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Hillary Clinton, Marine Corps T-Shirts and The DNC

Today Hillary Clinton chose to behave as a good sport should, and has moved to stop the roll call vote at the Convention, allowing Obama to officially accept the nomination by acclamation.

She has (finally) bowed out gracefully, and exited the stage so that Barack Obama can make history today as our Presidential nominee… and even bigger history in November, when he wins this election.

Thank you, Hillary.

This entire process has been such an emotional ride for so many people… and this especially holds true for Hillary Clinton.

My feelings for our former First Lady have really run the gambit over the years… starting with my complete and total admiration when she shared the white house with Bill and ending, just before the DNC, with my complete and total resentment.

I do not stand by the campaign she ran, nor do I condone what amounted to her eerie silence while so many of her supporters were loudly becoming PUMAS, clumsily rallying behind McCain (and simultaneously spitting in the face of the woman they claimed to love), as she was withdrawing from the election.

Her initial silence, followed by her very quiet and insincere pleas, asking her supporters to stand behind Barack Obama were a disgrace- consequently driving such a huge divide between what should have been a united family of Democrats- out to make history- that it very well may have cost us the election.

Slowly, it seems, Hillary has come to see the damage she’s done in not condemning the baby-fied behavior of her most over-zealous supporters.

Her speech last night was wonderful… I saw a glimpse of the woman that I used to love… the woman who at one time was my hero, who I so proudly looked up to.

Some are disappointed that she didn’t get more emotional during her speech, but those who know Hillary know that she didn’t get where she is today by crying everytime something important was about to happen.

She’s known to show her passion in other ways, which I believe is exactly what she did today, in stopping the roll call vote… that gesture means a hundred times more than squeezing a few tears out at the podium ever would.

Clinton said what she needed to say- that Barack Obama has her vote- and that he should have our votes too… that she in no way supports McCain…

No way. No How. No McCain.

Others are angered that she didn’t do a better job of condemning McCain.

I, however, see things differently. She did condemn McCain- she just didn’t get ugly about it, or ignorant with it. Obama’s campaign has never been a smear campaign, nor has he ever fought his opponents by slinging mud. While this may very well change with Joe Biden on the scene, Hillary, in my opinion, was respecting the mood her colleague and fellow Democrat had already set months ago.

This year is all about change, not nastiness or ignorance. It’s about open-mindedness, and it’s about fighting for the little people.

What I witnessed yesterday evening was old-school Hillary Clinton… the leader, the fighter, the Democrat who has always worked so hard for universal healthcare and women’s rights…

Finally, Hillary Clinton gets it.

Senator Clinton’s passion, it seems, has returned to the right place- and she has fully come to understand that this is no longer about her, but about the greater good of this nation- it’s about that man in the Marine Corps t-shirt who begged her to take care of his buddies and then take care of him… it’s about that single mother with the two adopted children with special needs that she is struggling so hard to take care of, without health insurance… and it’s about so much more…

It’s about you, and it’s about me.

I witnessed a woman who fought a very hard fight (even as I disagree with the way she went about doing it), and was finally ready, for the good of our nation…

… to step aside…

For us.

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DNC, Hillary Clinton and Lame-A$$ Supporters

The Democratic National Convention is here.

I’m excited. Seriously.

If I could have taken the week off work to go to Denver- or hell, to sit at home on my couch eating bon-bons watching this shit unfold- I would have.

Unfortunately, I’m out of vacation time, so I, like the rest of you have to watch it on cable tv… after work.

It’s cool though- I don’t mind much.

What I do mind at this point is Hillary Clinton… or more specifically, her supporters.

Here’s a personal plea to Mz. Clinton:

Lord have mercy woman- do something about this madness.


I keep reading blogs and news articles and everything else, written from all kinds of Clinton supporters, claiming they will not vote for Obama simply because Clinton didn’t win the nomination.

Now what the hell kind of sense does that make?

You want another four years- or God forbid, eight- of Bush (err… McCain)…

Four more years of Iraq, outrageous gas prices, home foreclosures and tax breaks for the rich…

… Just to prove a point because Hillary didn’t win…


Worse, you want to do it out of spite…

Talk about your sore-ass losers!

I’m speaking to all you fake Dems who now support McCain, simply because Hillary Clinton didn’t win the primaries

You suck.

Every last damn one of you.

From Hillary’s standpoint, I can understand that this must be a very difficult time. Her dreams of being Commander-In-Chief (for the 2nd time) have been dashed, and that must be very painful for her.

But it’s no longer about her… she can cry all she wants to about her personal tragedy when the cameras aren’t rolling.

In the meantime she needs to get it together and stop participating in the unnecessary- and quite possibly fatal- divide within this party.

It’s time to stop with the wishy-washy crap and stand firm in support of Barack Obama, like Clinton’s half-hearted speeches impore you to do.

It’s all about the greater good, people… so get it together.