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Dick Cheney, Irony and The Mortally Wounded GOP

Dick Cheney thinks it would be a mistake for the Republican Party to ‘moderate’ itself in an attempt to save itself from slowly dying.

This is about fundamental beliefs and values and ideas … what the role of government should be in our society, and our commitment to the Constitution and constitutional principles,” Cheney said in an interview with North Dakota radio host Scott Hennen Thursday, according to a transcript.

“You know, when you add all those things up, the idea that we ought to moderate basically means we ought to fundamentally change our philosophy,” Cheney also said. “I for one am not prepared to do that, and I think most of us aren’t. Most Republicans have a pretty good idea of values, and aren’t eager to have someone come along and say, ‘Well, the only way you can win is if you start to act more like a Democrat.'” –CNN Political Ticker, May 7, 2009

How ironic that Cheney today finds himself arguing for, claiming to support people’s constitutional rights when he fought so desperately during eight years of the Bush Administration to  single handedly destroy them.

This isn’t the Party that protects rights… it has made a name for itself by destroying them.

To list a few…

  • Human rights- by torturing people who do not share “American” beliefs
  • Women’s rights- by attempting to do away with a woman’s right to choose her own reproductive path, and giving a cluster of cells inside her body more consideration than the living, breathing woman whose body they reside in
  • Religious rights- by attempting to silence non-right leaning Christians, by perpetuating hatred for Muslims and others, by shoving a narrow doctrine down the throats of people the world over
  • Gay rights- by actively shaming homosexuals and seeing to it that they do not enjoy the same treatment or benefits of their heterosexual counterparts
  • Minority rights- by fighting against progress, and actively seeking to do away with the very protections (such as affirmative action) that can help our nation achieve racial parity…

The list is endless, really.

I wonder if Dick even realizes that it is his party’s philosophies, ideals and “fundamental beliefs” that are causing the problems- causing their recent and overwhelming defeat-  to begin with.

People, with little exception, do not inherently subscribe to the GOP belief system- a system that systematically destroys the freedoms of so millions… and yet, this is exactly what the Republican Party is fighting to maintain.

Protection for the few, persecution of the many.

If Dick Cheney has his way, that is.

This party, for so long, has been the one to set the narrow standard of what it means to be an American.

You’re either with them or you’re against them.

Not too long ago, to be against them was a dangerous thing.

It was not ok to simply have philosophical differences… to do so was un-American, it was traiterous, it was downright dangerous.

Our country, at long last, is changing.

I’m happy for it.

I hope Dick Cheney eventually grasps the fact that in large part due to his actions, his philosophies- his ideals- and his very Party are an endangered species.

It begs the question…

… Is he with us, or against us?

He has drawn his line in the sand.

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Palin- A Rogue Who is Truly Unhinged

I have finally identified a situation that is even more dangerous than that of the Sarah Palin we have, until recently, been subjected to… the Sarah Palin that has been completely muzzled, censored, and had every move dictated by the McCain camp’s handlers.

Truly, I didn’t think the Republican Party could be more weird and out-of-touch with this country than what we’ve already been forced to witness.

I was wrong.

This new Sarah Palin, this rogue, this view of a woman so completely out of her league, exercising adolescent rebellion against those charged with babysitting her has completely taken the cake.

Palin is not simply wrong for this country… she apparently isn’t even sane.

She is paranoid, and she is a freak of nature unlike anything this nation has seen in quite some time.

This woman shouldn’t be given the responsibility to help run a flower shop, let alone our country.

It’s no wonder her every move, every uttered syllable has until recently, been so closely monitered by McCain-and-friends.

We’ve been inundated with rumors, straight from McCain’s camp, that Sarah Palin no longer trusts her handlers… that she blames them for her luke-warm reception after the RNC… that it is somehow their fault that she has appeared to be unprepared and completely uninformed.

In light of this, she decided it would be best to handle herself from here on out… and boy is she creating a ruckus.

On Saturday, during a campaign stop in Des Moines, IA, Palin started yapping about how Obama’s economic plan- specifically his tax plan- is not the best solution for Americans.

No surprises there… they’ve been (wrongly) stating this for quite some time.

She did, however, flip the script a bit, and took this assertion a step further, claiming that Obama’s plan is similar to what is current policy in other countries, “… countries that are not free”.


As the article so aptly states, Palin has become unhinged.

Now it certainly isn’t new that the Republicans and Democrats disagree- fundamentally- on many issues… that is, in fact, the reason for the two separate parties… the reason they run against each other as opponents in elections.

To say, however, that the other guy, simply because his plan is different from hers (and that’s assuming, Lord help us, that the woman actually understands what the hell her party’s plan even is), if elected, will turn us into some scary-ass Communist state is scandalous.

