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Palin- A Rogue Who is Truly Unhinged

I have finally identified a situation that is even more dangerous than that of the Sarah Palin we have, until recently, been subjected to… the Sarah Palin that has been completely muzzled, censored, and had every move dictated by the McCain camp’s handlers.

Truly, I didn’t think the Republican Party could be more weird and out-of-touch with this country than what we’ve already been forced to witness.

I was wrong.

This new Sarah Palin, this rogue, this view of a woman so completely out of her league, exercising adolescent rebellion against those charged with babysitting her has completely taken the cake.

Palin is not simply wrong for this country… she apparently isn’t even sane.

She is paranoid, and she is a freak of nature unlike anything this nation has seen in quite some time.

This woman shouldn’t be given the responsibility to help run a flower shop, let alone our country.

It’s no wonder her every move, every uttered syllable has until recently, been so closely monitered by McCain-and-friends.

We’ve been inundated with rumors, straight from McCain’s camp, that Sarah Palin no longer trusts her handlers… that she blames them for her luke-warm reception after the RNC… that it is somehow their fault that she has appeared to be unprepared and completely uninformed.

In light of this, she decided it would be best to handle herself from here on out… and boy is she creating a ruckus.

On Saturday, during a campaign stop in Des Moines, IA, Palin started yapping about how Obama’s economic plan- specifically his tax plan- is not the best solution for Americans.

No surprises there… they’ve been (wrongly) stating this for quite some time.

She did, however, flip the script a bit, and took this assertion a step further, claiming that Obama’s plan is similar to what is current policy in other countries, “… countries that are not free”.


As the article so aptly states, Palin has become unhinged.

Now it certainly isn’t new that the Republicans and Democrats disagree- fundamentally- on many issues… that is, in fact, the reason for the two separate parties… the reason they run against each other as opponents in elections.

To say, however, that the other guy, simply because his plan is different from hers (and that’s assuming, Lord help us, that the woman actually understands what the hell her party’s plan even is), if elected, will turn us into some scary-ass Communist state is scandalous.

It’s a flat out fuckin’ lie, and you don’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to understand that…

… Which is why Sarah Palin gets no free pass here.

There is no excuse for her to be spewing such vile bullshit.


This woman is scary as hell…

It’s as if she has been transplanted here from some other not-so-good time in our country’s past… slavery, perhaps… or the McCarthy era…

If you love hatred and lies… if you love ignorance and racism… if you love fear and scare-tactics… if you love weird outdated right-wing Christian ideologies more than you love this great nation…

Then vote for her.

You will deserve whatever the hell you get.

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John McCain, Ambulances and Meet the Press

I watched John McCain on Meet the Press this morning.


What a cranky old man.

Tom Brokaw was a gracious host… and wasn’t terribly tough on McCain… though he did ask him a few hot-button issue-type questions…

A few times, I really thought McCain was about to blow a fuse or have a coronary or something.

I wonder if they had an ambulance standing by… you know… just in case?


This man is not only a danger to our country, but he’s a danger to his own health…

I have serious concerns about a man who wants to lead the free world and can’t hold it together- keep his temper in check- during an interview in which he’s simply asked about his sagging numbers in the polls.

Barack Obama, in contrast, has been called an Arab, a terrorist, a n*gger, a halfbreed Muslim (not that there’s anything wrong with being a halfbreed  or a Muslim), a Communist, a Socialist, a Marxist, his wife has been portrayed as a scary left-wing black panther nut, he’s had his life threatened, his patriotism and citizenship questioned…

… And has managed to remain calm and likeable, presidential in demeanor, and he never lost his sense of humor, let alone his temper as a result of any of it.

Obama is simply ready to lead.

He has handled himself so well in contrast to McCain that I find myself believing that Senator Barack Obama was born to take on this role.

These are legitimately scary times… certainly scary enough without the added hate-fueled lies that the McCain campaign has endorsed and helped spread about the Dems and Barack Obama.

McCain is a mess.