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Even conservatives think Romney blew it

Yes, even conservatives believe Romney is losing in his bid for the presidency, and is beginning to panic. This, conventional wisdom seems to indicate, is the reason for his off-the-cuff and grossly inappropriate reaction to the tragedy on September 11, 2012 in Libya.

Rather than react as a leader, with solemnity and brevity, Gov. Romney instead manipulated the situation into an ill-timed and grossly misleading attack against President Obama.

Former aides to Senator John McCain, President Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush joined progressives in slamming the presidential hopeful.

See? It isn’t just in our own minds. Romney is dangerous. I suggest a new campaign slogan for him: “Ready, Fire, Aim!”


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Movie comparing abortion to Holocaust “accidentally” shown to students

High school students were in for quite a surprise when they were shown a graphic documentary that compared a legal abortion to the Holocaust.

Supposedly it was an accident.

I can only imagine the scandal, had a video “accidentally” been shown advocating a woman’s right to choose, depicting the pro-life movement as Nazis making Heil Hitler gestures instead.

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Sex Ed, Little Girls and the GOP

When Muslims go nuts and do really crazy, detrimental things to others, we call them extremists.

When Christians do it, we call them the GOP.

In Tennessee, lawmakers have passed the Gateway Sexual Activity Law, banning sex education teachers from educating students on such behavior as hugging, kissing and safe sex.

Teachers that insist on talking about contraception will be punished. Educators will face fines totalling up to $500 for violating the state’s abstinence-only policies.

Somehow, legislators and supporters of the bill believe this will keep kids from having sex.

One cannot help but wish the powers-that-be would have taken the time to look at available data before wasting valuable resources on such nonsense. Studies have shown that abstinence-only education does not lower teen pregnancy rates, nor has it made children wait any longer before becoming sexually active. Once these kids do start having sex, they’re not doing so with any fewer partners either.

So what, exactly, is the point?

The key to safe children that are not having babies in their teens and are not contracting and spreading STDs lies in their own heads, their own hearts. Teenagers experiment- sexually and otherwise- and always have. We need to be arming our children with the proper tools, and we can only do that by having open, honest conversations with them. This includes talking about everything- from emotional needs and self-esteem, to masturbation, condoms, and safe sex.

Ideally, much of this education is provided inside the home, given by parents and caregivers, but realistically, that doesn’t always happen. By handicapping the schools, limiting the scope so drastically on what educators can and cannot discuss, we are ultimately harming those kids that need to hear it the most. If they aren’t getting good, solid facts from home, and are no longer getting it from their schools, where are they getting it?

Their friends, perhaps?

I once had a friend tell me that as long as you have sex standing up, you can’t get pregnant.

That’s not the kind of education I want my children to receive.

At the end of the day, it is our children, our women-in-training, our little girls that pay the heaviest price for the lack of education. Our daughters are getting pregnant at alarming rates, and it is these children, those that are least able to take care of themselves, that deserve the benefit of complete education, that are being forgotten about.

This is yet another policy, another example of a GOP agenda that for reasons unexplained, is out to punish women and little girls.

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Gay Rights, Equality and Black People

Obama supports gay rights- specifically gay marriage- and lots of African Americans are not happy about it.

When people imagine those most staunchly against gay rights, they tend to think first of Catholics and Evangelical Christians; white people on the far right. Yet for years, black people have played a huge role in the suppression of gay rights, defending the belief that gay people do not deserve the same rights that blacks have fought to enjoy.

The justification used to support these views is the same as that used by the KKK and other racists throughout the history of this nation, and lies squarely in scripture. When it comes to hatred and the denial of rights, the Old Testament has always provided direction, in the name of the Almighty God, to go forth and hate, murder, torture and enslave. In any other conversation about Christianity, we will point to the New Testament, to Jesus Christ as our leader, we will claim to love all people, and we will state unequivocally that we don’t judge others, lest we be judged.

Oh, but when it comes to gay people, the gloves come off. We look to the same book that also encourages us to sell our daughters into slavery, that says the consumption of shell fish is an abomination, and tells us not to approach the alter of the Lord if our eyesight is not perfect- and we use that book of Leviticus as justification to advocate the denial of equal rights for others.

When radical Muslims bastardize the Koran, twisting its words into a commandment to conduct honor killings and suicide bombings, we call them extremists. When Hitler quoted the Bible in his effort to exterminate the jews, we said he was nuts. When the KKK twisted the same book to hang black people from trees and drag them behind trucks, we were sick with fear.

Those passages were used to justify our ancestors’ mass enslavement, rape, torture and murder. Yet just a few short generations later, we- the direct descendants of slaves- use the same words from the same book to deny rights to others- rights that were fought and died for on our behalf.

Just who do we think we are?

Do we monopolize and define struggle and strife in America?