It’s a flat out fuckin’ lie, and you don’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to understand that…

… Which is why Sarah Palin gets no free pass here.

There is no excuse for her to be spewing such vile bullshit.


This woman is scary as hell…

It’s as if she has been transplanted here from some other not-so-good time in our country’s past… slavery, perhaps… or the McCarthy era…

If you love hatred and lies… if you love ignorance and racism… if you love fear and scare-tactics… if you love weird outdated right-wing Christian ideologies more than you love this great nation…

Then vote for her.

You will deserve whatever the hell you get.

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Sarah Palin Thinks She’ll Be Runnin’ Thangs…

It’s bad enough that Sarah Palin doesn’t have a clue on topics such as foreign policy, the economy or… well… anything else that may be presidential in nature.

What we’re now learning, in addition to her ignorance with regards to hot-button issues this country is facing, is that if McCain wins the election, she will have no clue what her job as VP really is.

Palin, it seems, believes that as VP, she will “be in charge of the Senate”.


In charge, you say?

[T]hey’re in charge of the U.S. Senate so if they want to they can really get in there with the senators and make a lot of good policy changes that will make life better…


Someone needs to remind our adorable little pit bull that the office of VP has no executive power in Congress… and in fact… is only involved in the Senate in cases of stalemate, when a tie-breaking vote is required.

How many times, how many different ways, how many mushed up, mismatched words must this woman spew, to convince people that she is utterly clueless?

Apparently, where ignorance is concerned, the sky’s the limit.

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Sarah Palin, Foreign Policy, and the Irony of Country First

John McCain is crying again.

He thinks the media is tricking his poor little Pitt Bull Palin into looking like she is so desperately- horribly- out of her league.



None of this could have anything to do with the fact that she is out of her league…

Could it?

Shit- now it’s gotten so bad that I’m not only questioning McCain’s judgment in picking this feisty animal as his hopeful #2 in command- but honestly, I question the soundness of his mind.

Especially considering his most recent claims… that he has asked Governor Palin for advice on foreign policy “many times”.


I don’t know guys… that actually scares the living hell out of me…

… And begs the question…

Why in the world would he be asking her for foreign policy advice?

More importantly, what the hell is he asking Little Miss I-have-foreign-policy-experience-because-my-middle-of-nowhere-state-is-close-to-Russia that he doesn’t already know the answer to?

What could she possibly tell Senator McCain about foreign policy?

The woman is beyond ignorant… she is the most clueless political-wanna-be to ever roam the planet…

A planet that she believes humans inhabited- as recently as 6,000 years ago- with dinosaurs, by the way… as in, both dinosaurs and people lived in harmony here on earth… together…


… But I digress.

Back to foreign policy.

McCain is asking for advice from Sarah Palin, who went on national TV to explain that since Georgia is our NATO ally, we should strongly consider going to war with Russia.

She didn’t know enough to realize- Georgia is not part of NATO.

Moving on… this oh-so-smart lady recently told the good folks in Philadelphia that we should absolutely reserve the right to launch cross-border attacks from Afghanistan into Pakistan, in case it becomes necessary to “stop terrorists from coming any further in”


John McCain doesn’t think we should entertain that option… in fact, he retracted her statements when questioned about them (really? You can retract other people’s statements?)…


Her statements were strangely reminiscent of Obama’s own stance on the Afghanistan-Pakistan-border-fiasco.


She agreed with McCain’s opponent… but not because she honestly agrees with his stance… but because… she’s too dumb to understand what she’d actually said.

Oh, but she isn’t finished yet…

During her now-infamous interview Katie Couric, Palin, speaking out of complete and total ignorance, actually endorses Hamas (you know- the terrorist group? Yes, that Hamas).

Couric had asked Governor Palin what happens when “the goal of democracy doesn’t produce the desired outcome? In Gaza, the U.S. pushed hard for elections, and Hamas won”… to which our esteemed John McCain running-mate replied:

Yeah, well especially in that region, though, we have to protect those who do seek democracy and support those who seek protections for the people who live there. What we’re seeing in the last couple of days here in New York is a President of Iran, Ahmadinejad, who would come on our soil and express such disdain for one of our closest allies and friends, Israel … and we’re hearing the evil that he speaks and if hearing him doesn’t allow Americans to commit more solidly to protecting the friends and allies that we need, especially there in the Mideast, then nothing will.

Alright listen up, because it’s worth repeating.

Dumb-dumb Sarah Palin just endorsed Hamas.

Does she endorse them because she supports them?

Absolutely not.

She endorsed them because she doesn’t know what the fuck she’s talking about.

Someone very close to me recently told me something…

He said some people are so blinded- by racism, by ignorance, by their party, by classism- that they will support “one of their own” at all costs.

