Bush Administration as a strong supporter of the War in Iraq… and has been an extremely vocal advocate of Israel.

The 2000 presidential race, as we all know, didn’t work out so well for the Democrats, so back to the senate Lieberman went… only this time as an Independent.

In 2002, Lieberman co-sponsored a bill in the Senate, a pro-Israel bill (Senate Resolution 247), notoriously tying Israel to the ongoing Middle East controversy.

He famously shouted, from the Senate floor, “You are either with us or with the terrorists”.

By “us”, one can only surmise, he meant Israel.

Lieberman went on to campaign- hard- for John McCain, as he ran for President.

His support of McCain is, at least in part, due to the Republicans’ no-questions-asked, complete and total support of all things Israel.

Barack Obama, meanwhile, won the election and has named a Jewish man his Chief of Staff- Rahm Emanuel.

Now Lieberman is back home in Congress, meeting with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid… trying to convince Reid that he really is a good boy, and deserves another chance to serve the Democratic caucus.

Reid, unfortunately, isn’t nearly as excited as Lieberman had hoped…

… So Lieberman goes running to the GOP, which offers him a position with their caucus.

Lieberman doesn’t accept the position, though he doesn’t turn it down either, and instead looks back to the Democrats to see if they’d like to up the anty a bit, and beg for his return.


It’s enough to make your head spin.

What I needed to know is why all this is happening.

Why is Joe Lieberman all over the damn place? How come he just won’t sit still?

Is he a man made of jello, a man who goes wherever he feels the winds of victory are blowing at the time, or is it something deeper than that?

The answer, I have learned, is simple… and can be summed up in a single word:


Lieberman puts his country before party…

Which would be cool…


… Lieberman’s country is Israel, not America.


Lieberman goes where the friends of Israel go.

This notion was the driving force behind his support of the War in Iraq… it was his motivation to campaign for John McCain during the Presidential election… and his reason for trying to re-join the Democratic caucus once Obama named a Jewish guy as his Chief of Staff.

He was willing to trade in his social-liberal hat- and simply forget about such things as women’s rights, as long as his beloved Israel would benefit.

Now Lieberman is thinking his country– again, we aren’t talking about America- isn’t in as much danger as he thought it would be, with the election of Obama, after all.

Hmm… Suddenly Obama’s looking like he might just be a friend to Israel, not a sworn enemy.

… Guess those liberals weren’t so terrible after all… in fact, they’re starting to look better than ever…

Unfortunately for Lieberman, he may have thrown the Democrats under the bus one time too many.

Quite frankly, we may not be interested in having him around anymore.

He could, of course, accept the GOP’s offer to join their caucus… but what good would it do?

The Republicans no longer have any power in the House or the Senate… and after January 20th, they won’t even have a President who’s willing to even try to do their bidding anymore.

Any good he could hope to do for Israel would have to get through both the legislative and executive branches… branches that are now controlled by Democrats.

Whatever he could come up with would likely be viewed through the eyes of people who feel he has betrayed them.

Joe, it seems, could use a plumber.

… As it looks like he’s been flushed right on down the toilet.

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Get Out and Vote!

Good SloganThe time has come.

It’s all come down to this…

McCain and Obama have done their part… they brought us to this point… now the rest is up to us.

Please get out there and vote!

I didn’t sleep a wink last night in anticipation of voting today.

I’m like a little kid… just so excited!

I won’t sleep again, I’m sure, until we know who our new president will be.

God bless Obama… and let’s hope he kicks some ass!

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Dick Cheney, Charles Manson and Presidential Endorsements

I was surprised to learn that Dick Cheney endorsed John McCain yesterday.

My surprise doesn’t stem from the fact that Cheney endorsed McCain… Let’s face it… who the hell else was he going to vote for?

… I simply find it amusing that Cheney waited so long to do it.

It’s interesting that he waited until 3 days before the election to announce his anything-but-surprising support of Senator McCain.

Likely, he waited as long as he could for the same reason we haven’t seen or heard much of President Bush lately.

It’s my sense that McCain’s camp didn’t want Vice President Dick Cheney’s endorsement any more than they want Charles Manson’s support…

… And Charles Manson isn’t responsible for nearly as many deaths… and… uh… that’s sayin’ somethin’!

I’m certain Bush and Cheney were instructed to disappear- keep their damn mouths shut- and for God’s sake, don’t remind people that they’re leaders of same party as McCain/Palin.