Who decided that black people get to determine who does and does not qualify to live under the umbrella of equality? Certainly not those who came before us.

Some people point to that which our ancestors went through, believing that because homosexuals have not been murdered by the millions as we once were, they do not have the right to draw comparisons between our struggle and theirs.

There is no similarity.



The similarity lies in the motivations behind those that actively support the discrimination of others. The similarity has a name, and it is Bigotry.

Bigotry motivated the KKK.

Bigotry motivated Hitler.

Bigotry motivates the anti-gay movement.

As a supporter of gay marriage, I fully expect that those who disagree will continue to disagree; however, one’s personal opinion of another should not have the power to eliminate the rights of an entire group of people. As black Americans, we have the responsibility- put on us by the blood of our ancestors, given so that we may have a brighter future- to fight to ensure all citizens of this country enjoy equality.

The Constitution makes no distinction, it does not grant rights to those we agree with, and deny rights to those we don’t. As black people and as Americans, we have the responsibility to fight to ensure that no one else is ever again discriminated against, as we have been.

My views are not popular, but I know this:

I refuse to applaud one group’s struggles at the expense of another’s.

If there is a God who resembles the entity described by traditional Christianity, I will stand tall when the time comes for us to meet, knowing I loved all people equally.

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Mitt Romney, Bullying and a Touch of Amnesia

Mitt Romney, in the face of bullying accusations from his youth, says he has no recollection of the incident in question.

I wonder if he’s telling the truth.

Are there really so many similar acts of cruelty in his past that this particular one- in which he helped chop off tufts of a fellow student’s hair- doesn’t even register on the memory scale?

Either he’s lying, or he’s a sociopath. I tend to believe the latter.

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Romney- Curse of the Moderate Mormon

I was initially concerned when, last Tuesday, we saw Rick Santorum kick Mitt Romney’s patootie in the caucuses in CO and MN, as well as Missouri’s Primary.

I thought, “Really? My state prefers SANTORUM?!”

Later, however, I started to laugh.

Truly, Romney’s defeat in these three states is both hilarious and, much as I can’t stand Santorum, positive.

Well, positive if you’re a Progressive, anyway.

Most political pundits- regardless of party affiliation- agree on one thing:

The only man in the GOP race who has what it takes to give Obama any sort of challenge is Mitt Romney. Santorum cannot beat Obama, nor can Gingrich. These two men may be the darlings of the ultra-right, but they definitely do not speak for the masses- even the conservative mass.

Most Republicans, believe it or not, don’t want to outlaw birth control, a la Rick Santorum.

Similarly, most PEOPLE, in general, cannot stand Newt Gingrich. Not to be crass, but no, we have not forgotten his rabid attack on Bill Clinton, managed between sessions of screwing his mistress in the backseat of his car.

It’s bad enough to be a jackass- we’ve come to expect that from our politicians- but a hypocritical jackass?

Now that’s just too much!

This leaves Romney (because as entertaining and cute as little Ron Paul may be, he ain’t winning the nomination for anything, let alone President of the United States).

Romney has a lot of challenges. He’s stinkin’ rich, he has an avid dislike of the poor… but his biggest challenge stems from the fact that he is, in fact, a moderate (oh, the horror!).

As governor of Massachusetts, Romney supported various pro-choice bills, and of course, we can’t forget Romneycare (I know it’s old news, and quite tired, but I still have to say it- Romney was for Universal Healthcare before he was against it).

Oh- and let’s not forget, because it’s really important to some- Romney is a devil worshipper Mormon. What’s a political race if it doesn’t include a little bigotry, right?

I digress.

While Romney’s past as governor may put sane middle-of-the-road folks at ease, it has become a huge thorn in the side of the GOP. Rather than rally behind the guy, understanding that he’s the best shot they have at winning the White House, the party has become splintered, full of factions of varying-degrees of conservatism. Romney has found himself in a position where he must fight liberals and conservatives. His middle-of-the-road past, something most voters prefer in a politician, has become one of his biggest challenges.

It’s reminiscent of the Democrats’ woes, during the epic battle of the Barack Obama vs. Hilary Clinton days of yore. The difference is, during the Obama/Clinton showdown, there were only two participants in the ring.

This race seems a bit more crowded, no?

Regardless, the Republican Party needs to come to an understanding:

Mitt Romney is their guy.


Allowing silly distractions like Gingrich and Santorum into the equation does nothing but sidetrack the Republicans from their only chance at winning this thing. If the fringe keeps feeding the egos of Gingrich and Santorum, they will make Obama’s run for re-election a simple one- and a slam-dunk victory.

After all these months, after all the millions paid to PACs and Super-PACs, new suits, speechwriters…

… One would think the GOP would have gotten a little more serious by now.