Even when doing so poses a real threat to our very country.

If I wasn’t witnessing the shenanigans of McCain, his brand new best friend and all their supporters first hand, I would have begged to differ.

I would have said Americans, regardless of party lines, put America first.

The GOP’s own slogan during the Convention was “Country First”… ironic, considering how absolutely dangerous this woman is to our very safety, stability… our rights… our everything…

Well Repbublicans, you could have fooled me.


Get the hell out of here with that Country First bullshit.

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Tina Fey, Sarah Palin, and the Lipstick-Wearing Deer Caught in Headlights

Does anyone really feel sorry for Sarah Palin?



I wonder if she knew what she was getting herself into when she agreed to become John McCain’s running mate.

Regardless, one thing is quite obvious- Pitbull Palin has bitten off more than she can chew.

Watching her this past week, she looks less like a ferocious dog in lipstick and more like a terrified deer caught in headlights.

Still with lipstick on, of course.

The first clip below is from the 9/27 Saturday Night Live episode, in which Tina Fey parodied Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The second clip is taken from the actual Palin/Couric interview from last week.

Tina Fey- while just doing a comedic skit- actually made more sense than Sarah Palin herself did… while being serious.

McCain should seriously consider pulling the ol’ switch-er-oo, putting Tina-Fey-as-Sarah-Palin on his ticket while getting rid of the real Sarah Palin.

If McCain tried it, I’m sure most of Palin’s supporters- if they’re still supporting her after all this- wouldn’t be smart enough to know the difference.

Just sayin’.

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Jack Cafferty on Sarah Palin- Cafferty Gets It- Do You?

Jack Cafferty said it best when discussing Sarah Palin’s potential Vice-Presidency following her horrific, cringe-inducing interview with Katie Couric.

If John McCain wins this woman will be one 72-year-old’s heartbeat away from being President of the United States. And if that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, it should.

Here, here Jack.

I’d just like to add, should McCain win, not only will Sarah Palin be one 72-year-old’s heartbeat away from the presidency… that’s bad enough… but she will be one 72-year-old-four-time-cancer-survivor’s heartbeat away from the presidency.

That’s even worse.

Cafferty, like a lot of us, understands how disasterous and irresponsible McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as VP is, if the GOP actually wins this election.

Choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate was one the most blatant acts of disregard for this nation- by a politician- that I, personally, have ever seen.

After watching this clip, can you figure out what the hell this women is talking about?

Cuz I sure couldn’t.

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Balls of Steel, Pet-Spending and Corny Puns

It takes some big balls to accuse your opponent of doing the exact same thing you yourself have done…

Especially when in your own case you’ve done it 10 times worse.

Today John McCain and Sarah Palin jointly criticized Barack Obama for the amount of money- yes, earmarks- he has asked for in his home state of Illinois.

What they apparently forgot about was the simple fact that Sarah Palin asked Washington for more than 10 times that amount for Alaska.

So… with that in mind… which is McCain/Palin?

The pot…

… Or the kettle?

And yeah, they’re both calling Obama black…

Which he is… but…


I find this interesting, considering Obama asked for an amount that comes to about $25 for each one of Illinois’ residents last year.


Well… she asked for…

An amount that would equal $295, during the same timeframe, for each resident of Alaska.


Now I’m no math major…


She asked for a whole heck of a lot more, now didn’t she?

Yet she’s talking smack about Obama’s request for earmarks?

Cuz that makes all kinds of sense…


Shoot… well… I guess not.

It’s also interesting to realize that Alaska, in spite of Sarah-Palin-the-Pit-bull’s leadership, is still the number one spender of federal earmark dollars…

… By far.

Appropriate, given Ms. Palin’s penchant for pets- by way of pitbulls- that her own state leads the nation in…



No pun intended.

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Vetting, Pitt Bulls, and Sarah Palin

Well, thanks to fellow blogger-guy Mudflats, I’ve found something that can help us all become better acquainted with Sarah Palin.

This is an important discovery since the GOP is obviously convinced that Mrs. Palin is nothing other than a robot… unwilling to allow the woman to speak (let alone think) on her own… I figured we could all benefit from a resource that will tell us what she’s really all about…

Since she is clearly incapable of telling us herself.

The only time her new-found watchdogs (I didn’t say pit bulls because McCain and friends do not wear lipstick) allow her to so much as open her mouth in public is when it’s in the form of a scripted speech.

She takes no questions from the media, gives no interviews… and as yet, won’t even appear on any talk shows.

Meanwhile the GOP is feverishly giving the Governor a crash course on being a veep pick…

They’ll keep her under wraps until she aces the Republican-taught, “How to be a Slimy Politician 101″…

Unfortunately, this leaves the rest of us having to dig pretty deep if we want any actual info about Palin-the-Pit.