Clearly, nobody wants four more years of the same.

The strategy probably stems from the assumption that most Americans have already decided who they’re voting for… and an endorsement from such an unlikeable person won’t cause near as many problems… or turn as many people towards the other ticket… as it would have, say, a few months ago.

With friends like Dick Cheney, who needs enemies?

Personally, I’m proud to be rootin’ for the other guy.

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Palin- A Rogue Who is Truly Unhinged

I have finally identified a situation that is even more dangerous than that of the Sarah Palin we have, until recently, been subjected to… the Sarah Palin that has been completely muzzled, censored, and had every move dictated by the McCain camp’s handlers.

Truly, I didn’t think the Republican Party could be more weird and out-of-touch with this country than what we’ve already been forced to witness.

I was wrong.

This new Sarah Palin, this rogue, this view of a woman so completely out of her league, exercising adolescent rebellion against those charged with babysitting her has completely taken the cake.

Palin is not simply wrong for this country… she apparently isn’t even sane.

She is paranoid, and she is a freak of nature unlike anything this nation has seen in quite some time.

This woman shouldn’t be given the responsibility to help run a flower shop, let alone our country.

It’s no wonder her every move, every uttered syllable has until recently, been so closely monitered by McCain-and-friends.

We’ve been inundated with rumors, straight from McCain’s camp, that Sarah Palin no longer trusts her handlers… that she blames them for her luke-warm reception after the RNC… that it is somehow their fault that she has appeared to be unprepared and completely uninformed.

In light of this, she decided it would be best to handle herself from here on out… and boy is she creating a ruckus.

On Saturday, during a campaign stop in Des Moines, IA, Palin started yapping about how Obama’s economic plan- specifically his tax plan- is not the best solution for Americans.

No surprises there… they’ve been (wrongly) stating this for quite some time.

She did, however, flip the script a bit, and took this assertion a step further, claiming that Obama’s plan is similar to what is current policy in other countries, “… countries that are not free”.


As the article so aptly states, Palin has become unhinged.

Now it certainly isn’t new that the Republicans and Democrats disagree- fundamentally- on many issues… that is, in fact, the reason for the two separate parties… the reason they run against each other as opponents in elections.

To say, however, that the other guy, simply because his plan is different from hers (and that’s assuming, Lord help us, that the woman actually understands what the hell her party’s plan even is), if elected, will turn us into some scary-ass Communist state is scandalous.

It’s a flat out fuckin’ lie, and you don’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to understand that…

… Which is why Sarah Palin gets no free pass here.

There is no excuse for her to be spewing such vile bullshit.


This woman is scary as hell…

It’s as if she has been transplanted here from some other not-so-good time in our country’s past… slavery, perhaps… or the McCarthy era…

If you love hatred and lies… if you love ignorance and racism… if you love fear and scare-tactics… if you love weird outdated right-wing Christian ideologies more than you love this great nation…

Then vote for her.

You will deserve whatever the hell you get.

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John McCain, Ambulances and Meet the Press

I watched John McCain on Meet the Press this morning.


What a cranky old man.

Tom Brokaw was a gracious host… and wasn’t terribly tough on McCain… though he did ask him a few hot-button issue-type questions…

A few times, I really thought McCain was about to blow a fuse or have a coronary or something.

I wonder if they had an ambulance standing by… you know… just in case?


This man is not only a danger to our country, but he’s a danger to his own health…

I have serious concerns about a man who wants to lead the free world and can’t hold it together- keep his temper in check- during an interview in which he’s simply asked about his sagging numbers in the polls.

Barack Obama, in contrast, has been called an Arab, a terrorist, a n*gger, a halfbreed Muslim (not that there’s anything wrong with being a halfbreed  or a Muslim), a Communist, a Socialist, a Marxist, his wife has been portrayed as a scary left-wing black panther nut, he’s had his life threatened, his patriotism and citizenship questioned…

… And has managed to remain calm and likeable, presidential in demeanor, and he never lost his sense of humor, let alone his temper as a result of any of it.

Obama is simply ready to lead.

He has handled himself so well in contrast to McCain that I find myself believing that Senator Barack Obama was born to take on this role.

These are legitimately scary times… certainly scary enough without the added hate-fueled lies that the McCain campaign has endorsed and helped spread about the Dems and Barack Obama.

McCain is a mess.