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Growing… Growing… Gone

Ok People, listen up.

For the purpose of this post, I don’t give a hoot what your personal views on abortion are.

Regardless, the above image, found on a T-shirt offered through the American Life League, is inappropriate for your child to wear to school.

Especially if said child is a mere 7th grader, attending an educational institution that consists of Kindergarten through 8th grade.


The fact that this even needs to be discussed is quite unsettling.

Even worse is the fact that the school, because officials made the kid change her offensive shirt, is now being sued.

Her parents claim the school violated her first amendment right to free speech.


Schools have the right and the responsibility to keep offensive clothing- whether it be a too-tight pair of daisy dukes, a shirt with a gang-sign or the Confederate Flag, and most especially a disgusting, adult themed anti-abortion rag- out of the classroom.

My litmus test is this- if the attire in question causes a disturbance, an uproar, a distraction… it’s inappropriate.

This kid’s mom was smokin’ crack the day she let her daughter wear that thing to school. That she is now taking legal action against them for doing what she should have done to begin with- making the child take the darn thing off- is absolutely ludicrous.


Only in America, I suppose.

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The Most Radical of the Extremes…

Much of last night’s debate felt like a rerun of a mediocre sitcom to me.

A lot of the same subjects from the previous two debates were touched on, and the mannerisms of both candidates were pretty much the same as they’ve always been… Obama was calm, steady and dignified, while McCain was angry, rude and full of smirks and eye-rolling.

Not surprising.

What most caught my attention was the abortion discussion… prior to this point, as interested as I am in this race… my eyes were starting to glaze over.

Just a bit.

However, as soon as the topic switched to that of women’s reproductive rights, I perked right up.

To summarize the two candidates’ positions on abortion, McCain is obviously pro-life, while Obama is decidedly pro-choice.

Initially McCain tried his best to make Obama look like some scary anti-baby-radical-left-wing-nut by looking straight at the camera and lamenting the fact that his opponent did not support a law that would have required medical professionals to provide immediate medical attention to any child born alive, due to a failed abortion.

It didn’t work.

As Obama calmly explained, he didn’t support the law because it was redundant… for two reasons…

One, every single doctor in the nation takes the Hypocratic Oath… which requires them to always attempt life saving measures… on any and everyone who needs it.

Second, there is already a law in place that provides for life saving treatment for any infant… even infants born as the result of a botched abortion.


Why the hell does he need to vote for something that’s already there?

Not one to give up easily, McCain next tried to attack Mr. Obama because he did not vote in support of banning partial-birth abortion.

Senator McCain, of course, did his best to make the issue a simple, “Obama supports partial birth abortion” kind of scenario… just the way Republicans like it… everything is always black or white, with no shades of gray…

… But it didn’t work.

Senator Obama, in all his grace, corrected McCain, stating that he would have voted for the ban on partial birth abortion but could not do so in good conscience, as the bill did not contain a crucial exception- allowing the procedure whenever necessary to save the life of the mother.

That’s all he wanted- a bill banning partial birth abortion- with the sole exception being cases where giving birth to the child puts the mother’s life in danger.

What the hell is so controversial about that?

The answer is NOTHING.

Even most pro-lifers believe that exceptions should be made in cases of rape, incest, or whenever a woman’s life is in danger… further demonstrating that Obama’s stance is not a radical one.

Barack Obama believes that a living breathing person- an actual woman- should have more rights than an unborn child.

I wholeheartedly agree.

John McCain, on the other hand, wants to take the right to choose away from all women… and make it illegal for doctors to perform an abortion, even when doing so puts a woman’s very life in danger.

McCain, in fact, believes that including a simple exception with regards to abortion, allowing for the need to protect the mother’s health is extreme.


… And Obama scares people?

Ladies- Barack obama respects you, and your daughters.

He respects your right to choose what to do with your own bodies, your right to make your own reproductive decisions, your right to do whatever you feel you need to do for yourself, your family, your emotional and physical well-being.

Perhaps McCain, Palin and the pro-life movement would gain a little more traction had they not adopted the stance of “life begins with conception… and ends at birth“…

Now that’s what I call extreme.

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Sarah Palin, Inconsistencies and Sweet Irony

Well, Wednesday night at the RNC certainly was interesting…

Mike Huckabee lost me pretty early on… though I did enjoy some of the anecdotes he shared about his upbringing. That part was kinda cool.

Personally, I think Rudy Giuliani was the star of the show… even though he was talkin’ trash about my boy Obama… I still think he was a hoot.

The much-anticipated Sarah Palin, however, is a different story.

She wants us to believe she represents change…

Seems a good start would have been to use someone other than George Bush’s speech writer.

I love all the ironies and flat-out inconsistencies that are Sarah Palin.

For example, it’s so ironic that she is waaaaay far on the right on all issues involving women’s reproductive rights… believes in abstinence-only teaching… and has a pregnant 17 year old child.

It’s also ironic that the woman dogs Obama out for his “lack of experience” in national/international politics and meanwhile… she’s got… uh… well… basically none.


Obama may not be the most experienced politician on the planet, but let’s not forget this one important thing- He was elected- by his own party, by his fellow Americans- to be the Presidential Nominee for the Democrats.

Li’l Ms. Alaskan Sun certainly was not elected as the nominee for… anything… at least not where this particular election is concerned.

Nor would she have been- even if the Republicans had been given the option to do so… Cuz… um… until about a week ago no one even knew who she was.

Anyway, back to what I was saying-

Irony. Inconsistencies.

Ironic that she doesn’t believe Community Organizers have any real responsibilities… which is what Obama was, two decades ago… it’s how he got his political start, if you will…

Personally, I think it beats the hell out of the whole I-got-my-start-in-politics-by-joining-the-PTA-just-like-everyone-else rhetoric, but…


I also realize she thinks her part-time job as mayor for the Alaskan equivalent of Mayberry came with responsibilities galore…

… But…

For all the challenges her teeny political gig in Wasilla came with…

She couldn’t handle them.

Mayor Palin was the first person to hold that particular office… in the entire town’s history… who had to hire someone to help her handle all the demands that came with being the mayor of a cute little village in Alaska.

And still managed to almost get ousted.


She’s got what it takes, alright.

Yup, yup