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Diddy, We Have A Problem

Ok, it’s official.

We are facing an oil crisis.

No, no, it’s not the fact that we are on the eve of Katrina 2 (err… Gustav) making landfall in the Gulf…

Nor is it the fact that the cost of gas has been so high lately that I’ve considered buying a horse and buggy to get from one place to the next…

… But rather…

It’s the fact that P. Diddy has been forced to fly commercial.

Oh man.

We are in trouble now.

Times are officially tough when a man whose net worth tops $346 million finds himself having to cut back due to gas prices.

As you can imagine, Mr. Diddy isn’t too happy about these most recent developments, having issued a plea to the peeps in Saudi Arabia to show a brotha some love…

… In the form of free gas.

I mean really- P. diddy should never be forced to lower himself to such levels as flying commercial!

And hey- if Diddy doesn’t deserve a break, who does?