The fact that by February, in an election year, states are still reporting Rick Santorum as the front-runner in anything truly is…

… Well, hilarious.

On second thought, keep up the good work!

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Cain denies proposing racial profiling

Cain is in hot water… again.

He wants voters to believe his “targeted identification” policy proposal is not the same thing as racial profiling.

Here, in his own words, Cain tells us what the term really means, as it relates to the TSA using this approach in airports:

Targeted identification is a deliberate approach to figure out patterns associated with people who have tried to kill us…I’m simply saying we should not be afraid to identify those characteristics that have basically been consistent in people who have tried to hurt this country.

In contrast, here’s the definition of Racial Profiling:

Racial profiling is a form of discrimination by which law enforcement uses a person’s race or cultural background as the primary reason to suspect that the individual has broken the law.

See? Totally different!

Or not.

Go ahead and pull those Muslims aside, get to the business of robbing them of their civil and Constitutional rights, all in the name of “targeted identification”.

In the spirit of Herman Cain and his supporters, I have been motivated to propose my own “targeted identification” plan. Moving forward, black people should be allowed to violate the rights of white conservatives. This is appropriate because people who look exactly like they do have been actively harming minority Americans for generations.

Carry on!

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Bill Looman, Georgia Business Owner, Draws Fire For ‘Not Hiring Until Obama Is Gone’

We will not hire until Obama is gone

Sadly, it doesn’t surprise me that this business owner is unwilling to hire anyone while the President is still in office. He’s in good company, and the only thing that makes this particular man unique is his willingnes­s to be upfront about it.

There are many people on the right- including a lot of the elected politician­s- who do not want America to thrive in any way while President Obama is in office. If we, as a country, fail on his watch, they get to blame Obama without having to confront their personal racism against him.

Those same people will claim racism is dead in the US, pointing to our black Commander in Chief as proof, while simultaneo­usly hijacking our country to all-but guarantee his failure.

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I am the 99%

I have remained largely silent on the Occupy Movement until now.

I support the message the Occupy protestors are trying to send, and agree that we need serious reforms to better balance social and economic disparities.

I, too, believe that corporations have too much political power; I find it deplorable that a rich few in this country keep getting richer off the backs of the middle class, the disadvantaged and the poor, steadily decreasing our salaries, our benefits, and programs that can help many of the less fortunate survive, and in many cases, thrive.

I find it appalling that our politicians can cut crucial funding to help women, children, the homeless and the poor under the guise that “we can’t afford” these programs, while simultaneously handing billions- hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars- to corporations that lied and cheated themselves into dire straits.

That the government labeled the banking institutions “too big to fail”, propping them up, while allowing us to be pushed out of our homes and out of our jobs is detestable.

The people of this country- the small business owners, the middle class, the working class, the veterans- are the people that built this nation from the ground up. These are the people the government should have deigned “too big to fail”, or at the very least, “too important to fail”. Instead, it was a bunch of nameless, faceless billionaire corporations who knowingly- and criminally- suckered people into homes they could not afford; companies that openly took huge risks, gambling with the livelihoods of the masses that the government deemed worthy of “bailout”.

That these corporations financed all of it with money nobody actually had available to spend, finally sticking it to those who could least afford the backlash by way of shady mortgages is maddening.

Finally, as everyone knew it would, the bubble burst.

The banks responded to the crisis by blaming the middle class. They took no responsibility for the fact that they manipulated and wheeled-and-dealed their way into an economic crash of epic proportions. No, they simply responded that the homeowners should not have purchased homes they couldn’t afford to live in- even as it was those very banks that were manipulating and tricking those people into believing they could and should do it.

It was everyone else’s fault but the banks’. The reality that they, themselves, were willing participants in what amounted to a glorified Ponzi scheme was lost on them.

No one forced these people into those mortgages, after all!

The government, it seemed, agreed, and gave the banks $700 billion in tax payer money to keep them from closing shop. They said it was necessary to “shore up” the economy.

The banks, in turn, on a handshake, agreed to begin lending money again, to do their part to get the economy moving.

The politicians of C Street believed the lying CEOs of Wall Street, despite the undeniable proof that Wall Street, in its criminal behavior, had helped create mess we found ourselves in…

… and the rest is history.

It’s largely understood today that the banks did not fulfill their end of the bargain, and after receiving the bailout money, did not begin lending again, as promised. Instead they paid out their golden parachutes and multi-million dollar bonuses to the richest among them, making them even richer…

… doing so, yet again, off the backs of the middle class and working poor.

They are the 1%.

Outrage and unrest was the predictable outcome. The only surprise is in the fact that it took so long to come to fruition.

Here we stand, in the middle of the moment, giving birth to a movement that has long been gestating.

Is it perfect? No.

Do we need to make changes? Absolutely.

That being said, however, I am still- proudly- the 99%.