So, what is this thing, you ask?

It is the 60-some-odd page result of her vetting … a process the Alaskan Democrats put her through in 2006 when she was running for Governor…

A process the Republican Party didn’t feel was necessary this year, prior to selecting her for their veep candidate.

I’d heard rumblings about the existence of this document from the day Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain’s running mate… I just couldn’t find it.

I believe the GOP Nazis tried to have it destroyed.

(Cue Evil Spy Movie music)

Anyway, stepping away from the conspiracy theories, and back to reality, these papers have a lot of information in them, and can be a bit overwhelming if you try to read it page-by-page.

So to borrow some good advice from Mudflats himself- wait- herself-

Uh… Crap, I don’t know if Mudflats is a man or a woman-

Go to page 2 of the document…

That’s where the table of contents is located, and from there you can kind of puruse at your leisure, touching on whatever sparks your interest at the moment.


Sarah Palin 2006 Vetting Documents

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Sarah Palin, Inconsistencies and Sweet Irony

Well, Wednesday night at the RNC certainly was interesting…

Mike Huckabee lost me pretty early on… though I did enjoy some of the anecdotes he shared about his upbringing. That part was kinda cool.

Personally, I think Rudy Giuliani was the star of the show… even though he was talkin’ trash about my boy Obama… I still think he was a hoot.

The much-anticipated Sarah Palin, however, is a different story.

She wants us to believe she represents change…

Seems a good start would have been to use someone other than George Bush’s speech writer.

I love all the ironies and flat-out inconsistencies that are Sarah Palin.

For example, it’s so ironic that she is waaaaay far on the right on all issues involving women’s reproductive rights… believes in abstinence-only teaching… and has a pregnant 17 year old child.

It’s also ironic that the woman dogs Obama out for his “lack of experience” in national/international politics and meanwhile… she’s got… uh… well… basically none.


Obama may not be the most experienced politician on the planet, but let’s not forget this one important thing- He was elected- by his own party, by his fellow Americans- to be the Presidential Nominee for the Democrats.

Li’l Ms. Alaskan Sun certainly was not elected as the nominee for… anything… at least not where this particular election is concerned.

Nor would she have been- even if the Republicans had been given the option to do so… Cuz… um… until about a week ago no one even knew who she was.

Anyway, back to what I was saying-

Irony. Inconsistencies.

Ironic that she doesn’t believe Community Organizers have any real responsibilities… which is what Obama was, two decades ago… it’s how he got his political start, if you will…

Personally, I think it beats the hell out of the whole I-got-my-start-in-politics-by-joining-the-PTA-just-like-everyone-else rhetoric, but…


I also realize she thinks her part-time job as mayor for the Alaskan equivalent of Mayberry came with responsibilities galore…

… But…

For all the challenges her teeny political gig in Wasilla came with…

She couldn’t handle them.

Mayor Palin was the first person to hold that particular office… in the entire town’s history… who had to hire someone to help her handle all the demands that came with being the mayor of a cute little village in Alaska.

And still managed to almost get ousted.


She’s got what it takes, alright.

Yup, yup

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GOP, Law and Order, and Straight Up Panic

So I know every last one of us are watching the dog and pony show Republican National Convention each and every night with bated breath…


Of course we are.

So last night (Tuesday), we heard from a whole buncha folks, including our own esteemed Prez Bush (via satellite- he wasn’t coming anywhere near this thing was monitoring the Hurricane Gustav situation from the White House).

My favorite speaker of the night was Fred Thompson (no, no, not Lieberman… he’s not Christian).

Did I like what Thompson had to say?

Well, you know…

Like is such a strong word…

… But I tell you what, I won’t view those Law and Order reruns on TNT the same way ever again!

What really struck me about his speech were his comments about how he believes Sara Palin was a great choice for veep, and that liberals are in a panic over McCain’s choice.

I laughed.

Oh wait- he was being serious?

I’m sorry… I thought he was being funny…

I love how the GOP is talkin’ out of both sides of their mouths right about now…

Cuz it was just today, actually, that two Republican pundits- Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy- were caught on tape ‘disparaging’ Mrs. Palin.

“It’s over,” Noonan said.

When Chuck Todd asked her if this was the most qualified woman the Republicans could nominate, Noonan responded, “The most qualified? No. I think they went for this, excuse me, political bullshit about narratives. Every time the Republicans do that, because that’s not where they live and that’s not what they’re good at, they blow it.”

Murphy characterized the choices as “cynical” and “gimmicky.”

Seems like perhaps good ol’ Fred Thompson got it backwords, eh?

Personally, I’m not panicking in the slightest…

Looks like the GOP’s all over that particular market.