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Thank You

A very wise man broke down the meaning of truth for me today. I received his message in the form of an e-mail and wanted to share. It reads, in part:

“I like to read your blog not so much to learn the truth, but to learn YOUR truth.  I know your truth is different from [others] truth, etc.  Nevertheless, I want to know more about your truth because it helps me be a better citizen of the world.  It helps me communicate to and connect with people different from my own upbringing and world experiences.”


This, along with the support I received from others is why I will keep this blogging thing going for the moment.

Although I gotta warn you all… my ego’s been stroked a bit…

So not only am I stickin’ around, but I’m cocky as hell to boot, so get ready.

Thank you to everyone who offered me their support while I was dealing with my own personal emotional meltdown…

You know who you are…

And you’ve likely created a monster, as now it’s doubtful I’ll ever shut up.