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Date Rape, Nail Polish and Empowering Women

Nail-PolishThere’s been a lot of uproar lately about this new nail polish that can detect whether or not date rape drugs are present in one’s drink. After applying the polish, a person can stir the drink with their finger, and the color will change if drugs are detected.

A lot of women are critical of this, saying the responsibility of whether to rape or not falls squarely on the shoulders of the rapist. Still others hail this as a wonderful invention.

I agree with those who say this nail polish is a wonderful thing. While I also agree that only the rapist bears responsibility for committing the crime of rape, I fully support anything that empowers women, and makes them less likely to be victimized.

No one would tell a homeowner not to bother locking their doors at night, because we all understand that doing so makes us less likely to be the victims of a home invasion. Equally true, if someone neglects to lock their doors, no one is going to blame them for getting robbed. The robber is still fully responsible for committing the crime.

We tell women not to leave their drinks unattended in bars, we tell women to use the buddy system when out partying, and to make sure someone is always aware of their plans. We fully support women who choose to take self-defense classes, and constantly remind them to “trust” their guts, don’t be afraid to walk away from a situation that feels funny, even if the reason for that feeling is not easily identified.

How is the idea of the nail polish any different from any of those things? There is nothing wrong with taking action to make us less likely to be victimized. If, despite the actions we have taken (and even if no action was taken at all), the unthinkable happens, it is not the victim’s fault. That’s not what this nail polish symbolizes, nor is that what supporters are claiming.

Predators use ever-evolving technology to accomplish more and more dastardly deeds. It’s high time technology was used to stop them in their tracks.

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Starbucks Coffee, Sarah Palin and Her Special Place in Hell

Sarah Palin believes there’s a special place in hell reserved for women who don’t support other women.

Well, if that’s the case, her own seat down there is likely reserved front and center…

The context for her most recent round of projectile vomit comes as Governor Palin was speaking at a rally in California.

She says she was drinking Starbucks coffee, and noticed the quote of the day on the mug… it was from Madeleine Albright, “There is a special place in hell reserved for women who don’t support other women”.


Besides the fact that Governor Palin couldn’t manage to accurately quote the coffee cup in question, I find it more than a little ironic that this particular quote is the one she’s sinking her teeth into.

Sarah Palin may want to stay away from the “women should support women” argument, considering she stands among our enemies when it comes to women and our rights (or lack thereof, should she get her way).

The actual quote reads:

There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.

Madeleine K. Albright, former Secretary of State and Ambassador to the U.N.

Clearly, Madeleine Albright was not suggesting women should vote all willy-nilly for a fellow woman- such as Palin- especially when said woman is an absolute complete and total idiot.

Madeleine Albright does not support Sarah Palin… not even a little bit… 

… And personally, I actually think it was women like Governor Palin that Albright was speaking of when she made the statement to begin with.

Certainly Sarah Palin has been less than helpful when it comes to women.

She is anything but an advocate of women’s rights- especially women’s reproductive rights. 

Not only is the woman against the notion of other women having the right and the freedom to take responsibility for their own reproductive choices, she required rape victims- fellow women in need- to pay for their own rape exams while Mayor of Wasilla.


Not what I would consider helpful or supportive.

Why then, does she deserve our support when she is so adamantly against supporting us?

To state the obvious…

She doesn’t.

So hey, if we women are going to hell for not supporting her…

Then I guess we’ll all see her down there with us.